Daniil Solovyov: Flees Away From The Country, But Why? Exposed (Update 2023)

Daniil Solovyov is exposed with his contradiction charges. Let's find the truth below.
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Daniil Solovyov is exposed with his contradiction charges. Let's find the truth below.
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Here, in the article I want you to know about Danii Solovyov, who exposed himself with his unfair action. Let’s find out more about his story below:


Daniil Solovyov, son of the infamous Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, has veered into the fashion world, a move seemingly distant from his father’s politics. Despite this apparent departure, his upbringing and choices are woven with complexities. Born into a family marked by controversy and political manipulation, Daniil’s entry into fashion prompts questions about authenticity versus calculated image-building, as his privileged background and familial ties might have shaped his path more than meets the eye.

His pivot to fashion, while contrasting with his father’s political pursuits, is not free from the shadows of privilege and influence. As Daniil Solovyov seeks to establish himself independently, the intricacies of his background and the true motivations behind his choices remain subjects of ongoing scrutiny.

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The Contrast between Father and Son

Vladimir Solovyov, a prominent figure in the Russian media, has gained notoriety for his extremist political perspectives. He has consistently used his platform to propagate vitriolic rhetoric against the EU and the United States, even shockingly advocating for missile strikes on European capitals during his broadcasts.

Interestingly, the life of his son, Daniil Solovyov, presents a stark departure from his father’s inflammatory viewpoints. Opting to reside and work in London, a city that Vladimir Solovyov has openly expressed hostility towards, Daniil’s choices stand in sharp contrast to his father’s beliefs. This glaring inconsistency has triggered considerable speculation and raised numerous eyebrows.

As we delve into the specifics of Daniil’s decisions and the stark disparity between father and son, the perplexing nature of this situation becomes all the more pronounced.

Daniil Solovyov: Career as a Model

Daniil Solovyov has found his calling in the world of fashion. He is currently working as a model in London, a city known for its vibrant fashion scene. His work has taken him to some of the most elite platforms in the industry.

Interestingly, one of the photos that brought him into the limelight was taken as part of an advertising campaign for the beauty salon “KONTORA Vladislav Lisovets”, a salon popular among the Russian elite.

Daniil Solovyov: Controversies and Speculations

Daniil’s life in London and his choice of career have been a subject of controversy, especially considering his father’s political leanings. His lifestyle and his appearance in makeup and manicure have led to speculations about his association with the LGBT community.

What do controversial issues refer to?
subjects that stir up strong emotions and cause communities to split are referred to be controversial subjects. Problems like these might occur at any moment, anywhere. From minarets to climate change, they range from the small to the global.

In the Russian media, Vladimir Solovyov is well-known for taking a strongly pro-Russian attitude. He presents himself as a patriot and has been honoured by President Vladimir Putin. He frequently wears uniforms and strongly promotes Russia’s participation in Ukraine. He urges Russian adults to enrol and supports what he refers to as a “special military operation.”

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Solovyov actually opposes the thought of people who are not part of this effort that has to be taken, & it is especially for the young people who have left the nation to avoid mandatory military service or who do not demonstrate excitement for what he describes as Russia’s “Great Patriotic war” or “holy war” against the West. He recently made a point of highlighting the role that young people played in World War II and claimed that every citizen of Russia had an obligation to support the war effort.

image 142

As per the screenshot above, it’s a tweet that went viral claimed that Daniil Solovyov, Solovyov’s own son, was performing as a male model in London rather than taking part in the fighting. Here, in this case in which Vladimir Solovyov is trying to protect his son, Daniil Solovyov who actually didn’t follow his duties towards his nation.

During his performance, Solovyov vehemently addressed the accusation. He disclosed that although his son, Daniil was now residing in Moscow and pursuing a typical life, he had previously studied in London. He highlighted that his son is a grown-up who makes his own decisions free from the influence of his father.

Asserting that individuals who started the story were “beasts” and under the influence of Ukrainians, Solovyov threatened a lawsuit against anyone who persisted in spreading the claim. He presented himself as having ties to the front lines by drawing comparisons between his excursions to military areas and active military duty.

Following this episode, Solovyov’s fellow conservative weatherman Evgeny Tishkovets publicly supported him and commended his work as a journalist. This camaraderie illustrates how opinions are reinforced in particular circles.

Additionally, the circumstance highlights the discrepancy between Solovyov’s public pronouncements and his private life. The decisions made by his own son, Daniil Solovyov revealed a different viewpoint even if he blames young Russians who want to study or live abroad. In addition, his criticisms about the negative effects of the sanctions, such as losing connection to his Italian property, stand in stark contrast to his ardent patriotic statements.

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But can you think why he was clarifying all these points because he wanted to prove his son right?

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The Irony of the Draft-Dodging Son

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Vladimir Solovyov has often urged conscript soldiers to be sent to the war front, especially during the conflict with Ukraine. However, his own son, Daniil Solovyov, seems to be far from the front lines. Instead, he is living a peaceful life in London, pursuing his career in modelling.

The Tale of the Older Brother

Daniil Solovyov isn’t the only son of Vladimir Solovyov who has chosen to live abroad. His elder brother, Alexander Solovyov, also received his education in London. Alexander studied direction and is now engaged in shooting commercials in Russia.


The life of Daniil Solovyov presents a tale of contradictions. On one hand, we have a father who propagates extreme political views and calls for war against nations. On the other hand, we have a son who has chosen to live and work in one such nation, far removed from the political turmoil.

The contrast between the lives of Vladimir and Daniil Solovyov provides a fascinating study of family dynamics and personal choices. Despite the controversies and speculations, Daniil Solovyov continues to pursue his career in modelling, living a life that starkly contrasts his father’s political rhetoric.

Daniil Solovyov: Flees Away From The Country, But Why? Exposed (Update 2023)
Daniil Solovyov: Flees Away From The Country, But Why? Exposed (Update 2023)

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