StableOpinion: MLM Scam You Must Avoid At All Costs

Sam Lee, StableOpinion’s executive chairman, and CEO, also known as Xue Lee and Samuel Lee, was a co-founder of the infamous HyperTech Ponzi schemes. HyperCash, HyperCapital, HyperFund, and Hyperverse are a few examples. StableDAO emerged last year as a continuation of Sam Lee’s Ponzi scheme.

StableDAO is a crypto asset based on the value of several other crypto assets in the StableDAO treasury, including tangible assets, one of which is agricultural land. It is not a well-known type of stablecoin like USDT or the like.


Sam Lee first became involved with Bitcoin as the Director of Millennium Pty Ltd; following that, he co-founded Bitcoins Reserve, a BVI entity with a Hong Kong office that operates the world’s first arbitrage fund focused on the cryptocurrency asset class.


He fled to Dubai in 2021, believing himself to be an Australian national. Lee went underground after the HyperFund collapsed in late 2021. The Hyperverse only lasted a few months, and Lee was largely absent then. Lee needed two Hyperverse successors, HyperOne and HyperCash.

Photos of Lee meeting with top HyperTech promoters in Dubai surfaced in mid-2022. This eventually led to the launch of StableDAO in October 2022. As part of StableDAO, a Ponzi scheme in and of itself, we now have StableOpinion.

StableOpinion’s Products

StableOpinion has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market StableOpinion affiliate membership itself.

StableOpinion’s Compensation Plan

StableOpinion affiliates invest $100 to $1000 on the promise of advertised returns.

Basic$100 Weekly $4 Till $200200%
Standard$300Weekly $15 Till $900300%
Elite$500Weekly $30 Till $2000400% 
Premium$1000Weekly $75 Till $5000500% 

StableDao also offers bulk investment options, increasing the amount that can be invested at once up to $43,000.

Basic$100 Weekly $4 Till $200
Standard$300Weekly $15 Till $900
Elite$500Weekly $30 Till $2000
Premium$1000Weekly $75 Till $5000

StableOpinion affiliates must complete surveys to receive the full ROI each week. The bulk investment options increase the number of surveys that must be completed. StableOpinion’s MLM side pays for the recruitment of affiliate investors.

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StableOpinion Affiliate Ranks

There are ten affiliate ranks within their compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

RankRecruit AffiliateGenerate 
Rank 1One $300 Each Month
Rank 2Three$1500 Each Month
Rank 3Four$3000 Each Month
Rank 4Five$5000 Each Month 
Rank 5Six $25,000 Each Month
Rank 6Seven$50,000 Each Month
Rank 7Ten$100,000 Each Month
Rank 8Twelve$250,000 Each Month
Rank 9Thirteen$500,000 Each Month
Rank 10Fifteen$1,000,000 Each Month

To qualify for a rank, recruited affiliates must have active StableOpinion investments.

Referral Commissions

Their affiliates must maintain a personally recruited affiliate investment volume equal to 300% of their investments to qualify for referral commissions. StableOpinion pays affiliates a commission on their initial investments.

Personal recruitment efforts determine direct referral commission rates:

Affiliate RecruitedReferral Commission Rate

StableOpinion also pays referral commissions via a unilevel compensation structure. In a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is placed at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly beneath them (level 1):

If any level 1 affiliate recruits new affiliates, they are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on, down an infinite number of groups. Referral commissions are capped at four unilevel team levels at StableOpinion.


StableOpinion is a blockchain-based version of the previous SpeakAsia Ponzi scheme. Affiliates paid $120 or $240 for “panelist” positions when Speak Asia launched in late 2010.

Speak Asia investment positions pay $240 per week. SpeakAsia affiliates had to complete surveys to be eligible for returns.

It’s the same Ponzi scheme that StableOpinion is recycling after eleven years. There are many StableDAO and StableOpinion promoters in India. We wouldn’t be surprised if repurposing Speak Asia’s Ponzi scheme was the brainchild of a former top promoter still swindling in StableDAO. When affiliate recruitment dries up, new investments will be made, as with all MLM Ponzi schemes. It will deprive StableOpinion of ROI revenue, resulting in the company’s demise.

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