Jack Fallon- Is He an MLM Scammer? The Truth Exposed (New Update 2023)

Jack Fallon MLM
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Jack Fallon has received allegations of being an MLM scammer. Find out if they are true in this review.
jack fallon
Jack Fallon

Jack Fallon is the founder and CEO of the health and wellness firm Total Life Changes, a multinational direct-selling business with offices across more than 15 nations. Total Life Changes is situated in Michigan. With the help of network marketing, Jack Fallon was able to augment his income and pay for the building of his family’s first home. 

He introduced Total Life Changes in 1999, along with its initial item, NutraBurst, which is now a top-selling product worldwide. After opening in Latin America in 2010, Total Life Changes quickly expanded internationally, expanding by 50% yearly through 2013. 

Jack Fallon: Total Life Changes Review

Total Life Changes is an MLM business with a focus on nutrition and skincare. Jack Fallon is its CEO and developer.

Although Total Life Changes is said to have debuted in 1999, the company’s current branding doesn’t seem to have been introduced until the start of the previous year. Before then, SeAcai, which was marketed as a “division” of the company, served as Total Life Changes’ main marketing outlet.

The company’s choice to rebrand as Total Life Changes appears to be a part of a plan to broaden the selection of items it provides.

Since I couldn’t find Jack Fallon‘s involvement in any MLM groups before founding Total Life Changes, I’m wondering if he had any prior MLM experience.

Continue reading for a detailed study of the Total Life Changes MLM business opportunity.


  • Ojos – “reduce dark circles around the eyes”
  • Pomica – skin detox and cleanser
  • Sol – repair cream that “helps protect skin stem cells from damage”
  • Luna – anti-aging cream
  • Iaso Oil – wrinkle and fine line treatment


  • Techui – “100% Pure” Spirulina (cyanobacteria) powder
  • Cafe Black – “world-class gourmet coffee”
  • Cafe Delgada – Ganoderma mushroom-infused coffee
  • Tea – Iaso branded tea that “detoxifies and helps you lose weight”
  • Latin Style Coffee – instant “gourmet style” Latin coffee
  • Nutra Burst – multi-vitamin with added minerals
  • NRG – an “all-natural energy formula”
  • Gano – “pure 100%” Ganoderma lucidum extract
8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Jack Fallon has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Prepare a Compensation Plan for Major Life Changes

Retail, recurring binary commissions, a bonus for matching checks, a car bonus, and “corporate expenses account” incentives are available to affiliates who sign up under Total Life Changes’ compensation scheme.

Commission History

An associate must maintain a minimum $40 auto-ship each month to be compensated.

Buying Commissions

Total Life Changes offers a 50% retail commission on all of its products. A 25% increase in Product Volume (PV) is given to the stronger leg of an affiliate’s binary compensation system, and PV is then added.

Quick Bonus

To join Total Life Changes, an associate must spend a minimum of $40 on merchandise. With binary commissions receiving 25% of the PV earned on the order, the recruiting affiliate receives a 50% Fast Start Bonus.

Binary Commissions That Recur

The remaining commissions are distributed by Total Life Changes using a binary compensation system. An affiliate holds the top position in a binary compensation scheme, which is followed by the following two positions:


These two occupations form the basis of two teams, and an affiliate is paid based on the combined group volume (GV) of the output from both teams.

After a paying month, an affiliate gets paid out on the team that generated the least amount of volume (the “pay leg”). Volume from the opposite leg is carried over to the following month.

The percentage of GV generated that an affiliate receives about the size of their pay leg is influenced by the following factors:

recruit 2 affiliates (mandatory to qualify) – 10%generate 1000 GV in the pay leg – 12%generate 5000 GV in the pay leg – 14%generate 10,000 GV in the pay leg – 17%generate 20,000 GV in the pay leg – 20%

Matching Binary Commissions

For each new affiliate that they sign up for, the company gives Total Life Changes affiliates a 50% matching bonus on their binary profits.

“Up to 50%” is also paid out on level 2 recruitment (affiliates recruited by personally recruited affiliates).

Keeping track of business expenses

What Total Life Changes refers to as a “Corporate Expenses Account” is allegedly available to its affiliates. The company does not clarify how the account is paid, only that affiliates can “earn up to $1,000” to spend as they like.

Auto Bonus

Again, Total Life Changes doesn’t specify how affiliates fulfill the conditions for the Car Bonus; it only says that they “can earn up to $1500” with it.

Similar to the Corporate Expenses Account, the Car Bonus appears to be a cash payout that affiliates are free to spend any way they see fit.

Being a member of Total Life Changes

To become an affiliate of Total Life Changes, you must spend a minimum of $40 on merchandise. The company considers any consumer who purchases at least $40 to be an affiliate.

To increase their binary commission rate, affiliates can get “Leadership Packs” from Total Life Changes:

Leadership Pack 1 – $199 (an additional 5% on binary commissions for 2 months)
Leadership Pack 2 – $499 (an additional 5% on binary commissions for 4 months)
Leadership Pack 3 – $999 (an additional 5% on binary commissions for 6 months)


By making every retail customer who spends $40 or more on items into an affiliate, Total Life Changes successfully eliminates retail from its business model.

Even if a customer only pays $40, retail is still viable, but limiting how much money your customers can spend isn’t particularly profitable.

It is clear from the affiliate perspective that the Total Life Changes compensation plan’s business model is to enroll new affiliates for a monthly auto-ship and then attract further affiliates.

The minimum $40 monthly purchase requirement for commission eligibility and the conversion of any customer who spends more than $40 into an affiliate serve as examples of this.

The counterargument to this is that while an affiliate can continue to be a retail customer by choosing not to recruit them, it is evident that customers who spend more than $40 are no longer affiliates once they have access to the incentive plan and the chance to do so.

At the $40 monthly expenditure threshold, nothing distinguishes customers from affiliates.

This makes it challenging for the company to estimate retail revenue. It also alters how affiliates advertise the company, with a definite preference for affiliate recruitment over retail sales.

The problem is made worse by the Fast Start Bonus that is given on Total Life Changes’ Leadership Packs.

An affiliate can locate new affiliates using these Leadership Packs and pay a commission ($50, $125, or $250) on the hiring of new affiliates.

As a result, Total Life Changes is classified as a shady recruitment operation. Even though the Leadership Packs are essentially just product samples, I use the word “gray” because new affiliates who are just starting in the industry are buying them.

Affiliates receiving compensation for bringing in new affiliates is a significant red flag in MLM.

An additional one is the Leadership Packs’ commission rate incentive. The amount an affiliate pays when they sign up as an affiliate determines the affiliate’s commission rate. 

This is problematic since it is unclear whether an affiliate is charging more because the product is of higher quality or because they wish to increase their income.

Overall, two danger indicators with the Total Life Changes are too enormous to ignore: the recruitment commissions paid out on the Leadership Packs and the lack of distinction between retail customers and affiliates at the >$40 order level.

If the company’s revenue flow were split down, I have a sneaking suspicion that there would be very little retail and a lot of affiliates that were also paying other affiliates.

If you’re thinking about becoming an affiliate, ask if you are possible upline how many retail customers they have in comparison to affiliates.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

If there are no retail customers or if the sales revenue they generate is astronomically low in comparison to that of affiliates who have been recruited, Total Life Changes is undoubtedly an opportunity you’re going to want to approach with great caution.

Jack Fallon: Crypto NFT problem concerning TLC Coin from Total Life Changes

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but Jack Fallon, the founder, and CEO of Total Life Changes, considered himself to be a crypto bro earlier this year. This will most likely happen in late 2021.

gv2fpyRi3FSAKOCI4lrPXDZG4sHukUwkX3OZ zkQp8P8oIDsXlqD3gUXLK8sNWp6vfgR9uq7EKBXvq7ooNtU7BZ Gi zZloBdDFtCoj0yoAt99dwfDByh91FS UF6kGD Nmqb9QTDQth8P7ufiZ8oYU

Total Life Changes advertised a position for an “NFT/ Crypto Specialist” to perform that:

7ydTvZRACI2zpYy0Gvu1dr0QDpPzqnPQ4dHlZzw ecKoiMqwX44DVwCBzUarFZHlb U8PriFepARFD6FY 10k1uhjG55OI5CIR9kwh0tY2iOSBSk q5a1GOj 1E C0P4QL OniMgghTDkTf4y0rPqBc

Then, on February 10th, TLC Coin was made available to distributors that weren’t ready:

Dvut94Z72b8qGA6aJwGyneaOVCdtXIgKA39TRkKNcwLCHGFykke010Tn8ypVVXB 9EEW6Um0UPNVOh0wtMM2gNYNdxGyQI4DU9Arp6dy B1CR8 QReJXZS5doP9WWsVudvWSvW1Et3JmoI8po MVW4

Jack Fallon appears to have become somewhat disoriented in the crypto marketing maze.

Total Life Changes referred to TLC Coin as “more than crypto”;

oOKEm3H4 SyJ8 BPjwNiT9WnQ5mLnekgh81VdodqiZFuweatQbi0xdP28uW8M6Sk29eSa5egJfHZOrvI5cngMCwgH06IJHuzQpdDTTBIst 9S8oYZAz9tbjqaMgyZIM811hf9OTFig98Y5bl5LNI eU

Another MLM cryptocurrency money-grab is TLC Coin.

Total Life Changes launched TLC Coin in February 2022.

o5InpRW7XdGIeSt 5rEBe7O2CWb1Nj2XX80FhhDuHD06pKq90AfUHFaaN7R 6UhqbftNBHCKBskoZ IxE k Xqt00w49De1yoDpl

TLC Coin is believed to be a BEP-20 shitcoin. It costs little money and simply takes a little while to set these up.

Total Life Changes lures in investors by promising them “ongoing rewards such as all-expenses-paid vacations, the latest electronics, jewelry, and more!”

The conventional “monthly rewards” securities fraud covered that. To be eligible, distributors have to invest a minimum of 10,000 TLC Coins.

The investment of new clients helped to fund the withdrawal of TLC Coin:

TLC’s marketing budget will include money for attracting new customers.
When TLC buys the TLC tokens with 50% of ALL net income generated by these new clients, they will either be burned or returned to the most loyal members of the community.

The initial plan was to rob Total Life Changes distributors of every last dollar, after which TLC Coin was made available to the entire public.

But a bad thing happened: TLC Coin was discontinued before the end of March 2022.

Instead of operating its TLC Coin phishing scheme there, Total Life Changes directed distributor investors to a Telegram group.

Telegram groups are frequently linked to cryptocurrency scams.

Total Life Changes scheduled an “NFT Party” for February 17 in Las Vegas in response to the initial statement.

I was unable to find any video of this incident, thus I am unable to confirm whether it happened.


I do know that the NFT collection effort for Total Life Changes was a complete failure.

Las Vegas was supposed to host the first stop on Total Life Changes’ purported “world tour” of NFT grift events.

This came with an NFT compilation named “Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas”.

0UHdC4KIopT6TwxnUvUlVgRWju8I15iKXawvZXUl2 zw4g0nAoeRRPH1NV1qO3tMyOUeFQ6VoDK2BOZmzM44wa2p5JPfJp0jn2X YllBusDIiRQN3pHQLg8B iN8NyJityoo0jFDY8iQ iG9aX9SNvo
With this Total Life Changes GRVTY World Tour #1: Las Vegas gift NFT, you can join our Thursday Night NFT Party on February 17, 2022, and all present and future holders will have the first crack at any new releases!

33 TLC “World Tour” NFTs were distributed to bagholders.

“Core Value #2: Passion Is Our Fuel” (7 sales out of 100), which was published in late 2021, is one of the other NFTs Total Life Changes attempted to flog.

TceJqC0FAyxh8ou5HCLjVirn8I29ihIQhQtMX nlAGuG7Fz2H5LVE2lFej2XLQoJIO bajKJwP30YtHZ3DSkbpgYJZbawm1ntcG mjaXt282kFEPjdDyeN7J GK U7JrUWcIujjziUHRBn4P4ESMrCE

“Rare The Notorious B.I.G. & Jack Fallon” hasn’t been bought yet.

nx9DndVuvkTp7bqpjI6ibSGAfHw6VouJce bx 4O9lmtzb7KjclIGu00 Rs5sFpp6ZjI88tlDaI5Fjs fZLEHucaQRlNi6ejwuDc Kz0fPv8AK2huSQAxsbu21DjLORpcU5kMIf
One of the biggest fans of Biggie Small is Jack Fallon, who shares the same birthday with him! The skillful Jimi This NFT was developed by the Vth of TLC’s AVTEAM. It is recognizable.

Our first key value is that We Are Always Hungry For More. Of the 1000 NFTs produced, 20 were sold.

buWjjN83FiOexNqDu7oY54DW3LtEQjrqA8wX3a1F7wlEsDlfUbwkmsITtaCCTezFrRX5xND5eLgtbuGBgD9SzMAI7xFSUx5QWy9zXXake lVF cEFFJM r 7IWwa0V 8k obNuMJqrrtIkDorjRQmLA

The “8 Bit Arcade” (6 of the 50 NFTs offered) also includes:

9zcq I2c5GcW68IvqTpbpMKPSPH4k9xK99xphg9kFT0CKKeBrgVlDdiNR3ItTwJbT4Bv4hLoozzmsmqvV o

TLC Coin’s official Twitter account was deactivated on February 11th:

fhQ8cmkN3KtcKcXNfgG 0k9fsXEwaQbiRt0jUa4tY In gWabdW5jp3sC CO50UdfKl24w2Z I lV6mLicXwUxi9X6Uc 4m2MEcPdcWGd4nQuP1mf3m cr fM7rBowWa7Dl2hRPOtdWFbP1ocgEgNlY
Jack Fallon on Twitter (Source)

Total Life Changes acquired the domain name (“tlccoin.io”) in October 2021. I don’t think it was ever really used.

Around the middle of March, Total Life Changes started offering NFTs as a component of a product package:

sUpzNdtqTMGCBlLj4g9gkl4yywcBqdIMuweVNH LT4HQcqeTrQ7m7Wa4kelqxnHphRQzYHQ7ImwDnIhZ9AweU0Zfm5yJE255NVViMSjw56ILHkfH8TDF5fvcwFYJa AmiNA6ZjltCbO3P7g
Jack Fallon’s TLC promoting itself

Total Life Changes’ most recent message was posted on March 5 to the TLC Coin Telegram group.

uqcq4Fg2N7I tAeV1p6Vw9kvBd5A1 i 4DigdAIYtlo7gkgYCBhcam Nv2QAbPozA wQSsDcjdAtYz6sUnOfFWP UImCTZbWfyh8pVOf52WBGHDk2g4F0MUHAK14KZnly1Xv7ewuDM1XPi0NM7uUNos
Jack Fallon’s TLC might be an exit scam

The post, which at first appeared to be a warning about an exit fraud, has since been taken down.

After the March 2022 departure hoax, Total Life Changes never again mentioned cryptocurrencies or NFTs on their website or social media pages.

The precise sum that Total Life Changes distributors were charged as a result of Jack Fallon‘s crypto-bro grift remains unknown.

Total Life Changes is one MLM company with a US base that has not seen a cryptocurrency meltdown this year.

In April, Tranont unveiled a “TranontCoin” investing strategy:

GJHrIOSfRkOeue92ofhwG1Zep7nVVKtzS6LGGiIN1LFaZNLSF3HIGrub3tVWKx5Ko9vwN5Po KTGyHAZ96VkVZ9DNGsRPmep344Xk2 ftND UCtKLiY2MSvvSzruBmXeShK

Tranont projected that TranontCoin would launch in June 2022.

As the first company of its kind, Tranont will use Bitcoin to generate income and reward behaviors that advance the company, including ordering a subscription regularly, attending events, and more.
More information on Tranont Coin will be made public in June 2022.

Following the announcement of the debut in April 2022, Tranont stopped referencing TranontCoin.

Jack Fallon Review: Summary

Do you think Jack Fallon is a scammer? Or do you think he is a reliable marketer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jack Fallon- Is He an MLM Scammer? The Truth Exposed (New Update 2023)
Jack Fallon- Is He an MLM Scammer? The Truth Exposed (New Update 2023)

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