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Sherrill Spatz: Exposed for Stealing Over $69,000 (Update 2024)

Sherrill Spatz
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Sherrill Spatz is an investigator determined by the state's chief judge, Judith S. Kaye. Thus, the Judge noted that the revelations about connections among political parties as well as judiciary selections, notably in the city of Brooklyn, warrant a thorough inquiry.
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Sherrill Spatz is an investigator determined by the state’s chief judge, Judith S. Kaye. Thus, the Judge noted that the revelations about connections among political parties as well as judiciary selections, notably in the city of Brooklyn, warrant a thorough inquiry.

An investigation by New York’s highest court was conducted by an ex-prosecutor who had an entire career of expertise pursuing fraud in securities, corruption in politics, and other organized criminality. Whenever it comes to expensive courtroom postings around the nation, justices prefer attorneys who have prominent political associations.

The charges regarding political bias in fiduciary scheduling, according to Judge Kaye, may undermine the public’s confidence in the judicial system. He additionally wrote a statement publicizing the meeting. Though we are unable to forecast whether errors have happened, the public has to have faith that the court’s work is being handled impartially.

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4/12/2023 Update
As of now, Sherrill Spatz has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Sherrill Spatz questioned exactly who has the designation of deputy general inspector for fiduciary appointments, reported to the New York Times. According to Jonathan Lippman’s reporting, she is the government’s first general inspector designated to review court selections, a post that is going to be official in the state’s legal systems. Jonathan Lippman is the most senior executive judge for the entire state.

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Report of Sherrill Spatz by Times of India

Judge Lippman states that judges are additionally anticipated to create a team of experts of between eight and twelve people by the close of the month to assess the procedures regulating judicial allocations & propose adjustments as required.

Sherrill Spatz will be compensated $115,000 annually, according to Judge Lippman. A minimum of one detective, an attorney, plus numerous administrative court examiners are going to be on the team with her. 

Sherrill Spatz asserts that the position will have summons authority as well as the authority to look into every aspect of justice nominations in the context of the state, prior or present. 

Sherrill Spatz stated that prosecutors are going to be responsible for keeping track of and enforcing current regulations governing trustee nominations, as well as investigating previous and potential misbehaviour. Very precise instances that sparked this in Brooklyn were going to be HIGH on the plan.

Sherrill Spatz was alluding to a strange message that emerged in Kings County political networks, implying claimed perhaps many prominent Brooklyn attorneys believed entitled to expensive court tasks by the State Supreme Court judges. 

According to the letter, Arnold J. Ludwig & Thomas J. Garry, two Republican Party stalwarts, protested that an identical attorney with no political affiliations barred the two from earning legal fees notwithstanding their many years of volunteer work & loyalty to the Democrats. 

Sherrill Spatz’s probe, on the other hand, will probably start in Brooklyn and possess a national reach. According to the officials, notably Mr. Ludwig along with Mr. Garry, the federal agency in charge of the probe is pursuing an independent or smaller probe focused on the probe. 

Sherrill Spatz began working in the New York Stock Exchange’s compliance office in the year 1995, wherein she examined and punished regulation infractions by brokers, retailers, & member companies.

Sherrill Spatz’s tenure at the trade, according to David Doherty, who leads the investigation division, established an image as a harsh but unbiased researcher, especially when assigned to issues requiring sensitive problems of moral behavior instead of white and black legal charges.

Between 1991 and 1995, Sherill Spatz served in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office’s criminal activity bureau, wherein she investigated matters that included criminal organizations to governmental fraud. Her most notable victory was the acquittal of Arthur Scott Jr., a Manhattan Housing Court justice who was apprehended in 1995 upon bribery accusations.

I can’t come up with someone more suitable to fill this post, said Robert M. Morgenthau, the district’s prosecutor who supervised Sherill Spatz. 

Sherrill Spatz relished the opportunity to head the vast state legal department. ”I’m overjoyed,” said remarked during a conversation. I also remarked that I am looking at the prospect of beginning.

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Letter to Sherrill Spatz from Central for Judicial Accountability

It’s an accusation document submitted towards New York County Clerk Norman Goodman. As stated in the lawsuit brought accused Goodman, this is full nonfeasance. Cuomo noted, in accordance with Judiciary Law 255, that he has not gotten an official acknowledgement or written determination from anybody, aside from a telephone conversation. 

The letter is an accusation issued by District Judge Sherry Klein Heitler, with anybody listed as a receiver. Sherrill Spatz communicated with your organization regarding the problems highlighted in the complaint filed, which is her recognizing that have to delve into this matter & react.

What happened to your reply at the time? Sherill Spartz, Inspector General of the Unified Court System, stated this. 

Chief Deputy Clerk Rossetti’s decision to continue barring Spartz compared to accessibility to the Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. v. Cuomo, the own personal matter, as well as jeopardized me with being physically removed myself from the for looking for the information illustrates an inability to take suitable scientific, harsh, or unlawful actions in response to the complaint filed. 

A duplicate of the aforementioned letter will be provided to Chief Administration Judge Prudenti as well as U.S. Attorney Bharara, as well as to all showed people of the dispute, in order to guarantee the written clarification as to that which inquiry and actions utilized in relation to the dispute, as well as the amendment.

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Case Study: Charged for taking $69,000 or more

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According to The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office Sherrill Spatz, the Inspector General of the New York State Unified Court System, in collaboration with Eric Gonzalez, the District Attorney of Brooklyn, has jointly revealed the indictment of a woman from Staten Island. 

The charges brought against her encompass grand larceny, tampering with public records, falsifying business records, presenting a false instrument for filing, and official misconduct. These allegations stem from her alleged involvement in embezzling over $69,000. Her purported method involved annulling cash transactions related to court filings, after which she allegedly kept the money for herself.

According to District Attorney Gonzalez, claimed larceny was an invasion of her employers or the general population’s confidence.

Inspector General Sherrill Spatz expressed gratitude for the diligent contributions of the auditors from the Office of Court Administration and acknowledged the support and dedication demonstrated by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in progressing with the investigation and legal proceedings of this case.

The official press release detailed that Lori Argiro-DiPietro of Staten Island, New York, has been identified by the District Attorney as the defendant. Earlier today, she faced arraignment before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun. The 47-count indictment she faces includes charges of second-degree grand larceny, first-degree tampering with public records, first-degree falsifying business records, first-degree offering a false instrument for filing and official misconduct.

Based on the investigation’s findings, there are allegations that the defendant nullified a minimum of 436 cash transactions, which collectively amounted to $69,515.50.

Furthermore, it is claimed that the defendant misappropriated the sum of $69,515.50 by annulling cash transactions. These transactions specifically involved individuals who had made payments for services such as document filing or retrieval within the Court, such as those related to divorce or obtaining business certificates.

The case was formally transferred to the District Attorney’s Office by the Inspector General’s Office of the Unified Court System.

The case is under the legal stewardship of Senior Assistant District Attorney Tammy Chung, who operates within the District Attorney’s Public Integrity Bureau. She is guided by the oversight of Assistant District Attorney Adam Libove, Deputy Bureau Chief, and Assistant District Attorney Laura Neubauer, who holds the position of Bureau Chief. This collective effort is overseen by Assistant District Attorney Michel Spanakos, Deputy Chief of the District Attorney’s Investigations Division, along with Assistant District Attorney Patricia McNeill, who serves as the Chief of the Investigations Division.

Review on Sherrill Spatz

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Sherrill Spatz, who is purportedly the long-standing Inspector General of the Unified Court System with a tenure spanning around 30 years, has been characterized as one of the few remaining representatives of Jewish Organized Crime within the New York City court framework. 

Acting as the overseer of legal clerks and administrative personnel who effectively manage the legal system, she shoulders exclusive responsibility for a significant array of multimillion-dollar verdicts within the New York City Civil and Supreme Courts, spanning all five Boroughs, but chiefly located in Manhattan.

According to the Dirty Scam Website The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, alleged to be tainted, is overseen by Robert Tembeckjian, identified as an Armenian Jew. This entity primarily exerts influence over magistrates, who seemingly operate with a sense of impunity. 

Sherrill Spatz, along with her extensive team of court employees, appears to embody a significant Jewish influence within New York City. This perception arises due to associations with elements that suggest an affinity with the clandestine realm.

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Is Sherrill Spatz legit or not? 

Sherrill Spatz does not operate an unlicensed enterprise. However, their approach to customer satisfaction and addressing complaints lacks proactivity, resulting in only one client issuing criticism while a limited few offered positive feedback.

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What is the whereabouts of Sherrill Spatz?

The headquarters of Sherrill Spatz are situated at 25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004. You can contact Sherrill Spatz at (212) 428-2700.

What is the extent of the financial loss experienced by Sherrill Spatz’s clients?

Customers of Sherrill Spatz have revealed a substantial economic loss amounting to $1 billion. The collective standard of the reported incidents is notably elevated.


Judith S. Kaye, the state’s chief judge, designated Sherrill Spatz as an investigator. The inquiry initiated by New York’s highest court was overseen by a former prosecutor with a career dedicated to pursuing securities fraud, political corruption, and various forms of criminal syndication.

She has been described as among the last surviving figures representing Jewish Organized Crime within the structure of the New York City court system.

Sherrill Spatz: Exposed for Stealing Over $69,000 (Update 2024)
Sherrill Spatz: Exposed for Stealing Over $69,000 (Update 2024)

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