Gilbert Pardla – Was He Behind the DagCoin Scam?

Gilbert Pardla
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Gilbert Pardla has received accusations of being a dangerous scammer. Find out if those allegations are true in this review.

The two unidentified DagCoin arrestees have been identified as Gustav Poola and Gilbert Pardla.

Gilbert Pardla and Poola were detained by Estonian authorities last month along with DagCoin founder Nils Grossberg and insider Kris Ress.

Gilbert Pardla and Poola’s arrests were confirmed by Geenius in a pay-walled story published on October 31.

On social media, Gilbert Pardla (right) identifies himself as an investor, trader, entrepreneur, and blockchain enthusiast.

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“I play a number of important roles in numerous development initiatives using cryptography.

I’ve managed a variety of businesses, departments, and projects. I also have professional experience as a leader and the ability to manage teams.

I currently primarily serve as the owner and CEO of a Norwegian construction company and as an investor in a small number of Estonian businesses.”


Uncertainty surrounds Gilbert Pardla’s ownership of DagCoin.

As CEO, Gustav Poola (right) is in charge of Levercode.

Was Gilbert Pardla Behind a Major MLM Scam?

Grossberg developed Levercode to manage the IT department at Success Factory and DagCoin.

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On October 31, Geenius claimed that Levercode had made the announcement to fire all 21 of its employees following Grossberg’s arrest.

One would assume that the detention of the owners, executives, and insiders would put an immediate stop to DagCoin and Success Factory. Not so.

7/12/2023 Update
As of now, Gilbert Pardla has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The most recent change to DagCoin’s official Facebook page was made on October 5. Given that the Ponzi scheme crashed earlier this year, this is not shocking.

While this is happening, Success Factory continues to focus on US consumers.

Success Factory switched to securities fraud with a forex motif once DagCoin failed. This happened at the same time that Success Factory’s US and European CEOs, Raold Mailly and Jason Tyne, respectively, were appointed.

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Success Factory is thought to have been owned and run by Dutchman Igor Alberts prior to DagCoin’s demise.

There were no more Ponzi coins to shill, hence it’s thought a deal was made behind closed doors. As a result, Alberts was downgraded to a passive investor, whose finances are still secret.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

In late October, Alberts reaffirmed this, saying that the arrangement had ended immediately before the arrests of Estonian citizens.

BehindMLM has a strong suspicion that Dutch officials are defending Alberts.

In this way, DagCoin and Success Factory go far beyond the two Ponzi business models to imitate OneCoin and OneLife.

It has long been believed that Ruja Ignatova had ties to organized crime in both Bulgaria and Russia. Under the protection of Bulgarian authorities, OneCoin and OneLife still cheat consumers.

The continued ability of Success Factory to deceive clients would undoubtedly be explained by connections to Russian, Bulgarian, or even Dutch organized crime. It also explains why Dutch officials keep doing nothing.

Success Factory continues to mislead consumers from the Netherlands while waiting for Dutch authorities to take enforcement action, which currently looks improbable.

It is thought that DagCoin alone duped users of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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The majority of the money is still unaccounted for, aside from what Igor Alberts and other top DagCoin and Success Factory earners took.

Authorities in the US will likely pay attention if former OneCoin scammers who may have connections to organized crime attempt to enter the country.

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Gilbert Pardla- Nils Grossberg & Kristjan Ress, two DagCoin scammers, were detained along with Gilbert Pardla

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Four executives of DagCoin, including its founder Nils Grossberg and chief value officer Kris Ress (also known as Kristjan Ress), have been detained by Estonian authorities.

Grossberg and Ress were denied bail and were ordered to detention for two months following their arrests two weeks ago.

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Grossberg and Ress are among the four people taken into custody, according to Genius, who also notes that Estonian police have not publicly identified any of the suspects.

Because police have neither confirmed nor denied the arrests, it appears that the DagCoin investigation is still underway.

According to the police’s first calculations, Grossberg and Ress stole eight million euros using DagCoin. The actual sum is anticipated to be far larger.

Success Factory served as a marketing platform for the DagCoin Ponzi scheme.

Notably, the date from two weeks ago is around October 5. Leading DagCoin and Success Factory net-winners were said to have left the Netherlands for Dubai on September 29 by BehindMLM.

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Among DagCoin’s biggest scammers are Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala, Iulian Cimbala, and Quini Amores.

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Igor Alberts has removed his social media accounts since our story in September. Just before they left Europe, Andreea Cimbala, Alberts’ wife, deleted her accounts.

However, we can confirm that the con artists are preparing to launch a fresh fraud through “Success4All,” Alberts and Cimbala’s OneCoin, DagCoin, and Success Factory downline organization, at least four days ago.

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According to Geenius, Estonian police have not yet confirmed if Alberts and Cimbala are “also in their sights”.

DagCoin was created by Nils Grossberg after the infamous OneCoin Ponzi fraud.

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OneCoin’s collapse in January 2017 served as the catalyst for the mid-2017 creation of DagCoin.

After Igor Alberts stopped using OneCoin in December 2017, Success Factory was created.

Success Factory was modeled after OneLife, OneCoin’s marketing division.

Success Factory was managed by Igor Alberts in the Netherlands. DagCoin was managed by Grossberg and Ress in Estonia. In reality, they operated as a single firm.

To their shame, Dutch officials protected Andreea Cimbala and Igor Alberts for well over five years.

They left at the same time Alberts and Cimbala left OneCoin, two months after its founder and missing person Ruja Ignatova was charged.

Following a tip from Frank Schneider of the FBI’s OneCoin investigation, Ignatova vanished in October 2017.

The timing of Alberts and Cimbala’s departure from the Netherlands is highly dubious. It’s unknown if they have a mole in the Dutch police force.

It would undoubtedly explain why Dutch officials did nothing to stop the pair from leaving the country and instead permitted them to do so.

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Gilbert Pardla in the news

I don’t just throw the word “allowed” around. It is incomprehensible that Dutch authorities were ignorant of Alberts and Cimbala’s defrauding of over 100 million through Success Factory, DagCoin, and OneCoin.

Success Factory “launching in the US” earlier this year is another noteworthy detail.

Grossberg and Alberts gave the job to Roald Mailly rather than take the chance of going to the US themselves.

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Gilbert Pardla’s scam promotions

Unsurprisingly, Mailly has a history of defrauding OneCoin users.

It’s unknown if any of the insiders from Success Factory and DagCoin are being looked into by US authorities.

19th October 2022 update Postimees’ additional reporting sheds light on the charges brought against Grossberg and Ress.

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Gilbert Pardla’s claims

Postimees continues by stating that DagCoin promoted Estonia as a legitimate sanctuary for cryptocurrency crime.

Update 5th January 2023 

According to Dutch media, Grossberg and Ress were freed last month. The couple is still the subject of a criminal investigation.

Gilbert Pardla – Was He Behind the DagCoin Scam?
Gilbert Pardla – Was He Behind the DagCoin Scam?

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