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Dargan Watts Birchmore Group Owner: Is He a Criminal? (Latest 2024)

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group
Dargan Watts Birchmore Group has received multiple allegations of engaging in criminal behavior. Find out if they are true or not.

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group has gained all the negative limelight since June 16, 2021, When Molly accused the professional marketing expert of abduction and rape. Molly Skye Brown is an Ex-teen model and classically trained vocalist. 

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group owner spotted in Blue with Molly

In the men’s world, #MeToo has been a strengthening movement for various survivors of heinous acts against women. The act was initiated in 2006 and most recently got buzz in 2017. Since 2017, the movement has been going on on a large or small scale in different parts of the world. 

However, despite giving voice to various victims, #MeToo has been mocked by various individuals. Few desperate women have used the hour to consolidate their personal grudges. This wrong step of a few women has shattered the momentousness of the movement, mocking the efforts of women fighters at large. 

Enhancing the griefs of the fighter-women, some people neutralize their evil acts as mere defamation. Meanwhile, the catch is no one knows who is the ‘trustworthy’ among all the black sheeps. As most of the victims gathered strength to speak up after several years of the crime, which also raises a question about their eternal silence. 

Here is the case subsuming Dargan Watts Birchmore Group and Molly Skye Brown, which tumbles between both the mentioned possibilities. Anyway, you, being strong-headed, decide what could be the possible truth behind the veil.

The Story: Dargan Watts Birchmore Group

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group and its owner Dargan Watts issued a legal notice of defamation against Molly Skye regarding her public posts, claiming Dargan Watts as a rapist. The notice specifically mentions the activities of the Twitter account, @MollySkyeBrown; The LinkedIn account under username ‘Molly Skye Brown’ and the YouTube Channel of the same. Dargan Watts Birchmore Group asserts that all the accusations made by Molly are false and have been for monetary gains or dubious intents. 

The notice strictly calls out the statement of Molly, where she claims that ‘she has been victimized by Watt through the organization, ‘Dargan Watts Birchmore Group’. Moreover, the legal notice demands monetary compensation from the Ex model, along with removal of all the negative contents regarding Dargan Watts and Dargan Watts Birchmore Group. 

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group demands a closure from Molly’s side within 30 days of the issue of the notice. However, Molly denied to disdain her serious allegations, as a mere act of defamation and fought back with the plaintiff. Here are the claims of Molly Skye Brown, claiming distinctively. 

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The Claims: Molly Says Against Dargan Watts Birchmore Group 


Molly Skye Brown came out on social media with shocking revelations. It was year 2021 when Molly Skye Brown accused Dragan Watts of raping her, when she reached out his company for a singing project. Molly has shocking claims regarding her abduction and rape, and hence she asserts the legal notice as unjust. The model, in no grounds wants to pay the accused, as for her, it will paying the accused for raping her.

However, Molly reached various social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, to unveil her side of the story and here is what she has to say.

The Abduction & The Dargan Watts Birchmore Group

According to Molly, she met the local producer of Orlando in a business dinner, where she came to ask for work. Molly claims that she acquainted the producer in her college days, through an MTV event. She trusted him and thought that Watts would be kind enough to work with her, through his company, Dargan Watts Birchmore Group. 

Molly claims that, that night she was abducted from the business dinner, brought at the place of the accused and was raped by him. She also claims that after that incident, she became suicidal but got no aid from the accused or anyone else. Moreover, she was being medicated by her roommate, who turned out to be a human-trafficker. 

Here are the links of her online platforms, where she explains the same: 

The Post Accusing Dargan Watts Birchmore Group

Molly Skye Brown claims that she was raped during her teenage by Dargan Watt, in the year 2000 when she was in the senior year of her college. However, after almost a decade Molly gained courage through #MeToo and raised her voice through social media. 

The following snaps describe the stories Molly Skye Brown posted on the social media platforms about the same.

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The Fundraising: Dargan Watts Birchmore Group Case

Molly Skye Brown claims that Dargan Watts Birchmore Group has sued her of more than $100,000 for her assertions. Molly says that it’s saddening to get a notice suing her of several dollars, when she was solely making the community aware of the crime and criminals. She asserts that she cannot pay anyone for raping her and hence, she will fightback. Although, it’s hard to get legal aid without proper finances and hence, she has been raising funds by the means of donations. 

Molly also claims that there are several of the victims who can not gain courage to speak up against the culprits and she would be helping them by exposing the crime and culprits. She is also running a program, ‘Gofundme’, where she asserts aiding all the victims, who have been a victim of molestation or ravishment. She urges her followers to donate via her YouTube channel, so that she could fight her legal contender with the best possible legal resources. 

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Moreover, in the video clip Molly Skye also claims that through the aid of people she has been able to raise a handsome amount and won the initial fights of the massive battle. Anyways, the whole battle is yet to be fought and the universe desires the truth to win. Justice shall be prevailed. 

Who Is Molly Skye Brown?

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Molly Skye Brown is a former model, who lived in Palm Beach, Florida. Molly, currently works as a vocalist, aiding people professionally by her personal experience. She has resulted in networking various victims of ravishment, all around the globe. She supports the victims with her own story, as Molly Skye has been a victim of sexual abuse since the age of 9. She has made similar claims regarding the owner of Dargan Watts Birchmore Group, which are yet under trial. 

Nevertheless, her story and comfort, strengthens others to raise their voice against the evils, and she also claims to support the victims in exposing the truth through her social media and networking. 

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group: All You Need To Know

Dargan Watts of Birchmore Group (

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group belongs to Orlando Florida and has an experience of more than 25 years in production events. Dargan Watts Birchmore Group is a client based firm that offers expertise in the arena of audio/visual services, scenic/decorative services, interactive performance services and event building services. 

The firm is owned by Dargan Watts, who is a show director and event producer. The Orlando producer also claims to be an integrated entertainment marketing expert. Where he has been producing events for several big brands since 1989 and has resulted in magnificent management of product launches, political rallies, press conferences, convention services, corporate marketing etc. 

However, in recent months Dargan Watts Birchmore Group has been surfacing in the browsing web, but, not because of the good reasons. Although the final verdict of the court is awaited, the serious allegations have definitely resulted in the good-will of the brand. 

Conclusion: Dargan Watts Birchmore Group 

The case gained limelight when the former model, Molly Skye Brown took her story to social media. The former model reveals that she was under PTSD after her abduction and rape by the alleged accused, Dargan Watts. She claims that she was mis-treated in the business meeting, where she was present to seek work through the organization, Dargan Watts Birchmore Group. 

The model reveals that she was abducted to the place of the culprit and there he disrobed and raped her, physically, mentally and emotionally. The model claims that past her rape, she had suicidal thoughts and was imprisoned in her own head, which made it very difficult for her to come out as a survivor. 

According to Molly, she gained courage from the #MeToo movement and called out the culprit. After which she had been falsely sued, by the Dargan Watts Birchmore Group and the owner. On the contrary, Dargan Watts Birchmore Group and the owner claim that the case is a mere defamation tactic by contenders and Molly is involved in it for the sake of monetary gains. 

Both the individuals are fighting their grounds and sooner or later, the truth will be exposed. But the question that is never ending is the existence of sexual crimes and casting couch in the production and entertainment industry. Whether Watt is involved or not, none of us can deny the presence of sexual misconduct in various sectors of the entertainment industry. Hence, we all stand together to fight this evil, to fight casting couch practices, to fight framing of big names in sexual offenses, and to fight even the minimalistic molestation in the workplace of men or women. #Justiceshallprevail

Dargan Watts Birchmore Group Owner: Is He a Criminal? (Latest 2024)
Dargan Watts Birchmore Group Owner: Is He a Criminal? (Latest 2024)

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