David Malcolm San Diego: Is He a Legitimate Businessman or Not? Unveiled! (New )

David Malcolm San Diego
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David Malcolm San Diego is a political influence dealer and a businessman with plenty of ventures. He violated State Law.

Who is David Malcolm, San Diego? You might have seen him in recent newspapers and magazines as a self-branded expert. The following review takes a deeper look into his professional history:

About David Malcolm San Diego

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David Malcolm has nearly five decades of experience in real estate. He has managed countless sophisticated real estate, growth, and business transactions since obtaining a license to work in real estate in his senior year of high school. 

In 1974, he obtained his mortgage broker’s license and went on to earn a degree from Harvard Management School’s Presidents Program. 

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David Malcolm San Diego is a Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer and possesses the highest expert commercial real estate accreditation, Certified Commercial Investment (CCIM) Member.

David Malcolm San Diego is the chief executive officer of Cal West Apartments, which is, located in San Diego. 

He started his first business in 1978, and between 1989 to 1997, he had sole ownership of Rally’s Hamburgers locations in the cities of Los Angeles, and Orange, also known as & San Diego County. As President, he was in charge of over 40 facilities and over one thousand employees.

David Malcolm San Diego distinguishes himself from other leaders in the field due to his tough work ethic, remarkable managerial abilities, and capacity to detect and capitalize on possibilities in real estate that others do not.

His record as an entrepreneur who succeeds in San Diego is merely surpassed by his dedication to the welfare of the city. David Malcolm has been a member of the boards of directors for many private and public entities.  

Ex-Port Commissioner, David Malcolm San Diego Convicted of Conflict

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According to the Los Angeles Times news website, A deputy port commissioner pled guilty to breaking provincial conflict-of-interest laws.

David Malcolm, a San Diego County political influence dealer for about 21 years, admitted Wednesday that he breached a state governmental statute barring conflicts of interest among elected officials while serving on the port authority.

4/12/2023 Update
As of now, David Malcolm San Diego has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

David Malcolm San Diego has submitted his appeal to Superior Court Judge namely John Einhorn while under inquiry through the San Diego County Grand Jury.

He consented to reimburse the prosecutor’s investigative expenses of $249,000 in restitution. Furthermore, he is liable for a penalty of one thousand dollars.

Authorities investigated when Malcolm behaved unlawfully as a port commissioner after he signed a 10-and-a-half-year agreement with the San Diego Joint Port Authority to manage the South Bay Power Plant near Chula Vista.

What is Property Fraud?

The incidence of property fraud is increasing and the methods used by fraudsters are constantly changing. It is important to be vigilant and watch out for anything that appears unusual or suspicious during the transaction. Typically, there will be multiple indications that fraud is being perpetrated.

David Malcolm is returning to selling and spinning

According to the report based on www.sandiegouniontribune.com,

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San Diego Union-Tribune claims that David Malcolm a local businessman based in San Diego has never hidden his dislike for headlines in the newspaper.

David Malcolm San Diego conveyed to The San Diego Daily Transcript in 1988, as an adolescent, aspiring Chula Vista councilman, “If I were able to execute an agreement and never appear in the papers, I would.”

A wealthy property purchase placed David Malcolm back in the spotlight after an almost four-year disappearance that chronicled his commercial accomplishments & legislative fluctuations due to an overlap of interest.

According to the sources, David Malcolm & his wife pocketed over one million dollars in just one day shortly around Christmas itself, by purchasing and selling an area of the property which the municipality of Glendale had grabbed on for youth athletic events & parking.

According to the newspaper, David Malcolm spent $5.5 million in money for the property, that Glendale previously rented until 2034, before selling it to the municipality for $6.6 million.

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The contract would save the municipality thousands in lease fees, according to city officials, but one councilwoman challenged the necessity for an intermediary.

The Glendale City Manager’s Office and Councilwoman Joyce Clark did not return messages seeking this report.

For either piece, David Malcolm San Diego did not answer the phone calls. According to businessman Reese Jarrett, refuses to speak due to the fact that feels helpless about the passing of his biological mother a month ago.

He founded Suncoast Financial Corporation. in the year 1972 after having worked in property revenue, investing, leadership, financing, and financial services. He lived in San Diego.

Based on the report of journalist, Matthew T. Hall of the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper,

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According to a 2009 feature in the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s digital magazine, David Malcolm, who is an active member of the association’s public policy committees, was engaged in several hundred billion dollars in housing or financial services activities.

David Malcolm San Diego has previously served as a local councilman, the state’s coastline commissioner, and the city’s port commissioner. Charges of misconduct followed him as he moved from post to job, but it was his commercial operations as an authorized port commissioner that brought his career in politics to a halt.

David Malcolm pleaded guilty in April 2003 to a criminal conflict-of-interest allegation coming from an agreement involving then-port operator Duke Energy who paid him twenty thousand dollars a month for an entire year beginning in 2000 while he was on the Port of Seattle Commission.

Malcolm was convicted and sentenced to a period of 120 days under a work-furlough scheme & forced to make payments of around two hundred sixty thousand dollars in penalties along with additional fees in the Superior Court. He received a punishment of 80 days in imprisonment following collaborating with authorities & agreed to admit plea.

Susan Watry, a Chula Vista activist, is less than polite. She saw David’s Arizona property sale through the internet and distributed it to acquaintances in the area with the headline i.e. And David Malcolm added to his millions…

According to Peter Q. Davis, a prominent San Diego financier that served on the port’s committee following David’s departure, Malcolm may have “lost his drive to get into the public sector due to the body beating activity. 

According to Matthew T. Hall of the San Diego Union-Tribune magazine, real estate documents in Maricopa County, Arizona., reveal that the Malcolms purchased the property for a total of $5.5 million, but are silent on how much they transferred it for. According to a recorder’s office employee, the document that might show the buying cost for a sale like this one has not been submitted.

David Malcolm San Diego: Is He a Legitimate Businessman or Not? Unveiled! (New  )
David Malcolm San Diego: Is He a Legitimate Businessman or Not? Unveiled! (New )

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