Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery – No Communication and Skill [Updated Review 2023]

Dr. Trenkle, Dr. Green, and Dr. Maki run the Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery. According to its clients, you should stay away from it. 

Too many complaints against the Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery highlight that this place doesn’t share your COVID-19 test results on time. They also highlight that the clinic doesn’t follow the COVID-19 protocols effectively such as wearing masks, PPE kits, etc. 

This is a huge red flag in itself. However, if you’re still interested in learning more about them, read the following review: 

Basic Information About Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery (lacosmeticdocs):

As the name suggests, Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery is a plastic surgery clinic in Los Angeles, California. Its address is 1245 Wilshire Blvd #603, Los Angeles, CA 9001, US and their opening hours are different for every day:

  • Monday: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Tuesday: 1 PM to 4 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 Am to 4 PM
  • Thursday: 9 Am to 4 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM to 3:30 PM

It remains closed on weekends. 

They offer many procedures including facelift, rhinoplasty, browlift, breast augmentation, breast lift, and plenty of others. 

The Founders: Dr. Geoffery Trenkle DO & Dr. Lauren Green DO

The founders of this clinic are Dr. Geoffery Trenkle DO and Dr. Lauren Green DO. They run this clinic with Dr. Maki. The couple claims to be down to earth and understanding the needs of their patients. 

But you wouldn’t hear this if you asked their patients about them. According to the various reviews on the Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the people here don’t care about their clients and don’t know how to interact with their clients either. 

They also have developed a reputation for being careless, selfish and way more greedy than they should be. Below are a few of the many complaints they have against their clinic: 

Clinic Kept Charging the Client without Offering any Service, Client Updated Their 5-star review

Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review

Jason here had given them 5 stars out of 5 a few years ago. But he updated his review this year and gave them 1 out of 5 stars. 

In his original review, he praised the clinic for being professional, and giving him a comfortable atmosphere. However, he didn’t know how unethical this clinic is when he posted his original review.

In his updated review, Jason shares that he liked the maintenance program they offer. But after COVID arrived the clinic changed its operations considerably. It kept charging its patients even when it wasn’t offering any services to its clients. 

Jason says that he called them every 2-3 weeks to book an appointment with the place and to see if they were even open. The receptionist always told him to get back to them a few days later to find out if the doctor was available. 

Finally, he had enough and told them to cancel his membership and refund the money they had been charging him. He says that he was very disappointed with this experience. 

Botched a Procedure Then Forced the Client to Pay for Additional Medication

Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review

Dr. Maki botched a procedure on this reviewer. Moreover, he tried to correct it when she wouldn’t relent. However, his corrective procedure (a laser procedure) removed the lower lashes of her eye. 

When she asked why it happened and what she can do to help grow it back, an unknown woman came in, said “no problem”, and brought a sample-sized eye drop. 

Then, she had the reviewer tilt her head back and put the eye drop in her eye. 

The unknown woman said that the eye drop would help her in growing the lashes back and instructed the reviewer to pay for it at the front counter. However, when the reviewer said that she had never asked for them, the woman said that she still has to pay for them, they aren’t free as she has already opened them.

The reviewer says that she couldn’t believe that the clinic would have the gall to charge for something she didn’t know anything about and she didn’t ask for. Moreover, this is when she was asking them to fix their own mistakes. 

Tossed Around the Client and Resolved the Issue 

Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review

Erika shares that she had very high hopes that this clinic would resolve her chronic issue of large tonsils. However, Dr. Jaber put in the wrong notes in her file and when she called to follow up on her surgery none of the surgery could clear up this issue. 

The supervisor didn’t call her like he said he would. She had to call them repeatedly for three weeks until a new staff member got hold of the doctor. 

Then, the clinic scheduled her back for “surgery clearance” but it was only a visit. 

The doctor apologized and promised he would sign his notes and submit an emergency authorization that day. But it never happened. 

She called her IPA and they told her nothing had been submitted. Erika felt very disappointed and sad that the staff at this place has no ethics. She points out that the staff only tosses your call around and they never answer the phone. 

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Erika also complains that they offer horrible services and a terrible way of reassuring the patient that they are helping you when they aren’t. 

Beware of medical establishments that don’t care enough about their clients. For example, Alpine Recovery Lodge is a notorious rehab that has wasted numerous people’s money and time. Such places tend to squeeze out as much money as possible. Hence, be wary of them. 

Additional Reviews on Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery

Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
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Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
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Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
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Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
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Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
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Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review
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Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery review

Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery Review: Conclusion

One customer of this clinic complained that the surgeon here didn’t care that they had an infection after the procedure. Another client complained that they promised to give him his COVID-19 test results within 72 hours but never did. 

All of these complaints suggest that the Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery isn’t a good clinic for getting plastic surgery. Whether the cause is Dr. Maki or his subordinates, the number of problems here is too high to consider it a safe option. 

2.8Expert Score

The surgeons at the Los Angeles Center for Cosmetic Surgery have botched too many procedures and it seems they don’t take any responsibility for their mistakes as well.

  • None
  • Extremely rude behavior
  • Don't follow COVID-19 precautions
  • Horrible communication
  • No regard for clients

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  1. Avoid these scammers and search for a better and more experienced doctor for your treatment, I would suggest you not take any medical assistance from these doctors.

  2. Most plastic surgeons are still learning and are practicing it on their patients, which is the most dangerous thing it is nightmare for the client if he could get to know that his doctor isn’t experienced and cause some issues, FUC#.

  3. There are several other better options in the market for upgrading their skills and services for better customer service, their main focus is on making their customers satisfied with their work. This will give a sense of satisfaction after investing your time and money with them, the most important thing is that the treatment should be perfect and results should be visible.

  4. If you want to accumulate a collection of bad memories and experiences then yes you can grab the opportunity after visiting Los Angeles Center for cosmetic surgery, various people are wasting their money behind these misleading doctors and clinics.

  5. Most of their reviews are reflecting their negative aspects and unsatisfied clients, so I will never be visiting this place for wasting my money and regret.

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