Jim Bisenius: Was He Under Arrest? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Jim Bisenius
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Jim Bisenius has received allegations of engaging in criminal activities. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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Nine individuals including Jim Bisenius were apprehended by law enforcement officials in Tigard City during a recent operation targeting prostitution activities. Based on a report by Fenit Nirappil published in The Oregonian, law enforcement authorities utilized online advertisements offering remuneration for sexual services. 

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Subsequently, covert officers, upon responding to these adverts, orchestrated rendezvous at a local hotel, culminating in the apprehension of male individuals involved. 

One of the individuals apprehended was Jim Bisenius, a 62-year-old fund-of-funds manager overseeing Common Sense Investment Management, a firm based in Portland with an estimated value of $4 billion. 

According to a study by Matthew Kish from the Portland Business Journal, Common Sense Investment Management & its founder, Jim Bisenius, maintain a discreet public presence. 

The company’s website consists solely of a single webpage, and its physical location is situated within an unremarkable office park in the southwestern region of Portland. Jim Bisenius, as an individual, resides in Sherwood and does not make appearances on social pages or have a role in overseeing gallery presentations. 

The firm has received limited media coverage, with a scarcity of news references, and a notable lack of awareness among local financial professionals.

Nevertheless, an online investigation yields additional information regarding Jim Bisenius. Based on the data provided by FollowTheMoney.org, it can be observed that Jim Bisenius made a contribution of $22,000 towards the endorsement of Measure 36 in 2004. 

This campaign aimed to establish a constitutional definition of marriage in Oregon, specifically recognizing it as a legal union exclusively between a single man and a single woman. 

According to available documents, it is evident that the Jim Bisenius family possesses ownership of two agricultural properties, namely the Antone Ranch located in Mitchell, Oregon, and the Bizzy B Seven situated in Sherwood, Oregon. 

Jim Bisenius and his spouse, Janet, received recognition from Oregon Wild, a company dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of Oregon’s natural landscapes and fauna, for their contribution to the “public lands sector” in the financial year 2010.

Statement from Common Sense Investment Management’s President, Dean Derrah:

Common Sense Investment Management has repeatedly delivered better risk-adjusted profits for customers and investors over a period exceeding two decades. The achievement of CSIM may be ascribed to the diligent efforts and unwavering commitment of our financial team, rather than being reliant on any singular person. 

It is imperative to emphasize that the past private misconduct of Jim Bisenius shouldn’t be construed as a reflection of the great experts at CSIM or the exceptionally high standards of portfolio administration that we uphold.

Moving ahead, the partners of the business have collectively determined that Jim Bisenius will retain his positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, to treat his recent affair as a personal concern. 

The investment committee, comprising the President, four Portfolio Managers, the Director of Operational Due Diligence, the Director of Risk Management, as well as the author, will maintain its responsibility for overseeing the investing process and making choices. 

The leadership team will retain exclusive authority over all decision-making processes. Our organization is dedicated to maintaining the positive trajectory of CSIM’s accomplished 22-year history and creating value for our stakeholders.

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Head of $3 Billion Hedge Fund Arrested in Prostitution Sting; Jim Bisenius

interview on Jim Bisenius, CSIM.

Jim Bisenius, the individual responsible for establishing Common Sense Investment Management, a hedge fund boasting assets above $3.2 billion, was arrested by the Tigard Police Department in Oregon. 

The allegations against him pertain to an alleged act of solicitation involving a prostitute. The arrest took place, as a result of a law enforcement operation targeting prostitution in Tigard. This operation resulted in the arrests of eight more people.

Common Sense Investment Management functions as a fund of funds and was established in the city of Portland in the year 1991. In accordance with a report from The University of Toledo Foundation, the Common Sense Long Biased Offshore fund achieved an 8.3 percent gain, surpassing the 5.3 percent enhancement of the InvestHedge Composite Index. 

This was despite a decline in resources under leadership from $4.2 billion in 2011 to $3.9 billion in the year prior.

In keeping with InvestHedge’s ranking, as of December 31st, the hedge fund was positioned as the 46th biggest fund of all time on a global scale. Blackstone Alternative Asset Management claimed the first position with controlled funds totaling $44.81 billion.

The funds managed by Common Sense Investment Management have attracted noteworthy investors, such as the Cincinnati Retirement System, the Oklahoma Municipal Employees Retirement Fund, the Fresno Country Employees Retirement Association, and the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, as uncovered in a study conducted by The Portland Business Journal in the previous spring.

The Oklahoma Municipal Employees Retirement Fund, an investor affiliated with Common Sense, has decided to withdraw its initial investment of around $30 million. 

Nevertheless, Cindy Shattuck, the pension fund’s director & CEO, stated that the choice was purportedly unconnected to Bisenius’ arrest. The additional pension funds affiliated with Common Sense have yet to provide a response to inquiries for commentary.

Jim Bisenius was caught by the Tigard police as a result of a sting operation that targeted advertisements on the internet promoting prostitute services. 

In accordance with a police spokesperson, the apprehensions took place at a nearby hotel, with the intention of conveying a forceful warning against such behaviors inside the Tigard region.

The hedge fund’s nomenclature, “Common Sense,” assumes an ironic connotation given the subsequent arrest of its founder on charges related to purported engagement in prostitution. 

Currently, an official statement from Common Sense Investment Management has not been made available, as well as direct communication with Jim Bisenius is still unavailable.

Update: According to a report by Julia La Roche from Business Insider, the statement provided by Common Sense has been acknowledged.

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Defamations: Jim Bisenius 

  • In this defamation, it is stated that approximately five months subsequent to his apprehension in a law enforcement operation targeting prostitutes, Jim Bisenius, the founder of Common Sense Investment Management, has disbursed “generous” severance payments to the staff members of the company amidst its contraction.
  • In another defamation letter, Jim Bisenius claims that he has yet to make a determination regarding the transformation of Common Sense Investment Management into a family business. The firm has experienced a notable decrease in its assets, nevertheless, it remains actively engaged in the management of external money through two distinct funds. The narrative has been revised.
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Who is Jim Bisenius?

Jim Bisenius, the founder of Common Sense Investment Management, which is also known as CSIM, a company established in Portland in 1991, was apprehended alongside 8 other individuals during a law enforcement operation targeting prostitution in Tigard. 

To acquire further information on him, it is recommended to access the provided link: Jim Bisenius 


A law enforcement operation was conducted in Tigard City with the objective of addressing prostitution operations. As a result of this operation, 9 people were apprehended, one of them was Jim Bisenius. 

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Mr. Jim Bisenius, aged 62, holds the position of fund-of-funds manager at Common Sense Investment Management. The operation encompassed the utilization of online ads that provided compensation for sex services, plus covert law enforcement agents orchestrated rendezvous at a nearby hotel, resulting in the apprehension of individuals engaged.

Notwithstanding the substantial valuation of $4 billion attributed to Common Sense Investment Management, both the company and its creator, Jim Bisenius, maintain a discreet public presence. 

The website for the business has a straightforward design, while its office is situated in the southwestern area of Portland. This geographical location has resulted in a dearth of media attention and restricted recognition amongst financial experts in the local community.

Jim Bisenius: Was He Under Arrest? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Jim Bisenius: Was He Under Arrest? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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