John Goullet: Was He Involved in a Cheating Scandal?

There have been accusations leveled against John Goullet of being a cheater, but how? Let's investigate it further by telling his story to one another.
There have been accusations leveled against John Goullet of being a cheater, but how? Let's investigate it further by telling his story to one another.

Following the assertion that John Goullet was a chronic cheater, the author of the piece urged readers to inform Theresa Olguin, the woman who was currently seeing Goullet, about the rumors that he was having an affair with other women. The fact that Olguin’s email address was included in the piece, which makes it much simpler for readers to get in touch with her, is the component that gives rise to worries. But before we get to it, here are some things you should know about John Goullet.

John Goullet: A Brief Overview

The professional life and business initiatives of John Goullet have both been subjected to their fair share of criticism and unfavorable elements. Despite the fact that he may have gained success in the information technology staffing market, there are certain unfavorable features of his personality that can be emphasized to present him in a less positive light.

Practices that are considered to be unethical in the business world Goullet’s decision to concentrate Info Technologies’ efforts on collaborating with Fortune 500 corporations may be interpreted as an unethical business strategy that aims to pursue greater earnings despite the loss of smaller organizations. Some people would claim that he gave more attention to his larger customers rather than aiding a wider variety of businesses with their IT hiring requirements.

Some people may view the merger between Info Technologies and Diversant, Inc. as an attempt to remove competition rather than a genuine effort to work together for the benefit of the industry as a whole. This could give the impression that John Goullet is more concerned with retaining the market than he is with creating healthy competition.

It’s possible that Goullet’s focus on the commercial achievement of his organizations, as demonstrated by their placement on Inc. Magazine’s “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies” list and the significant revenue generated, could be interpreted as a driven by profit conduct that emphasizes monetary gain over the well-being of employees and job seekers.

Although acquisitions and mergers can be viewed as an economic strategy, some detractors may say that these actions were taken in order to benefit from market developments and possibilities. If they are successful, this could result in the company having to lay off staff or restructure in a way that is detrimental to the workforce.

 The purchase of Diversant LLC by ACS Solutions in 2021 could be represented as Goullet deciding to sell out his company, which could lead to changes in the organization’s principles and procedures that prioritize the interests of the corporation over those of the employees and candidates.

Negative viewpoints could say that Goullet’s business methods lacked a significant focus on environmental and moral principles, perhaps overlooking the wider impact that his firms have on society. This would be an example of ignoring the broader impact that his enterprises have on society.

It is vital to highlight that the negative representation of John Goullet depends on a prejudiced perspective, and it fails to take into consideration potential good parts of his career or commercial efforts. 

This is something that should be brought to your attention. In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, one must frequently be willing to make difficult choices that are open to being criticized; yet, it is vital to take into consideration an objective assessment of one’s profession and their successes.

You may follow his details on the links mentioned below: 

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Now, in addition to this, there are a number of other websites where he promotes himself as the most outstanding personality in both their professional and personal capacities. As a result, we can connect it to the concept of “fake PR.”

John Goullet’s professional life and his approach to business. It brings to light potential ethical dilemmas, reasons driven by business, a lack of social responsibilities, as well as criticisms of mergers and acquisitions. Even though these critiques are given in a manner that is fairly neutral, they nonetheless have the potential to be interpreted as an effort to show John Goullet in a poor light. “Fake PR” refers to the practice of intentionally spreading material that is untrue or misleading, most of the time with the intention of damaging a person’s credibility or image.

Now I also have some links to exhibit it in order to show how he utilized it as fake PR:

How Craigslist Scandal Impacts the Reputation of John Goullet?

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A guy by the name of John Goullet, who lives in the state of New Jersey, has brought this particular legal action against the widely used online platform for classified advertisements known as Craigslist. This legal action directly results from a traumatic situation that occurred when an anonymous post emerged on Craigslist. 

In the post, significant claims were made against Goullet. It was specifically alleged in the post that Goullet had cheated on his fiancée, Theresa Olguin, by having romantic encounters with many other women. 

The fact that the article did not stop at merely expressing these claims makes this scenario even more problematic. The post also publicly exposed Olguin’s email address, urging readers to contact her and alert her about Goullet’s suspected infidelity. This makes the situation even more problematic.

The person who published this item on Craigslist wanted to remain anonymous by posting under the alias “Adam Cooper.” This individual communicated the charges in a manner that was forthright and unrepentant, and they urged anyone who stumbled across the post to swiftly alert Olguin about the claimed infidelity of her boyfriend. 
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Olguin was the target of the allegations. Notably, Adam Cooper said that they were unable to physically contact Olguin about this situation due to having common acquaintances or ties with her, which is why they decided to use the Craigslist website with the goal of informing her about this matter.

It has come to light that Olguin obtained a letter at her place of residence that also hinted at Goullet’s infidelity some months prior to the appearance of this Craigslist post, which has added another layer of complexity to the situation. It is vital to keep in mind that Goullet firmly denies the charges that have been made against him. 

Goullet asserts that he has not deceived his partner for three years, and this denial is important to note. As a consequence of this, John Goullet has made the decision to take a lawsuit against Craigslist with the primary goal of revealing the real name of the individual who took responsibility for both the post on Craigslist and the anonymous letter. He is working hard to defend his name and preserve his reputation in the face of these serious charges.

A Craigslist post claiming John Goullet of cheating and publicly revealing his girlfriend’s email address is at the center of this legal dispute. The post is being considered in conjunction with an earlier anonymous letter that was delivered to the girlfriend and made similar allegations. 

John Goullet, who categorically rejects these charges, has decided to take legal action in order to discover the identity of the person who is responsible for them and to hold that person accountable. His objective is not only to protect his name but also to throw light on the facts of the circumstances of this event.


In conclusion, New Jersey resident John Goullet has filed legal action against Craigslist as a response to an offensive comment that charged him with lying to his fiancée, Theresa Olguin, and openly exposed her email address. 

The post was made on The comment was made in secret by a user who identified themselves only as “Adam Cooper.” Olguin was the recipient of an earlier unidentified email that made similar charges against Goullet. This circumstance is rendered much more problematic as a result of the availability of this letter. 

Goullet strenuously refutes these allegations, and he has filed a lawsuit against Craigslist in an effort to learn the identity of the individual who was responsible for the ad and the letter. It is of the utmost importance to him to defend his good name and provide clarity regarding the events that led up to these false accusations.

John Goullet: Was He Involved in a Cheating Scandal?
John Goullet: Was He Involved in a Cheating Scandal?

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