Edgar Contreras Rosario found guilty of abuse and forgery as a plastic surgeon?

Edgar Contreras Rosario
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Edgar Contreras Rosario is a plastic surgeon who was convicted of abuse of confidence and forgery of documents in 2017. He was sentenced to five years in prison.
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Edgar Contreras Rosario hails from the Dominican Republic and holds dual roles as a plastic surgeon and a social entrepreneur. He claims to be the visionary behind the inception of the Clínica de Cirugía Estética Plástica Contreras, a hub for plastic surgery services that thrived for 9 years.

Edgar Contreras Rosario is a plastic surgeon who was convicted of abuse of confidence and forgery of documents in 2017. He was sentenced to five years in prison. Contreras is appealing the decision.

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4/12/2023 Update
As of now, Edgar Contreras Rosario has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Early life and education:

Edgar Contreras Rosario was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1970. He graduated from medical school in 1994 and completed his residency in plastic surgery in 2000. He opened his own plastic surgery clinic in 2005. He studied medicine at the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo.

Edgar Contreras Rosario

Judicial Decision Unveiled: Surgeon Accused of Malpractice Granted Bail

In a pivotal courtroom twist, the vigilant judge, Margarita Cristo Cristo, made a significant ruling on Thursday evening, granting bail to the accused surgeon Edgar Contreras, who stands accused of medical malpractice.

Breaking down the terms, along with the mandated payment of 500,000 pesos via an insured company, the magistrate laid down a coercive measure by ordering periodic appearances for the doctor.

Presenting the perspective of the plaintiff, Rosemary Batista, Pedro Jacobo, the attorney, shed light on her case. Batista had enlisted a series of surgical procedures encompassing neck, breast, abdomen, and back enhancements, totaling 160,000 pesos. She leveled allegations against Contreras, asserting medical malpractice and breach of commitments made regarding the surgeries.

The indictment dates back to September 19, 2013, when the accused, Edgar Contreras Rosario, conducted a series of surgical procedures on Rosemary Batista at the Contreras Plastic Clinic, situated on 5th Street, Altos de Arroyo Hondo II, National District.

The intricate surgery encompassed a spectrum of enhancements, including tummy tuck, mammoplasty, liposculpture, and aesthetic procedures on multiple areas, notably the neck, buttocks, and arms.

Pedro Jacobo painted a vivid picture of the aftermath, recounting how Mrs. Batista exhibited alarming signs just two days after the operation – infection symptoms, deep wounds, severe bruises, and dermal openings.

“The consequences of the procedure are starkly evident, with abdominal perforations of up to two centimeters, and even larger ones,” Jacobo pointed out.

The gravity of the situation is intensified by Batista’s American citizenship, which complicates her health situation and has unfortunately restricted her from traveling to the United States for medical assistance.

Jacobo revealed that the legal proceedings against the surgeon commenced in January, as Batista’s health hindered her ability to appear in court. Initially, the Public Ministry had requested pretrial detention for the accused, escalating the stakes of the case.

The courtroom’s decision to grant bail to Contreras marks a significant development in this high-profile case, with legal battles yet to unfold.

Surgeon Edgar Contreras Resario’s Appeal Rejected by Court

In a significant turn of events, the Court of Appeal for the National District has decisively dismissed the appeal filed by Gazcue Medical Center. The case revolves around the accused individuals: Omar Baldomero Contreras Rosario, Edgar Isidro Contreras Rosario, Luz Divina Contreras Rosario, and Valentina Rosario de Contreras. The charges against them include breach of trust and falsification of documents.

The court’s verdict, marked by a single dissenting vote and two in favor, has resulted in a comprehensive set of penalties for the defendants. Edgar Contreras Rosario, a surgeon entangled in the legal battle, has been handed a two-year suspension from his medical duties. Additionally, he faces a one-year imprisonment term and is restricted from leaving the country.

The financial aspect of the verdict is equally substantial. The defendants are obligated to provide economic compensation totaling 10 million pesos to the plaintiffs, namely Luis Roberto de Jesús Merejo, Rhina Altagracia Aquino, Ramón Antonio Valentín Bretón, and Osvaldo Antonio Domínguez Salcedo. This sum has been deemed appropriate by the court to address the grievances endured by the plaintiffs.

Remarkably, the plaintiffs expressed their alignment with the court’s decision, highlighting a shared sense of agreement with the outcome.

The origins of this legal tussle can be traced back to 2009 when a group of doctors accused the Contreras Rosario family of breaching trust and falsifying documents to illegally gain control of the Gazcue Medical Center. The protracted litigation, spanning over a decade, reached a significant juncture with the recent appellate ruling.

The appeal was launched as a challenge against a prior ruling by the judges of the First Collegiate Court. This previous decision mandated a compensation payment of two million pesos to the aggrieved parties as restitution for the damages incurred.

This verdict stands as a milestone in the ongoing legal saga, underlining the complexities and implications of trust and authenticity in the medical field. The court’s unwavering stance serves as a testament to the pursuit of justice amidst intricate legal intricacies.

Edgar Contreras Resario

Behind Bars: Surgeon Edgar Contreras Rosario Imprisoned for Document Falsification

In a dramatic turn of events, renowned surgeon Edgar Contreras finds himself behind bars after nearly two years of eluding justice. On Tuesday, he was escorted to the Open Correction and Rehabilitation Center of Haras Nacionales, embarking on a one-year prison term.

The order for Contreras’ incarceration was issued by Judge Elías Santini Perera, responsible for executing sentences in the National District. The definitive period of his imprisonment is set to conclude on March 15, 2019.

Contreras, a figure previously entangled in legal battles over alleged medical malpractice during cosmetic procedures, faces imprisonment not for medical errors but for falsifying crucial documents.

His conviction stems from a case in which he was sentenced to three years in prison, with two years suspended, for orchestrating the falsification of documents as part of a takeover attempt of the Gazcue Medical Center.

The elusive Contreras, who had managed to evade authorities since 2016, was apprehended by the Department of Capture of Fugitives, Rebels, and Convicts under the National District Prosecutor’s Office. His arrest followed the issuance of a warrant against him.

“Immediate admission to the Correction and Rehabilitation Center, as an inmate, of the convicted Edgar Isidro Contreras Rosario, a resident of the Evaristo Morales sector of the National District,” the judge’s order resounded.

Back on July 28, 2016, Contreras had been found guilty by the First Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeals for the National District. His arrival at the Haras Nacionales penitentiary center comes after the Supreme Court of Justice finalized the sentence, sealing his fate behind bars.

This unexpected twist in the legal saga of Edgar Contreras serves as a testament to the long arm of justice, emphasizing that even those who once seemed untouchable can ultimately face the consequences of their actions.

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The legal proceedings and outcomes paint a vivid picture of the intricate balance between professional reputation, legal responsibility, and ethical accountability. Edgar Contreras Rosario’s case serves as a reminder that even those with notable achievements and contributions can find themselves navigating the corridors of justice, subject to the scrutiny of the law.

As Contreras’ legal journey continues, it remains a poignant illustration of the intersection between personal reputation, medical expertise, and the pursuit of truth within the context of the legal system.

Edgar Contreras Rosario found guilty of abuse and forgery as a plastic surgeon?
Edgar Contreras Rosario found guilty of abuse and forgery as a plastic surgeon?

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