Kevin Leuck- Did He Blackmail Others? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Kevin Leuck
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Kevin Leuck- As claimed by Kevin Leuck, for more than 25 years, Kevin Leuck asserts that he has worked in the insurance sector.
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Kevin Leuck- As claimed by Kevin Leuck, for more than 25 years, Kevin Leuck asserts that he has worked in the insurance sector. Kevin Leuck describes that he began his professional career in 1995 at USAA as a Service Representative. Kevin Leuck showcasing his hard work and passion for his work claims that he advanced up the ranks thanks to his dedication and hard work, earning even more significant jobs. Kevin Leuck claims that he advanced to the position of supply chain manager by 2011.

He was given a considerably broader introduction to the workings of the insurance sector in this role. Complex contract preparation, portfolio sourcing, and management were among his duties. Leuck also had the opportunity to discuss a $1 billion, 10-year service agreement. Kevin Leuck claims that he founded Kevin Leuck Contract Consulting in 2019 in order to take on a new challenge.

Kevin Leuck claims that his expertise, perseverance, and passion have made this endeavor successful, and it continues to attract new customers with each passing year. Further, Kevin Leuck asserts that he is not only devoted to building his business but is also a loving father and a soccer fan.

Showing off his so-called perfect family life Kevin Leuck claims that he plays an active role in his children’s lives and mentors them to become the best versions of themselves. Kevin Leuck still gets along well with his ex-wife, and the two have made sure their kids know how much they care for one another. Kevin Leuck claims to be a fervent supporter of Manchester United of the English Premier League.

As claimed by Kevin Leuck- “In 1995, the USA was where I began my career in the insurance industry. I climbed the ladder via perseverance and hard effort, and in 2011 I was promoted to supply chain manager. Up until 2019, when I made the decision to launch my own business, Kevin Leuck Contract Consulting, I held this role. Among other things, Kevin Leuck Consulting negotiates risk-assessed contracts for SMEs. It has been successful thus far, and we have assisted numerous organizations in better-managing risks, particularly in light of the present market situation, which is riddled with various types of systemic hazards.

I am the CEO of Leuck Contract Consulting, as I previously stated. After more than 20 years of employment in the USA, I founded the business. It was a natural element of my company’s growth process. I mastered contract negotiation and supply chain risk management at USAA. This appeared to be my company’s logical next step, and it was. The number of SMEs and even large corporations seeking my services for risk management in the contracting process has increased since I founded Kevin Leuck Consulting in 2019.” 

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Kevin Leuck- Man sends threats to ex’s new partner and daughter, leading to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

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The 50-year-old Kevin Leuck is wanted for sending threatening texts to his daughter and his ex-wife’s new lover, according to the authorities.

Leuck and his ex-wife have reportedly been divorced since August 30, 2019, according to police records. To inform the police that Leuck was sending her threatening texts because of her new relationship, his ex-wife entered a police station. Leuck, she said, had threatened to hurt her, her partner, and her children. Leuck’s ex-wife reportedly informed police that he sent a threatening text to her new partner and his daughter after obtaining their phone numbers.

The document further states that Leuck recently had lunch at the school of his 8-year-old daughter. During that time, he asked his daughter, “Do you know who this is?” as he displayed a photo of his ex-wife’s new partner. The daughter answered, “That is Mommy’s friend, and he takes us to get our nails done.” Leuck then threatened to kill her mother and her new boyfriend in front of his daughter. The youngster shared her fear with a classmate, who then told her mother and shared his worry with Leuck’s ex-wife.

Currently, Leuck is under investigation for Violation of a Protective Order but is now facing pending charges of Terroristic Threats to Family/Household.

Source- Arrest warrant issued after man sends threats to ex’s new boyfriend and daughter | WOAI (

Kevin Leuck- Harassment (The crime committed by Kevin Leuck)


The term “harassment” refers to a broad range of offensive activities. It is typically recognized by its unlikelihood in terms of social and moral acceptability and is widely regarded as behavior that denigrates, humiliates, and intimidates a person. These actions appear to be distressing, threatening, or unsettling in a legal sense. Traditional forms are based on discriminatory principles and have the effect of voiding someone’s rights or making it more difficult for them to take advantage of their rights. Bullying is referred to as actions that are repeated in a bullying situation. It may be distinguished from insult by its consistency or repetition as well as the element of upsetting, alarming, or menacing.

Kevin Leuck- Blackmail (The crime committed by Kevin Leuck)

Blackmail is the act of coercing someone by threatening to divulge or make public substantially accurate or untrue information about them if specific demands are not met. It is frequently about damaging material, and rather than being made public, it may be revealed to family members or friends. Threats of physical, mental, or emotional damage as well as criminal prosecution may also be used in these acts against the victim or a close family member. It is typically done for personal advantage, most frequently monetary, positional, or material gain.

Blackmail is a type of extortion that is sometimes used. Extortion is the seizure of personal property under threat of future harm, despite the fact that the two terms are often used interchangeably. Blackmail is the use of intimidation to collect an overdue debt, the writing of defamatory letters or letters that cause a breach of the peace, and the use of menace to prohibit someone from engaging in a lawful occupation.

Blackmail is a common criminal offense with harsh penalties for those found guilty in many jurisdictions. Until recently, English law did not use the phrase “blackmail,” which is now the name of a statutory offense in the United States, England and Wales, and Australia. Blackmail has been used to conveniently refer to a number of other transgressions.


How to handle threats

Threatening phone calls can be distressing for everyone in a house or office, not just the one receiving the call. Try to maintain composure no matter what kind of threat you receive or who is the target. Note down the caller’s words as well as any voice characteristics, such as slurred speech, a deep voice, calmness, or panic, that stand out. Despite the possibility that many calls are fake, it’s crucial that you take all threats seriously.

The present generation is often targeted by unwanted and harassing phone calls where one person abuses, threatens, or hurts the dignity of another. The fact becomes more serious because the person on the other side of the phone call is completely unknown. Such calls come under the purview of a criminal offense in India; hence, they must be reported to the concerned authority as early as possible.

Harassment over the phone is prohibited by the Federal Communications Act, specifically by 47 U.S. Code 223 and various state statutes, which also outline the legal remedies and enforcement procedures.[vii]

Penal Code 653m PC forbids harassing phone calls and messages in California, including those that are vulgar, persistent, or threatening. Such offenses carry a maximum 6-month sentence in prison and a $1,000 fine.[viii]

The Texas Penal Code states that making anonymous calls or having the phone ring continuously with the aim to harass, abuse, or irritate another person is a crime that is punished by up to 180 days in prison and up to $2,000 in fines. If the caller has previously been accused of harassing someone, he will be punished with a longer prison sentence.

Bottom Line

Even though there are rules against harassing phone calls, there are alternative ways to deal with these problems. Keeping personal information private can reduce the likelihood of harassment from strangers, random stores, and social media. Another strategy used by the majority of Indian women and girls is to hang up the phone, block the number, and designate it as spam. All of these solutions, meanwhile, are merely short-term fixes that won’t prevent the harasser from harassing someone else in the future. Therefore, it is strongly advised that such a harasser be reported as soon as possible and that serious legal action be taken against them to stop it from happening again.

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Kevin Leuck- Did He Blackmail Others? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Kevin Leuck- Did He Blackmail Others? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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