Karim Allana: Is He a Criminal?

Karim Allana and ABB are now involved in a legal battle with the San Mateo Community College District. Let us now investigate the truth in our story:
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Karim Allana and ABB are now involved in a legal battle with the San Mateo Community College District. Let us now investigate the truth in our story:

According to a letter that was sent to the regulating board of the San Mateo Community College District on Tuesday, April 20, 2023, the chief executive officer of a company based in Palo Alto is denying the allegations that his company showered executives of the San Mateo Community College District with expensive gifts and vacations in exchange for a lucrative contract.

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The letter also states that the chief executive officer is refuting the allegations in a letter that was written on Tuesday, April 20, 2023. But before we get to it, there are certain things about Karim Allana that we need to find out.

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Karim Allana: A Brief Overview

Karim P. Allana is the CEO and Senior Principal of Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB), which is one of the leading Architectural Engineering companies specializing in Architectural Envelope and Sustainable Construction for new construction and restoration projects. 

Karim Allana Buick & Bers, Inc. (ABB) is one of the leading Architectural Engineering firms. Although Karim Allana and the firm he works for, Allana Buick & Bers (ABB), have an amazing set of qualifications and a solid track record, there are some possible negative issues that should be considered, including the following:

Karim Allana and ABB are now entangled in a legal battle with the San Mateo Community College District over claims of unlawful gifts and advantages in exchange for contracts. The San Mateo Community College District has accused Karim Allana and ABB of giving illegal gifts and benefits in exchange for contracts. This legal problem has the potential to cast doubt on the integrity of the organization as well as the techniques it employs.

Both Karim Allana and ABB might have their reputations damaged as a result of the litigation due to the charges made in the court proceeding and the negative publicity that followed. This blemish on the company’s image has the potential to have long-term repercussions for the business’s capacity to bring in new customers and win new contracts.

The charges that the corporation sent gifts to affect contract choices raise ethical questions about the business practices of the organization, which may possibly erode confidence among the company’s customers and partners.

Legal problems and claims may bring the focus of regulatory bodies, which may then lead to investigations and even monetary fines or penalties.

Legal conflicts and the degradation of the company’s brand can lead to financial losses, which in turn can have an effect on ABB’s financial performance and its ability to remain sustainable.

Defending oneself in court and responding to unfavorable press may be a time-consuming and tedious process that pulls attention and resources away from the company’s primary economic activities.

The legal disputes have the potential to strain relationships with customers, business partners, and other stakeholders, which may ultimately result in a decline in trust and cooperation.

Legal concerns have the potential to create a large amount of uncertainty in the operations of the organization, which can have an impact on making choices and long-term planning.

The cost of defending oneself against legal charges might be prohibitive, necessitating the use of resources that would otherwise be available for the growth of the firm.

ABB might lose contracts as a direct result of the poor press and legal challenges, or potential clients could become reluctant to work with the company as a result of these problems.

It is essential to be aware of the fact that these unfavorable aspects are founded on the particular claims and the legal circumstances that are specified in the original documents. Disputes between parties in a legal system are notoriously difficult affairs, which frequently need drawn-out legal actions to decide who is right.

I have also done some research on his social ties, which are as follows:

Karim Allana: Allegations against His Firm

One of the key defendants identified in a billion-dollar fraud case brought by the San Mateo County Community College District has responded by sending a letter to the district. In the letter, the defendant accuses the district of fighting the political struggle of one trustee and of mischaracterizing his connection with former Chancellor Ron Galatolo.

According to the complaint filed by the district, Karim Allana is accused of lavishing Galatolo and Nuez with presents and looks to have a strong connection with the district officials. This is alleged to have occurred while Karim Allana was employed by the district. 

According to the complaint, the three of them went to the Middle East together in 2017, during which time they partied, drank alcohol, and lounged by a pool, as well as took guided tours of Dubai and traveled through Pakistan, where Karim Allana was born and raised. 

According to the filing, district funds were utilized to pay for the trip, which was intended to act as a relationship-building journey with the goal of encouraging new foreign students to transfer to the community college district. The goal of the trip was to encourage prospective international pupils to transfer to the community college district. 

Karim Allana had also paid to improve Galatolo’s airplane seats, but this fact was kept a secret from the district. According to the complaint, Allana also gave Nunez tickets to see the Eagles perform live, planned a trip to attend a wine festival with Galatolo, offered Galatolo free solar project services for his home in Hawaii, and bought a residence near the Eiffel Tower in Paris with Galatolo and other company principals.

In exchange, the lawsuit asserts that Karim Allana, Buick & Bers was given various contracts and familial favors, such as an employment opportunity for Allana’s brother and a letter of reference for the son of a Pakistani official to attend the University of Southern California.

In 2013, Karim Allana, Buick & Bers were given permission to amend a bid that they had submitted for a solar project. On November 21, the opening offer was about $5.5 million, but by the time the bidding was over on December 13, it had dropped to only a little bit more than $4.9 million. After three days, their price was reduced to around $4.5 million, and as a result, they were chosen as the winner. The total amount that was spent on the project came to around $5 million in the end.

image 17

Karim Allana mentioned in the letter he sent to the district that his employment with the district began a decade before his ties with Galatolo or Nuez. This information was included in the letter that Allanna sent to the district. 

He claimed that his company had never overcharged the municipality and that it had been chosen for many projects due to the quality of its work and the quality of its output. According to him, any allegations to the contrary are libelous and might result in legal action being taken against the municipality on behalf of the company.

Concerning his connection with Galatolo and the gifts, Karim Allana stated that the allegations were “designed to be salacious and grasp headlines” and that the charge failed to mention that the previous chancellor repaid Allana in a number of different ways, including covering his hotel expenses and allowing him to use Galatolo’s boat on multiple occasions. 

Karim Allana also stated that the allegations are “created to be salacious and take out headlines.”  Allana also objected to the fact that the district had named his brother and nephew as defendants in the complaint, arguing that this was an unnecessary step that had been made in order to threaten and harass both him and his company. 

He also refuted accusations made by the district that Karim Allana had urged Galatolo to utilize his political contacts to encourage former U.S. Representative Jackie Speier to officiate at his wedding. He stated that Galatolo had volunteered to do so, and even if the allegations were accurate, they would be utterly irrelevant. 

He also refuted claims made by the district that Galatolo had promised to do so. Although Speier is not specifically named in the district’s lawsuit, it does say that petitions for his services at the wedding were denied, but Allana stated that Speier “graciously accepted” the request. 

“There is no basis in law for attacking my wedding or naming members of my family in a lawsuit filed against my company,” the defendant stated. According to the contents of the letter, “This is a community college district, not the Godfather, and public funds should not be wasted fulfilling one trustee’s personal and political retribution.” 

“We are unwilling to be involved in a lawsuit with a longstanding customer with whom we have achieved so much,” said the attorney. “We do not want to waste our time.” This case is certain to end in failure for the same reason that the district attorney, after conducting a vast number of witnesses and an investigation that spanned several years, decided not to take criminal action against either my company or me personally. 

Galatolo is currently the defendant in a criminal case, but the proceedings have been stalled since it is unclear whether or not certain pieces of evidence may be utilized. The defense filed an appeal of a judge’s ruling that upheld the choice of the special master to enable electronic documents that were seized according to the warrant of search to be given over to the prosecution. 

The Court of Appeal rejected the challenge and upheld the judge’s order. Based on the District Attorney’s Office, the Supreme Court of California is now deliberating whether or not it will accept the case for review.

The district attorney has stated that his office will decide on the date of the preliminary hearing on May 16, predicated on the premise that the Supreme Court would have rendered its ruling by that time. The initial hearing was scheduled for February 15 but was eventually postponed. After returning from a trip to Europe for vacation in April of 2022, Galatolo was detained by authorities at San Francisco International Airport. 

The arrest was the culmination of a multiyear investigation that was initiated in 2019 in response to a complaint made by a whistleblower. Canada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College are the three educational institutions that are under the jurisdiction of the district in San Mateo County. Galatolo was appointed chancellor in the year 2001, and he abruptly stepped down from that position in 2019. 

His resignation came in the midst of revelations about the probe, and it came shortly after the district board gave him an honorary title to use while they investigated methods to expand the district’s existing two-year curriculum to a four-year program. After some time, he was fired from his post, which had a yearly salary of $467,000.

What was the response of Karim Allana?

Karim Allana defended his company by writing a letter to the district in which he asserted that the charges were libelous and emphasized the long-standing connection his company has had with the district. He insisted that the selection of ABB for projects was based on their merit and the quality of their work.


In a nutshell, the collected information constitutes an overview of a legal issue that involves Karim Allana, his firm Allana Buick & Bers (ABB), and authorities from the San Mateo Community College District. Concerns have been raised over the relationship that allegedly exists between ABB and the authorities of the district as a result of allegations including gifts, favors, and bid changes. 

Karim Allana refutes the charges, arguing that they lack foundation and are intended to smear her reputation. The legal lawsuit brought against Ron Galatolo, one of the authorities, is also currently continuing. The circumstance highlights the complexity and legal subtleties of the issue, with significant ramifications for all parties involved.

Karim Allana: Is He a Criminal?
Karim Allana: Is He a Criminal?

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  1. I have been involved in reviewing dozens of jobs where ABB came up with a scope of repair and cost of repair and have found their version of reality to be a wild and fraudulent exaggeration of the true conditions.
    People like this need to be taken down by the law to serve as an example to others that would do the same

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