Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst- Charged with Robbery. An alarming incident!!

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst
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Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims to have over 20 years of diverse leadership experience delivering excellence in energy-related sectors.
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Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims to have over 20 years of diverse leadership experience delivering excellence in energy-related sectors. Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst asserts that he has worked as a master electrician for a number of businesses, including INTERN, First Energy, JPSC, and KEPCO. Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst as described is assisting his team in changing the energy landscape as the President & CEO of the most dependable electric utility, Futuristic Energy Group. Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims that he is working to create a future with cleaner energy that will eventually support a more strong economy.

Showing off his achievements and expertise Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims that he has gotten the Futuristic Energy Group’s staff involved in a number of critical projects that are now underway for the Company. Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst’s projects include creating an entirely new strategic plan and automated system technologies, smart meters, and smart metering. While increasing Futuristic Energy Group’s renewable energy portfolio, he also asserts that his works on infrastructure development for electric vehicles and transportation electrification.

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims he is eager to provide devoted service to his customers and plans to keep up his strong dedication to the neighborhood. Through Futuristic Energy Group, Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst asserts that he is aiming to establish reliable relationships, spur regional growth, utilize technology, promote environmental sustainability, and foster an environment of empowerment and accountability.

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims to be a crucial component of the puzzle because of his aptitude for planning and ability to maintain order. Without his zeal and excitement, the ship would undoubtedly sink. A self-made success, Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst is. Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims to have developed Futuristic Energy Group from the ground up, beginning from the very bottom. Showing off his humble attitude towards people and work Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst claims that he is humble and appreciative of his consumers, who he knows are at the center of what Futuristic Energy Group does. In any way he can, Nicholas claims that he sincerely wants to help his consumers.

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Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst- Future Energy Group (Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst’s company)

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Future Energy Group Limited, a company that James Sheehan founded in 2013, takes pleasure in offering services that combine today’s cutting-edge technology with the craftsmanship of earlier generations. 

We treat our customers like we treat our family, from the simplest rewiring to the design and installation of extensive LED lighting systems. Our families are dear to us. We communicate with them, ensure their safety, care for them, and want to see them happy.

Future Energy Group engineers are highly qualified, have years of expertise in the field, and are completely compliant with all current safety regulations as a NICEIC-approved business. We maintain open channels of contact throughout the entirety of your project, from initial design to installation and aftercare.

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst: Computer Stolen by Man With Knife, RVC Robberies

An examination of crimes that took place in the neighborhoods around West Hempstead and Malverne.

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Man Armed With Knife Steals Laptop

Tuesday night in Valley Stream, an individual was robbed of his Apple Mac laptop and then threatened with a knife by the assailant, according to police.

The computer was taken from the 29-year-old man outside of Michaela Leather and Fur, which is located at 1088 Green Acres Mall, at about 3:53 in the afternoon. The robber threatened the victim with a kitchen knife when the victim pressed the matter. The suspect ran off on foot and headed for the parking lot.

The suspect is described as being in his 20s, standing at around 6 feet tall, with a slender frame, long hair pulled back into a ponytail, and donning a blue shirt, grey jeans, and black shoes.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS, according to detectives. All calls are private and anonymous callers will remain so.

Three males who attacked and robbed a man on North Village Avenue on July 31 are still at large, and Nassau County police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying them.

Recently, Village Liquors utilized the victim’s stolen credit card, and the suspect, who was seen on camera there, allegedly forged the victim’s signature.

Police claim that on July 31 at around 2:00 a.m., three black guys who were described as being in their early 20s and standing at about six feet tall approached a man who was strolling near 10 North Village Ave. According to the reports, the victim was kicked while on the ground after being punched in the face. The victim had injuries on his arm and back in addition to facial wounds and bruises. Then the suspects robbed him before running away.

A reward is being offered by Crime Stoppers for information that results in an arrest.

Restaurant robbed of $700

On September 7, the proprietor of the Golden Reef Diner in Rockville Centre, at 329 Sunrise Highway, reported to the police that sometime between 2:15 and 5:20 a.m., an unidentified person or persons destroyed an exterior door and took around $700 from the main cash register and a cabinet behind the register.


  • Ruben I. Canizalez, 32, of Richmond Hill, was detained on August 31 for violating the VTL while in the area of Sunrise Highway and N. Long Beach Road in Rockville Centre as well as for an outstanding Nassau County VTL warrant.
  • Following a police investigation on Canterbury Road in Rockville Centre, Karl W. Adams, 47, of Hempstead, was detained on September 1 for aggravated unlicensed operation and VTL violations.
  • Following a police investigation at Rockville Centre Lanes, which is located at 100 Maple Ave. in Rockville Centre, George Armstrong, 19, of Rockville Centre, was detained on September 3 for seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct, and an outstanding warrant for second-degree criminally using drug paraphernalia.
  • After being seen operating a car on Sunrise Highway in Rockville Centre on September 3, Charles Pena, 43, of East Elmhurst was detained and charged with DUI and VTL offenses.
  • Alia C. Gibson, 25, of Far Rockaway, was detained in the late afternoon of September 8 and accused of shoplifting various articles of clothing valued at $113.92 from the K-Mart in North Woodmere.
  • On September 8, Far Rockaway resident Shaneeza C. Figueroa, 33, was detained and accused of robbing the K-Mart on Rockaway Turnpike in North Woodmere of various articles of clothing valued at $253.71.
  • On September 12, Cedarhurst resident Nicholas M. Paul, 32, was detained and accused of stealing cheese from the Foodtown on Peninsula Boulevard in Hewlett.

Source- Crimes Nearby: Knife-Wielding Man Steals Computer, RVC Robberies | Malverne, NY Patch

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst- Theft (The crime committed by Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst)

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Theft is the act of taking another person’s property or services without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. The word theft is also used as a synonym or informal shorthand term for some crimes against property, such as theft, robbery, embezzlement, extortion, blackmail, or receiving stolen property. In some jurisdictions, theft is considered to be synonymous with larceny, while in others, theft is defined more narrowly. Someone who carries out an act of theft may be described as a “thief”.

Robbery is a theft that involves using violence, intimidation, or threats to obtain property. This crime often carries a heavier penalty than regular larceny due to the added element of threat.

The value of the stolen goods distinguishes between petty theft and big theft. If you take money or goods worth less than $950, you might be charged with petty theft. Petty theft is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of up to $1,000 in fines and/or up to six months in county prison. Grand theft is when someone steals something worth more than $950. A “wobbler” is what Californians refer to as grand theft. This indicates that a felony or a misdemeanor charge may be made. The maximum penalty for a felony charge is three years in state jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst- Punishment (Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst should be sentenced)

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Robbery is a crime according to Penal Code 211 PC. A conviction for robbery carries a maximum sentence of nine years in jail. Typically, the sentence is served in a state prison. First-degree and second-degree robberies are both criminal offenses. 

Any public transportation driver, any residential break-in, and assaults on anyone exiting an ATM are all considered first-degree robberies. First-degree robbery convictions often result in three to nine years in a state prison. The terms of your probation for a felony must also apply to you. A maximum $10,000 fine will also be imposed on the offender.

The less severe robbery circumstances fall under the category of second-degree robbery. If found guilty of a second-degree robbery, the punishment could range from two to five years in prison. Felony probation also needs to be served and the maximum $10,000 fine could apply.

An individual will face numerous robbery charges if there are many victims in a single crime. The same does not hold true for stolen goods. You will only face one count of robbery if you steal one thing as opposed to 10.

The length of the prison sentence is much longer in armed robbery situations. Ten years must pass if a firearm was present, twenty years must pass if it was used in the robbery, and a term of 25 years to life may be imposed if the shots fired resulted in harm or death to a victim.

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Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst- Charged with Robbery. An alarming incident!!
Nicholas Paul Cedarhurst- Charged with Robbery. An alarming incident!!

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