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David Petro Casting: Did He Abuse His Employees? The Truth Exposed (2024)

David Petro casting
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David Petro Casting has received allegations of abusing employees and more. Read in this article if those allegations are true.
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The theater community, despite its global reach, is widely recognized for its relatively limited size. Consequently, in instances where a company fails to remunerate its employees, news of such occurrences spreads rapidly. David Petro Casting, an individual with experience in casting direction and a background as a former performer, currently faces a predicament wherein he is accused of neglecting to compensate multiple individuals who provided their services while he was instructing master courses.

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Broadway Break Thru was established in 2009 by David Petro Casting. The organization was engaged in operations across 9 urban centers, offering summer intensives & weekend programs. Students who were remunerated were allowed to engage in meetings with experts from the business. 

Additionally, the organization established connections with high schools & facilitated the engagement of skilled individuals to deliver master workshops within these educational institutions. David Petro Casting initiated communication with professors regarding the College Break Thru program, a summer program scheduled for June 2018. 

The students were required to pay a fee of $2,295, which granted them access to master lessons and an opportunity to partake in auditions for a range of collegiate theater programs.

The course of study, which took place in Chicago, had instructors from prestigious institutions including The Boston Conservatory, Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Carnegie Mellon University, and NYU Tisch School of the Arts, etc. 

The remuneration provided to instructors varied within the price range of $1,000 to $1,200. Additionally, this compensation arrangement presented an advantageous platform for staff members to engage in recruitment activities for their respective educational institutions.

The instructors expressed dissatisfaction with the non-receipt of remuneration for their professional services. According to an initial post published on the Onstage Blog, the instructors expressed their grievances through various social media platforms. 

Instructor Kaitlin Hopkins, a seasoned theater professional from New York and currently serving as the dean of Musical Theatre at Texas State University, expressed her disbelief at the unexpected receipt of payment. However, I intended to prevent the exploitation of individuals by others.

Additional individuals commenced recounting their experiences collaborating alongside David Petro Casting, with a particular assertion positing that he had illicitly appropriated a substantial sum of money, amounting to several thousand dollars, which had been generated through an internet-based auction conducted by the non-governmental educational initiative known as Broadway Dreams. 

image of David Petro Casting.

David Petro Casting proposed the implementation of an internet-based fundraising campaign, resulting in the acquisition of a sum exceeding $12,000. Nevertheless, Tanner asserts that he retained that sum of money.

The individual expressed that the situation was profoundly distressing. This critical juncture presented a significant risk of failure. Upon uncovering the fraudulent activity, Tanner asserted that David Petro Casting had entered into a contractual agreement to reimburse the funds. 

David Petro Casting was rendered an estimated three partial payments, after which they ceased making further contributions, resulting in an outstanding balance of almost $9,500 owing to the charitable organization.

For several years, Tanner has been endeavoring to alert individuals about the potential risks associated with David Petro Casting. Despite her warnings, several folks still chose to participate in Broadway Break Thru workshops after contacting her. 

By asserting the tendency of individuals to gravitate towards financial opportunities, or at the very least, the perceived allure of such prospects, she raised an inquiry on the sustainability of his ability to deceive others.

Chryssie Whitehead, an actress and educator, had a prior acquaintance with David Petro Casting. He reached out to her to involve her in College Break Thru due to her professional experience as an educator. 

The individual in question had not been exposed to any unfavorable accounts regarding him until the incident where the College Break Thru personnel did not receive their remuneration. Subsequently, she emerged as a prominent figure on several internet platforms, utilizing her voice to express strong opposition to his methodologies.

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Delays of the Payments and Missing Management 

Amid investigations regarding outstanding payments, Steven Brandt, a staff member responsible for a significant portion of Broadway Break Thru’s administration, exhibited a lack of responsiveness. 

Before December, the founder, David Petro Casting, had little interaction and wasn’t making any payments to instructors.  David Petro Casting, ascribing the holdup to personal surgery, asserted exclusive accountability for the payments.

Partnership with Accelerated Growth Advisors

David Petro Casting, in light of the influence exerted by the internet, announced a collaboration with Rapid Growth Advisors, a specialized entity focused on providing scalable growth solutions. 

Although certain members of the faculty got payments in part, David Petro Casting provided reassurance that all individuals would get full payment by February 28. Many individuals attributed this commitment to the new collaboration.

Social Media Silence

The payment of $1,000 was granted to Faculty member Whitehead after her fulfillment of David Petro Casting’s stipulation to delete social media statements. Notwithstanding the individual’s willingness to distribute her remuneration among her coworkers, several members of the faculty were only granted a portion of their wages, while others were not compensated at all. 

The emails from Petro provided reassurance of full payments by the conclusion of February, with most of the credit ascribed to the active participation of Rapid Growth Advisors.

Dubious Promotions and Faculty Dissatisfaction

The 2019 College Break Thru program was offered by David Petro Casting, wherein the identities & profiles of previous students who alleged non-payment were utilized. Nevertheless, the faculty expressed their dissatisfaction with the utilization of their names & subsequently requested to be eliminated from the web page. 

It has been suggested that there was a purported connection between the deposits made in 2018 and the number of applications seen in 2019, concerning Petro. Although the school data has been deleted from the web page, it continues to be available on Facebook and YouTube as of the date of writing.


YouTube Presence of David Petro Casting

David Petro Casting owns the YouTube channel Broadway BreakThru, which has 882 subscribers and 987 videos.

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Scandalous Summer Program of David Petro Casting: Unraveling the Mystery Behind a College Prep Program

The issue surrounding college admissions has drawn attention to the complexities & obstacles inherent in the procedure of applying to institutions of higher learning. College Break Thru, a pre-college course aimed at assisting kids in navigating the challenging college audition management, might have appeared as a favorable choice to certain individuals. 

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the program’s inventor, David Petro, is believed to have engaged in a protracted series of dubious activities. The issue has brought to light the fact that numerous educators who were employed by Petro’s program have yet to receive compensation for their work, including certain individuals being due amounts as high as $1,500 in addition to travel-related expenditures. 

The anticipated aggregate sum payable to the instructing artist falls within the range of $30,000 to $40,000. Although 57 students each indeed paid a tuition fee of $2,295, Petro’s total revenue from tuition could have exceeded $120,000. 

The educators’ engagements with Petro throughout the program were predominantly favorable, however, several educators observed Petro’s sporadic presence on campus. 

Petro then asserted that his non-attendance was attributable to a series of back surgery. Nevertheless, several educators interviewed by journalists expressed their observation that Petro did not exhibit any indications of unease or limited physical movement throughout that particular week. 

They found it peculiar that he had never divulged information about the surgery during that period. 

The absence of salary disbursements has placed numerous teaching artists in challenging economic circumstances, particularly those who have recently completed their undergraduate studies. Several professors entered into a contractual agreement to receive a remuneration of $1,000 for their services rendered over a week. 

However, regrettably, the agreed-upon payment was not disbursed to them. Upon inquiry by instructors regarding their outstanding remuneration, they were informed that Petro had just had a surgical procedure on their back and reassured that the paycheck would be promptly rectified. 

Nonetheless, Petro’s explanation was treated with a degree of skepticism, as several educators encountered an analogous reaction. 

Petro holds the perspective that different program is not innocuous, as he asserts that certain professors are involved in conflicting summer programs and are currently embroiled in legal proceedings. 

In the interim, a considerable number of educators remain in a state of anticipation for the receipt of their remuneration and the payment of their incurred travel expenditures.

Who is David Petro Casting? 

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David Petro is a highly esteemed individual within the event casting profession. After a career spanning more than twenty years as an actor in Broadway productions and foreign excursions, he has successfully rebuilt his personal life and transitioned into the roles of an entrepreneur & casting director. 

The individual’s achievements can be ascribed to his cultivated attributes of physical strength, equilibrium, bravery, optimistic mindset, and astute commercial knowledge, a trait he has honed throughout his lifetime.

Mr. Petro, hailing from the city of Chicago, commenced his foray into the realm of performance arts at the tender age of 9. The individual’s professional accomplishments encompass notable contributions to the performing arts industry, specifically through his roles in esteemed Broadway productions like Cats and Cabaret. 

Additionally, he has made significant contributions to the realm of entertainment by collaborating with Disney and making appearances on both television as well as feature films.

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Therefore, David Petro Casting, a professional with expertise in casting direction and a previous career as a performer, is now dealing with a situation in which he is being accused of failing to remunerate several people who rendered their assistance while he was conducting master workshops. To know more about him, you may follow the link: Petro

Final Thoughts 

The theatre world is renowned for its tightly-knit nature, and reports of the purported non-payment controversy including David Petro Casting & Broadway Break Thru have rapidly disseminated. 

Broadway Break Thru is a company established in 2009, dedicated to providing extensive courses and intensives throughout several cities. The allegations about the lack of remuneration for instructors involved in the College Break Thru program have engendered dissatisfaction within the professional community, with Kaitlin Hopkins being among those affected. 

As the narrative progresses, an increasing number of people are emerging with allegations of financial misconduct about significant amounts of money associated with an online auction organized by Broadway Dreams. 

The repercussions stemming from these charges give rise to significant inquiries regarding accountability and moral norms within the realm of theater training. To know more about him, you may follow the link: Mr. Petro.  

David Petro Casting: Did He Abuse His Employees? The Truth Exposed (2024)
David Petro Casting: Did He Abuse His Employees? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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