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Dr. Rohit Varma: Why Did He Resign? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

After the university "learned previously undisclosed information that was related to his sexual harassment case," Dr. Rohit Varma, the dean of the University of Southern California's medical school, made the decision to resign.
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Dr. Rohit Varma faced serious allegations of engaging in misconduct. Find out more about the story in this review.

After the university “learned previously undisclosed information that was related to his sexual harassment case,” Dr. Rohit Varma, the dean of the University of Southern California’s medical school, made the decision to resign. In order to learn more about the case, let’s delve deeper into the narrative.

Dr. Rohit Varma: Allegations of misconduct and using drugs

University authorities reassured professors and students that the dean of USC’s medical school would be replaced by someone deserving of their respect after the dean left in 2016 despite ongoing grievances about his drinking habits and rude treatment of colleagues.

He was the target of claims that he interacted with gang members and used drugs.

The guy USC ultimately chose, however, had a negative mark on his personnel file: a university determination from 15 years ago that he had acted inappropriately toward a female medical school fellow.

According to private personnel records reviewed by the media and conversations with people familiar with the university investigation, Dr. Rohit Varma, the dean, was formally disciplined by USC in 2003 as a result of claims that he abused the young researcher while he was a junior professor overseeing her work.

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Dr. Rohit Varma decided to leave the university after the university “learned previously unreported information that caused us to lose confidence in Dr. Varma’s ability to lead the school,” USC Provost Michael Quick wrote in a letter to USC authorities.

The medical school’s head, Dr. Rohit Varma was appointed in November and is a renowned ophthalmologist. He succeeded Carmen A. Puliafito, who resigned from his $1.1 million a year dean position in the middle of the 2016 spring term, citing a desire to pursue other possibilities.

In a Pasadena, California hotel room three weeks prior, a 21-year-old woman overdosed in Puliafito’s presence but survived, according to the Times. However, Puliafito chose not to discuss this incident.

7/12/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. Rohit Varma has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Up until early this year, Puliafito was still a faculty member. However, USC announced that it was terminating his employment as a result of a Times investigation that said he was associated with a group of drug users and criminals and had been seen on film consuming what seemed to be methamphetamine.

USC President C.L. Max Nikias said to the audience after Varma’s official installation as dean in January: “Healing, passion, and hope — these words speak to the personality of our new dean.”

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According to confidential personnel records examined by The Times and interviews with people familiar with the university investigation, Dr. Rohit Varma, the dean, was formally disciplined by USC in 2003 as a result of claims that he had harassed the young researcher while he was a junior professor overseeing her work.

Varma’s resignation from the position of dean was announced by USC on Thursday afternoon, just as The Times was getting ready to publish an article about the case.

“USC administration has lost faith in Dr. Rohit Varma’s capacity to manage our medical school based on previously unreported facts given to the university recently. He is no longer the dean of the Keck School of Medicine as of right now, according to a statement from USC Provost Michael Quick.

Quick noted late Thursday that the unreleased information also contained specifics from “the Los Angeles Times and the university’s own investigation into the matter.”

What distinguishes sexual assault from sexual harassment? What about improper sexual behavior?

Sexual harassment, generally considered a civil infraction but isn’t necessarily, is when unwanted sexual conduct creates a hostile environment. Sexual assault is a crime that involves non-consensual sexual touch or penetration. The word “sexual misconduct” is used broadly to refer to a range of sexual actions, and the definition might vary based on the situation and the applicable rules, including harassment.

The USC had informed The Times on Wednesday that it believed the matter to be settled and that it still had faith in Varma before that inquiry.

Records and interviews show that the lady claimed Dr. Rohit Varma made unwanted sexual approaches when she was traveling to a conference and then retaliated against her for disclosing him. According to the data and interviews, USC compensated Dr. Rohit Varma with more than $100,000 while also temporarily preventing her from being a full member of the faculty.

The University of Southern California would not condone the behavior he displayed, an official from USC stated in a letter of reprimand from 2003. It was improper and unprofessional in the workplace, showed poor judgment, and went against the University’s norms of conduct.

Dr. Rohit Varma was nonetheless swiftly elevated to a full professorship at USC. Dr. Carmen Puliafito, the former dean whose drug usage and connections to criminals led to his elevation to the chair of the ophthalmology department three years ago That summer, The Times made known.
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In the higher levels of the university, the sexual harassment claim is well known, although few students and employees are aware of it. Following the publication of the Puliafito report in July, The Times heard of it. Concerned about Varma’s oversight of the medical school in light of the harassment finding, current and former faculty members wrote to the newspaper.

Leading American colleges fielded candidates for the dean’s position, which raised concerns about USC’s decision to follow Puliafito’s difficult tenure with the selection of a faculty member who had previously been found to have engaged in wrongdoing.

Messages asking Dr. Rohit Varma for comment received no response.

Varma’s significant study on eye issues in minorities was praised by USC administrators during the event that officially installed him as dean in January. According to a press release, he was “one of the leading recipients of research funding from the National Institutes of Health,” giving the university grants totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Now I’ll go into detail about a series of incidents involving Dr. Rohit Varma, a well-known ophthalmologist at the University of Southern California (USC), who was the target of a harassment claim originating from an occurrence in 2002 at an ophthalmology conference. Here is a thorough description of the main concepts:

  • At an ophthalmology meeting in 2002, Dr. Rohit Varma and a young international student (referred to as “the researcher”) were working on a research project supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Dr. Rohit Varma allegedly told the woman that he had only reserved one room at the conference hotel and that she would have to sleep on the same bed as him when they arrived. Dr. Rohit Varma countered that just one room would be covered by the grant funding.
  • Dr. Rohit Varma allegedly removed the woman’s smartphone after she continued to object and yelled at her to obey, threatening to have her visa canceled otherwise.
  • She ended up sleeping on a cot in Dr. Varma’s room as she didn’t have enough money to pay for a separate bedroom.

USC’s Investigation and Punishment:

  • Dr. Varma is being investigated by USC for sexual harassment and retaliation after the lady reported the incident to the university’s Office of Equity and Diversity.
  • The woman’s claims were supported by evidence discovered by USC investigators, which led to Dr. Varma being disciplined.
  • Stephen Ryan, who was the dean of the Keck medical school at the time, wrote to Dr. Rohit Varma in March 2003 and stated that there was enough evidence to draw the conclusion that improper activity had taken place. The letter stated that any additional improper behavior would result in dismissal.
  • Dr. Varma’s punishment included a $30,000 pay reduction as well as the predicted denial of his promotion to full professor. A sexual harassment counseling session was also demanded of him.
  • The letter highlighted that any communication with the researcher should be kept to a minimum and should only be required for job performance.

USC’s Penalties Are Being Rolled Back:

  • Dr. Varma’s salary cut of $30,000 was revoked by USC authorities in 2004, on the grounds that the loss of the promised rise constituted adequate punishment.
  • Despite the prior harassment claim, USC elevated Dr. Varma to the position of full professor in 2005.

Dr. Varma’s Career and USC Leadership Role:

Dr. Rohit Varma received significant research funding even after the harassment case, including a $11 million grant from the NIH in 2016.

Following Dr. Carmen Puliafito’s resignation as dean of the medical school in 2016 due to personal concerns regarding drug use and other misdeeds, USC nominated Dr. Rohit Varma as the medical school’s interim dean.

When Dr. Rohit Varma ultimately became the medical school’s permanent dean, it generated debate because of his prior harassment case.

Resignation of Rohit Varma and USC’s Response:

It has become a problem in academia when young female scientists are mistreated by senior male academics.

A nationwide search for Dr. Varma’s successor as dean has been announced by USC in reaction to newly available information.

Dr. Rohit Varma decided to resign from his role as head of the school when USC ultimately lost faith in his ability to accomplish so.

Concerns concerning how universities handle allegations of sexual harassment and the punishments for those found guilty of inappropriate behavior are brought up in the book. Additionally, it emphasizes how crucial it is for academic institutions to be open and accountable while simultaneously safeguarding the welfare of teachers and students.

Inside the drug- and hooker-filled secret life of a medical school dean

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Carmen Puliafito, a former dean of USC’s esteemed medical school, recently came to light for her astonishing double life. He was a married, well-respected eye doctor by day, but at night he led a wild life of drug use and philandering.

He was renowned for boasting about his popularity among medical students and thought he was regarded in high respect, according to Sarah Warren, a former prostitute who was Puliafito’s ex-girlfriend. Warren overdosed in his hotel room in March 2016, though, and Puliafito’s covert existence started to fall apart.

Puliafito maintained his demanding position as dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine despite the shocking revelations, seemingly without incident. He helped the school gain a staggering $1 billion in donations, improve its standing, and manage a sizable staff and student body. It is incredible that he managed to juggle his irresponsible and illegal off-duty behavior with this demanding post.

Pictures and videos of Puliafito taking heroin, meth, and ecstasy during parties and benders have come to light. He even hosted parties in his office at USC when prostitutes and drug users were photographed consuming heroin while donning Keck School lab coats and school gear.

Puliafito was very giving, and frequently claimed that money was not an issue for him, said Don Stokes, a sober karaoke DJ. Stokes even asserted that while in treatment, Puliafito gave him amphetamine.

The crisis reached a breaking point when Puliafito dialed 911 after Sarah Warren overdosed. Warren then admitted that GHB, a renowned “date rape” drug widely used recreationally, was what actually caused the overdose. At first, he tried to downplay the problem by saying she had taken too much wine, but he eventually changed his story.

Puliafito left his job at USC after the controversy and started working for Ophthotech, a pharmaceutical company in New York. His employment there was brief, though, since the company’s medications failed clinical trials, and he was fired in December.

Amazingly, despite the scandalous disclosures, Puliafito has reportedly returned to represent USC at public gatherings and has continued to provide eye care to patients at the university’s eye clinics, according to the Los Angeles Times.


The instance of Dr. Rohit Varma, a former dean of the USC medical school, brings to light the grave problem of sexual harassment and misbehavior in educational settings. 

After discovering evidence of inappropriate behavior, USC initially decided to penalize Varma, which was a crucial first step in resolving the issue. The university’s dedication to stopping such wrongdoing and safeguarding its staff and students, however, came into question once they promoted Varma to higher positions.

The decision by USC to appoint Dr. Rohit Varma as dean, in spite of his history of sexual harassment, has hurt the university’s reputation and raised questions about its dedication to fostering a respected and safe environment. A proactive approach is needed to prevent and treat sexual harassment in academia, which is a major issue.

The incident also serves as a reminder of the importance of openness and responsibility when resolving charges of misbehavior. Universities should not only implement the proper disciplinary measures but also make sure that information about these instances is properly shared with the right people.

Academic institutions must put the safety of their community members first by putting strong policies against sexual harassment and misconduct in place, encouraging a culture of respect and reporting, and carefully screening candidates for leadership positions in order to regain community trust and make the campus environment safer.

The situation involving Dr. Rohit Varma at USC serves as a crucial reminder of the need to address and prevent sexual harassment in academia, to sum up. It emphasizes the necessity for colleges to act swiftly, retain transparency, and promote an atmosphere where everyone feels respected, safe, and protected. 

Academic institutions’ purpose to offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for learning and work can only be fully realized by taking proactive measures to solve such problems.

Dr. Rohit Varma: Why Did He Resign? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Dr. Rohit Varma: Why Did He Resign? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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