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Salomon Bendayan: Is He Arrested in $100M Money Laundering Scam? The Truth Exposed!

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Salomon Bendayan has received serious allegations of running money-laundering schemes. Find out more in this Gripeo review.
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Miami Police arrested Salomon Bendayan and his accomplice for a money laundering scheme worth $100 million. 

The economic crisis in Venezuela, caused by a significant downhill in oil expenses, has resulted in a scarcity of foreign currency, particularly US dollars, which is vital for the country. 

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The situation has led to a nearly three percent economic contraction and a high inflation rate of over sixty percent. In response to these financial challenges, the Venezuelan government has increased the business rate of the Bolivar, the country’s currency, from roughly 4.20 Bolivar per US buck to the current lawful rate of 6.29-1. 

However, the black-market exchange rate is much higher than the lawful acceleration as US dollars are becoming increasingly valuable for purchasing essential goods like meals and treatment, which are not produced in Venezuela. 

These crucial goods make up around 70% of all outcomes from another country. The difference between the official business rate and the black-market acceleration can be as high as 1000%, with one US dollar being exchanged for close to 300 Bolivars.

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According to the report published by Michael B. Cohen Law Firm, it is said that the unique situation has allowed drug cartels to profit by smuggling important goods, such as gasoline oil, medicines from another country, and meals, to Colombia. 

These products are then traded for drugs and dollars are brought back to Venezuela and sold at significant profits. The profits from these illegal products have funded the enhancement of paramilitary things and groups that now control large areas along the Venezuelan-Colombian border. 

Nevertheless, taking advantage of this situation, Venezuelan-Austrian, Martin Lustgarden Acherman based in Miami-Dade County, allegedly created a scheme to launder drug earnings. 

Under the guise of running an organization that would lend the profit to Venezuelan businesses for trade with US companies, Salomon Bendayan is accused of flying drug gains out of Colombia. 

It was routing them via his bank details opened in South Florida and many other locations, and then exchanging the budgets for local cash in Venezuela after flying the laundered money back to the country.

The current brutality in Caracas and another prominent city, coupled with the tumbled economy, left store shelves empty. American cash has become highly valuable on the black market, providing a lifeline for local organizations to manipulate commerce beyond the country.

Salomon Bendayan was arrested by the police in Miami, along with Acherman & Rama Krishna Kuchibhotla, on charges of using his bank accounts to achieve $100 million in drug gains from Colombia heretofore into Venezuela. 

Federal prosecutors claim that Salomon Bendayan orchestrated an international plan to drag US bucks on behalf of drug cartels & paramilitary institutions in Colombia. 

lawsuit filed against Salomon Bendayan.

They argue that he takes advantage of the unique situation in Venezuela and has made a business out of acquiring and distributing US dollars in places where they are scarce, such as Venezuela.

Salomon Bendayan is facing charges of money laundering, conspiracy, and obstruction and is currently being held pending further action. His lawyer has refuted some of the government’s claims but has not provided further comment.

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Money laundering is a serious federal crime that carries hefty fines and penalties, as well as lengthy prison sentences upon conviction. 

For example, with almost forty years of experience in the legal field, including prosecuting cases as an Assistant United States Attorney, and fifteen years practicing as a criminal defense attorney in South Florida, my law office is dedicated to defending against all federal criminal charges. We are the right choice for individuals accused by the federal government. 

Case Study

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The legal proceedings the question involved a case titled USA v. Acherman, Martin Lustgarten Acherman, Salomon Bendayan, Salo, and Andres Uricoechea-Williamson. 

This case unfolded within the jurisdiction of the United States District Court of Massachusetts, and it falls under the category of a criminal lawsuit, as categorized by Judicial Publications. 

If you want to learn more about this money laundering case involving Acherman, Salomon Bendayan, and many more criminals, you may find out with the help of the link: Salomon

Case Detail: Salomon Bendayan

Introduction and Background Facts 

The investigation into the money laundering of drug proceeds in the Massachusetts District has led federal agents in Boston to seize multiple bank accounts known as the “Rosemont” accounts. 

These accounts were spread across Miami, Florida in the Southern District of Florida, as well as overseas, and not located within the Massachusetts District.

The investigation specifically targeted individuals such as Martin Lustgarten-Acherman and Salomon Bendayan. Lustgarten-Acherman collaborated with the government during the investigation and claimed to be operating a legitimate international purchase finance business. 

He stated that he carefully monitored his business partners and the source of their funds. Lustgarten-Acherman also mentioned that Bendayan was a legitimate international businessman, to the best of his knowledge. 

Additionally, Lustgarten-Acherman revealed that some individuals he spoke about with the government were involved in illegal transactions.

Throughout the investigation, there has been an overlap in the discovery process of the two cases. As part of the Miami Agents’ investigation, government attorneys prosecuting the case in Massachusetts have disclosed investigatory reports created by the Miami Agents during discovery. 


The Court orders the Clerk of the District of Massachusetts to transfer the Superseding Indictment and an officially certified copy of the case file to the Southern District of Florida promptly.

The Court suggests pursuing coordination if necessary and by the Southern District of Florida’s rules and procedures.

What is Money Laundering? 

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Money laundering refers to the illicit method of disguising substantial sums of money procured from unlawful activities. 

The money derived from such criminal endeavors is often referred to as “dirty money,” and the process of money laundering aims to “cleanse” it.

Money laundering is a grave offense used by individuals involved in high-level economic crimes and everyday criminals. 

The primary objective of money laundering is to conceal the origin, ownership, and destination of illicitly gained funds. 

By doing so, criminals like Salomon Bendayan aim to distance themselves from their unlawful activities and ensure that the assets they have obtained will be presumed legitimate. But this never happened. 

Ultimately, effective anti-money laundering measures are crucial in safeguarding the integrity of the global financial system and maintaining trust among institutions and individuals alike.

Final Thoughts 

Therefore, committing money laundering is a serious federal offense that can lead to harsh consequences such as hefty fines, severe penalties, and long-term imprisonment. 

For instance, I have extensive experience working as an Assistant United States Attorney in the legal field for nearly forty years. 

For the past fifteen years, I have been practicing as a criminal defense attorney in South Florida. My law office is committed to defending individuals against all federal criminal charges and is the ideal choice for anyone facing accusations made by the federal government. 

Salomon Bendayan: Is He Arrested in $100M Money Laundering Scam? The Truth Exposed!
Salomon Bendayan: Is He Arrested in $100M Money Laundering Scam? The Truth Exposed!

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  1. The US officials were unable to accuse the actual; criminals who are part of these money laundering cases.

  2. The regulatory authority needs to upgrade itself to take strict actions against these types of scams and illegal activities.

  3. It’s ridiculous how simply Salmon smuggling the goods across the border.

  4. Why these serious offenses were never came into the limelight?

  5. The basic problem is that Americans never accept that their country’s huge population is in an illegal supply of drugs and money laundering.

  6. There should be strict anti-money-laundering cases that must be formed in order to manage these types of disputes.

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