Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.: Is He Reliable? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. was punished for forging a COVID-19 immunization card. His case details are below:
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Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. was punished for forging a COVID-19 immunization card. His case details are below:

Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. was disciplined by the State Medical Examining Board for improperly administering opioids and sedatives. I believe we must understand him before considering his charges.

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Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo: A Brief Overview

Dr. Philip A. Mongelluzzo is a board-certified internist who practices medicine in Waterbury, Connecticut. He is affiliated with several institutions in the surrounding region, including Waterbury Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital-Waterbury. He graduated with a degree in medicine from Creighton University School of Medicine, and he’s been in active medical practice for more than two decades.

To put it in a more harsh light, one might argue that internists, also known as generic internal medicine doctors, tend only to the medical requirements of adults and do not have a particular area of expertise in the treatment of children or adolescents. One in four medical doctors in the United States is an internist. 

Even though internists make up a major number of the country’s healthcare providers, their concentration on adult care might make it difficult for them to deliver specialized pediatric services. 

Additionally, some internists may have certifications in a variety of subspecialties, such as cardiology, infectious disorders, and medical oncology. This might make it difficult for them to provide comprehensive treatment for complicated medical diseases that lie outside of their particular areas of specialty.

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Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.: Criticized for Faking COVID Vaccination Card

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Two physicians were subjected to disciplinary action by the State Medical Examining Board, one of them being Dr. Philip  Mongelluzzo Jr., a physician who practices in Waterbury. He received a reprimand, a fine of $10,000, and had the validity of his medical license put on probation for two years. 

The disciplinary sanctions were taken as a direct consequence of Dr. Mongelluzzo’s improperly prescribing large dosages of opioids to a patient during the years 2014 and 2018. He did not manage the patient’s chronic pain acceptably, and he administered opioids without providing enough documentation of the therapeutic grounds for doing so. 

He failed to satisfy the standard of care for the patient. In addition to this, he gave the patient an unrestricted amount of sedatives and did not explain why they were necessary from a medical standpoint. 

Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. made the decision not to defend himself against the claims, even though he did not confess any guilt. He has finished his schooling on the appropriate procedures for prescription medications, and while he is on probation, he is required to retain the services of a physician to oversee his practice. Patients who suffer from chronic pain are no longer being accepted by him.

A resident physician in Hartford by the name of Dr. Daniel Chen was also given a reprimand by the board for participating in “illegal, unlawful, and unethical conduct.” The University of Connecticut School of Medicine was the recipient of his dishonesty, which consisted of his presenting a COVID-19 immunization card that he had forged. 

Dr. Chen did not acknowledge any misconduct when he filed a consent order consenting to be reprimanded; nonetheless, he decided not to defend the charge and did so anyway. 

Dr. Robert A. Green, a member of the board, voiced his worry that this reprimand would be recorded in a national database of administrative actions against physicians and might have a long-lasting influence on Dr. Chen’s professional life.

Gretchen Randall, who represented Dr. Chen, admitted that the magnitude of his lapse in judgment, which resulted in his being fired from his post at UConn, was significant. Since then, he has earned a licensure in the state of California and is now working as a telemedicine radiologist there. 

Even if his Connecticut license is not being actively used at this time, the state Department of Public Health can launch an inquiry up to 18 months before the license is set to expire.

Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. Reviews: Exposed by His Patients

As of right now, Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. has received 57 individual patient ratings, and these ratings have resulted in an average ranking of 2.4 stars out of 5. The experiences that people have had while obtaining medical treatment from Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. are reflected in the rating that he has received. It is essential to keep in mind that each individual’s experience is unique and that the rating might change as more individuals provide their comments on the service.

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One thing that stands out about the medical office run by Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. is the fact that they are open to taking on new patients at the moment. This indicates that persons who are in search of medical care have the option of becoming a member of their patient registry to get medical treatment. It seems as if there is an awareness and a readiness to give medical services to a more diverse group of people since the facility is ready to take on new patients.

Additionally, Dr. Mongelluzzo Jr.’s clinic provides telehealth consultations for patients. This implies that patients have the opportunity to get medical consultations and guidance remotely, by using various forms of communications technology. This is particularly helpful for those who may have trouble physically going to the doctor’s office, like during the COVID-19 epidemic, or for people who have mobility problems.

In addition to this, it is important to know that Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. is participating in a variety of insurance programs.

If this is the case, then medical treatments may be made more readily available and cheap to a wider variety of patients. When a healthcare provider accepts a variety of health insurance plans, this may be seen as an indication that they are flexible and dedicated to providing patients with a variety of alternatives for their healthcare coverage.

In brief, the practice run by Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. has been met with a variety of reactions from his patients, who have given it a score of 2.4 out of 5. They are now taking on new patients, which suggests that they are receptive to increasing the size of their existing patient base.


In addition, the provision of telehealth visits is a demonstration of flexibility in the delivery of healthcare, and the acceptance of several insurance plans is evidence of a dedication to meeting the varying requirements of patients concerning their respective insurance coverage.

Let’s talk about some testimonials to help open your eyes to the reality of what I have to say as follows:

#1. Bad Experience

According to the previous review, the patient had a negative experience with Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. because he does not care about his patients, their inquiries, connected problems, or other test findings. On the other hand, his appointment was a challenge to fit into his calendar. The appointment was handled hastily, and the patients had to wait for a considerable amount of time.

#2. Abusive Staff

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A reviewer complains that many office workers are disrespectful. They also claim issues getting immediate or next-week appointments after Trinity bought the firm. Reviewer believes physical tests are postponed until needed. They also claim that Sarah McD, a medical assistant, is unpleasant. Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr., the main doctor, is hard to get appointments with. 

The reviewer thinks their age is a factor in their health difficulties being ignored, and a medical assistant suggested that young people may have impacted staff perspectives. Even though signs say copays are accepted on-site, invoices arrive weeks later, which dissatisfies the reviewer. 

The reviewer complains about office personnel, scheduling availability, healthcare delays, PA rudeness, main physician access, age-related dismissal of worries, and billing methods.


Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. is a certified by-the-board physician in Waterbury, Connecticut, with more than two decades of medical practice. 

As a result, I suppose you can now comprehend the unfavorable facts regarding Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. However, he has been subjected to disciplinary action for unlawfully prescribing opioids and narcotics which has resulted in a reprimand, a fine of $10,000, and a two-year restriction on his medical license. In addition, he has been placed on a two-year probationary period. 

In addition to this, allegations surfaced that he had fabricated a COVID-19 immunization card. Complaints regarding scheduling issues, long waiting periods, and questions about the standard of treatment have resulted in an average grade of 2.4 out of 5 for him among patients’ ratings. According to these difficulties, Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. has had a complicated and perhaps disastrous professional past.

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In addition to this, I have further instances of various physicians who have been sanctioned by the state Medical Examining Board. 

  • According to an order of consent that Dr. Patrick F. Albergo signed, the board disciplined the ophthalmologist’s medical license for failing to comply with the “time-out” procedures at his Connecticut Eye Center and for failing to maintain acceptable medical records. Additionally, the board found that Dr. Albergo did not keep enough medical records.
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  • Dr. Christopher Betz, an orthopedic surgeon, was penalized by the state Medical Examining Board in 2018 for operating on the incorrect knee of a patient and given a reprimand for his actions. The physician was fined $5,000.X1cqzCj vMhWnE7QmGVGBU8


Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.: Is He Reliable? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.: Is He Reliable? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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