Dr. Evan Leonard: Why Was He Sued?

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Dr. Evan Leonard has received allegations of being a fraudster. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.

Dr. Evan Leonard is well known for clinical knowledge and medical assistance, but there is one more thing that’s surfacing for now around him, and that is the revocation of the Medicare enrollment and billing privileges of Evan J. Leonard. The step has been taken by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the commencement of felony battery. However, before going deeper in the shady sea of Dr. Evan Leonard, lets know him a bit more intimately. 

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Dr. Evan Leonard

All You Must Know About Dr. Evan Leonard

Dr. Evan Leonard is a medical practitioner, working as Clinical Anatomist and a Certified Assistant Physician. Rooted in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Evan Leonard has served mostly in the United States Marine Corps. ((5) Dr. Evan Leonard | LinkedIn)

Dr. Evan Leonard is known all around the globe because of his proficiency, and educational background. Dr. Evan is aligned with the University of Florida Healthcare System, where he has gained expertise in pediatric cardiology, infectious disease, endocrinology, neurology, and nephrology. Furthermore, he enrolled himself in University of Miami for gaining higher education in medical science

Not merely the education, he has marked his adroitness in medical science by procuring prestige awards, namely, ‘Best PA in Medicine’ in 2018 and Pinnacle Professional Award in 2019, too. However, in this very article the culmination is not his prowess in medicine, but his hankering to ditch his profession.

Meanwhile, the actual question is, the reason behind the audacious behavior of the defender. The actual reason because of which, he was audacious in committing the crime and later asserting it in front of the law. Who can be made answerable for such wicked audacity. 

Did You Know?

‘Battery Felony’ is a term used to describe a serious and a punishable offense. Where, ‘Battery’ is a criminal act subsuming the non-consensual physical actions of the culprit against the victim. The penalty of the crime depends on the severity of the crime. In simple terms, the ‘Battery’ depicts the intentionally harmful/offensive non-consensual physical contact. 

Dr. Evan Leonard: The Case

  • Year 2007, February 6, the Circuit Court in and for Hillsborough County adjudged Dr. Evan Leonard liable for felony battery in violation of Florida Statute § 784.041.
  • CMS has a legitimate basis under 42 C.F.R. § 424.535(a)(3) to revoke Medicare enrollment and billing privileges of Dr. Evan Leonard because Petitioner was convicted of a battery felony offense. 
  • The defender calls out for the stay of revoke ordered by CMS by manipulating facts, where his appeal was upheld by the administration. 

Did You Know?

Florida Statute § 784.041 under Federal law is explained as the felony battery, where a culprit is involved in the non-consensual physical touch, either with sexual or assaulting intentions. 

A patient gets inappropriately touched and all he can do is stare at the physician. On the other hand the physician continues his evil act with a blatant smile and a facade of fake medical concern, in the face. 

The next day the same doctor physically violates the other patient in such a manner that he gets strangled. The person tries to breathe and looks at the doctor as the doctor was a familiar face to him, but the doctor continues, again. What could be the reason behind the intrepidity? Well! To your surprise it’s not the mental health of the doctor, but his brutal heart. 

Anyways, the above incident does not narrate the case of Dr. Evan Leonard. But it also won’t be wrong to say that the narration would have been similar to the mentioned. Dr. Evan Leonard has been accused of battery felony by people under his treatment and it’s worth to unveil the real-deal. 

The True Story Behind Dr. Evan Leonard & ‘Battery Felony’

Dr. Evan Leonard is a physical assistant who was convicted of the ‘battery felony’ in the year 2007 in Florida. Department of Health & Human Services, stated (with the help of authentic documentations) that Dr. Evan Leonard is guilty of striking patients with severe physical harm, hurting them physically and sexually. Dr. Evan Leonard is furthermore accused of battery felony, impeding the normal breathing of familiar patients. 

Consequently, all of the accusations eventually led to the revokement of the medicare enrollment and billing privileges. Also, Dr. Evan Leonard was penalized with 5 year imprisonment and $5000 fine. 

The Revocation: The In-Vain Efforts Of Dr. Evan Leonard 

CMS found Dr. Evan Leonard guilty under Florida Statute § 784.041 and initiated the revokement. But as penned in the legal notice of CMS, Dr. Evan Leonard was being penalized by the Department of Health & Human Services, for his heinous acts with people preceding 10 years of the legal action. The CMS claimed their demand to be ‘a fair closure’ to the victims. 

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However, using the statement as a weapon Dr. Evan Leonard asked for the revocation of the revokement. As he claimed that the act of battery was not enacted within the time mentioned here, which absurdly made the whole legal functioning around the case, void. 

The Manipulation Equipped By Dr. Evan Leonard 

It was easy to manipulate the case for Evan, as legally, on the basis of Secretary’s regulations, CMS can ‘only and only’ revoke the Medicare billing privileges of Dr. Evan Leonard (Supplier), solely if he is: (1) a convict of a federal or state felony offense; (2) within the preceding ten years; and (3) the felony offense is detrimental to the best interests of beneficiaries and the program, according to the claims of CMS.

Dr. Evan Leonard accepted the felony, but also claimed that the commencement date was February of 2006, which excludes the time span from the ‘ten preceding years’, as per the Secretary’s regulations, making the whole case a void argument. 

Dr. Evan Leonard justified the varying years mentioned in the legal statement as a mere clerical mistake and requested the authorities to ignore it. Dr. Evan Leonard asserts that he never argued for the conviction of the felony, but merely tries to correct the CMS by providing the actual occurrence of the events. 

Revocation Attempts Of Dr. Evan Leonard Upheld

Although, Dr. Evan Leonard made several attempts, all the efforts went in vain. The CMS officer upheld the revocation appeals. Where, the initial upheld was ordered by a CMS officer, followed by the dismissal of revocation by the administrative judge.

For that reason, the actual felony was convicted on 6th February, 2007 and the notice of revokement dated as August 15, 2016. This made the CMS steps legitimate and aligned with the betterment of beneficiaries of the program. 

The administrative judge also claimed that, even if the ‘varying years’ was a clerical error, the delay in appealing the revocation by Dr. Evan Leonard is unexplained. The law believes that the change of year by Evan was a well-planned and pondered tactic, and not a clerical error. Because of which, Dr. Evan Leonard could not reply immediately to the legal notice and took time to think a way out of the situation. The strategy was opted by Evan, when he failed to prove his innocence. 

Concluding Statement

The eventual concluding statement was given against the doctor, where the administrative judge mentioned that, the administrative law judge affirms the revocation of Medicare enrollment and billing privileges of Dr. Evan Leonard. 

Nevertheless, the article does not conclude at this very ‘concluding statement’. Rather, there is much more to ponder, about the case of Dr. Evan Leonard. The very first being the audacity of a medical practitioner to convict such a severe crime. Moreover, the other being even more atrocious, where a convict is least afraid of the law. Where, Dr. Evan Leonard had the audacity to accept his crime, and still think that he will get rid of his deeds by manipulating a regulatory law statement.


As per the context of battery felony, Dr. Evan Leonard has been found guilty by CMS, the Department of Health & Human Services. Based on his crime, the CMS ordered to cancel the enrollment of medicare and billing privileges of Dr. Evan Leonard. 

Dr. Evan Leonard audaciously accepted the felony and tried to manipulate the law by his evil tactics. The doctor altered the dates of events in the legal statements and this gave his lawyers a window to bluff the state. 

However, the CMS officers and the administrative judge were astute enough to decode the case and finally agreed to the revokement. Dr. Evan Leonard was penalized for 3rd degree battery felony under Florida Statute § 784.041. The doctor was imposed with a fine of $5000 and 5 years imprisonment. 

But if you think this is a happy ending for the victims, it’s not. The reason for the above contrast is the diminishing fear of culprits in the law and order. Dr. Evan Leonard was extremely confident that he would somehow get rid of his deeds, even after committing the battery felony. Hence, all he did was manipulate the documents to escape the revokement. 

This act of Dr. Evan Leonard is enough to prove three basic points about the culprits and his carefree criminal mentality. The first thing he knew was that he doesn’t have to worry about the fine, as he has fetched enough money from the patients in his medical career. So, a fine of $5000 won’t make him bankrupt. 

The second that he would deftly do away with the 5 year imprisonment and all he needs to worry about is the regular flow of his medicine practice. And last but not the least, Dr. Evan Leonard has the least fear of the state’s law. Hence, instead of celebrating the penalty we must make sure that none of the culprits have such extreme audacity. 

Lastly, with all due respects, the intellect and decision making of CMS and administrative judges is worth applause. The action of administration deepens the roots of hopes in the ‘believers’ of law and encourages them to lead a law-abiding and insouciant life ahead.  

Dr. Evan Leonard: Why Was He Sued?
Dr. Evan Leonard: Why Was He Sued?

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  1. Read this with great interest. Doesn’t fit the scenario laid out here. Seems highly personal and contrived with innuendo and salacious presentation of simple facts. Sounds like an ex-girlfriend with anger and rage issues.

  2. A doctor commences battery offense, and gets bail. If this doesn’t fill you with rage, then you people shall rot in hell, along with this so-called sex-addict.

  3. Mere $5000 for a sexual offense. So, it’s more like, waste the lives of patients and get away with 5K. Those patients who believe that doctors are god. Bullshit!!!!!

  4. I am a doctor and reading such incidents, I feel as if I am at fault. Why do people do such things and disdain the entire fraternity?

  5. Sexual offenses have become so common in the medical field. People should be aware of today’s reality, in today’s world NO, simply NOOOO doctor is god.

  6. Dr. Evan should be made apologetic to the victims. Till they penalize him, it’s not over.

  7. I too encountered one such doctor, who tried to be inappropriate but i left the cabin then and there. It’s true, no one can be trusted.

  8. Sex and violence, takes everything from you.

  9. I don’t know who he is, but the crime has been proven. I hate him, from the depths of my heart.

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