Gregg Jaclin: Accused of Scam and SEC Obstruction in Public Filings (2023)

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Gregg Jaclin: Attorney Disbarred Following Guilty Plea in Securities Fraud Conspiracy

Gregg Jaclin, an attorney from New Jersey, was recently subjected to disbarment due to his complicity in a fraudulent plan designed to deceive shareholders through the establishment of a sequence of fictitious entities. 

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Gregg Jaclin, an individual previously affiliated alongside the legal establishment known as Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader located in Lawrenceville, has entered a plea of culpability with regard to the allegations of engaging in conspiracies & obstructing the administration of law. 

Consequent to the aforementioned allegations, a verdict had been rendered, leading to the imposition of a probationary period of three years upon him. The announcement regarding his ultimate expulsion was made available to everyone. If you want to know about his shell companies’ scam, you may learn from the link: Mr. Gregg 

Case Study

New Jersey Lawyer Accused in Securities Fraud Scheme

The indictment of Gregg Jaclin, a New Jersey citizen & lawyer, was made public today by United States Counsel Brian Stretch & FBI’s Detective in Chief Bennett.  Gregg Jaclin is being charged for his purported involvement in a fraudulent securities conspiracy.  

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Based on the accusation, Gregg Jaclin, in collaboration with another person, engaged in a conspiracy to establish or market accessible pretend businesses lacking continuous operations. 

The aforementioned businesses were falsely portrayed in the SEC paperwork as being controlled and operated by various people, thus presenting themselves to be genuine enterprises. 

In actuality, these entities were established as fake businesses by one person with the explicit intention of subsequently transferring them to different parties. 

In certain instances, these acquired entities served as instruments for engaging in scams aimed at manipulating the stock market. Gregg Jaclin & the opposing party purportedly impeded many inquiries conducted by the SEC about their actions.

Based on the indictment submitted today, it has been established that Gregg Jaclin, a 47-year-old resident of New Jersey, has been operating as an authorized lawyer. His area of expertise lies in the establishment and management of publicly traded startups.  

According to the charges, Gregg Jaclin purportedly assisted businesses in their transition to becoming publicly listed entities via a procedure known as the self-filing procedure.

Subsequently, he frequently helped promote the disposal of these businesses, which he along with his subsequent establishment, by means of a back merger about a business that was privately controlled by third parties.  

Based on the accusation, Gregg Jaclin engaged in a conspiracy to inappropriately exploit this procedure, contravening the law. Based on Gregg Jaclin’s expertise, his accused accomplice purportedly identified people who would take on the role of nominal CEOs for the businesses in question.  

The aforementioned chief executive officers, as documented, assumed the roles of the largest shareholders & exclusive members inside the businesses they founded.  

However, in actuality, their actions were limited to only accepting compensation in exchange for affixing their signatures onto various papers.  

The CEOs nominated did not exercise any form of authority over the businesses & instead followed the instructions provided by Gregg Jaclin’s accomplice. In a comparable manner, it has been said that Gregg Jaclin’s accomplice engaged in the recruitment of fictitious minority shareholders as an integral component of the fraudulent plot.  

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Gregg Jaclin utilized her expertise to provide financial support to the aforementioned investors for the acquisition of shares from the firms. 

Additionally, she coordinated the creation of deceptive plans for businesses, which falsely portrayed the businesses as having real intentions to carry out commercial endeavors & expand their operations.  

In reality, the firms were established and operated with the explicit intention of being sold as empty entities to buyers. 

In several cases, these businesses were afterward utilized as a means for executing an opposite combine, whereby the ensuing businesses’ stocks were occasionally susceptible to incidents of financial fraud.

It’s important to remember that an indictment is simply an allegation that misdeeds have been earmarked and should not be taken as a conviction. All accused are considered harmless until confirmed guilty above a valid suspicion. 

If found guilty, the penalties for the crimes charged are as follows: conspiracy up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000, securities deception and fraudulent charges beneath the Act for about 20 years in lockup, and a penalty of 5,000,000 dollars, inaccurate filing beneath the Securities Act for about five years in the penitentiary. 

10,000 dollars of penalty, a scheme to hide a content fact from an administration firm, fraudulent reports to a state firm, the obstacle of case detail activities before the SEC for about 5 years in lockup, and a 250,000 dollars penalty per computation.

Case Study: United States v. Gregg Jaclin

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Gregg Jaclin, a securities lawyer from New Jersey, was charged by a grand jury of the United States in San Francisco. The allegations against him pertain to his involvement in a plan aimed at creating publicly offshore businesses & subsequently selling them. 

Notably, many of the alleged buyers of these fake businesses utilized their assets to engage in market-rigging scams. 

Gregg Jaclin is additionally indicted on an 8-count impose, which includes allegations of obstructing court about both separate inquiries conducted by the SEC. 

Based on the charges, it is evident that Gregg Jaclin possessed expertise in the legal field, namely focusing on enterprises involved in trading low-priced stocks. 

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The particular person collaborated with an unnamed counterpart to establish 10 fresh companies, facilitate their first offerings to the public, secure approval from regulators for open trading among their stocks, & afterward divest all. 

A sum of about $2.25 million was generated through the sale of nine firms. Before their potential sale, both businesses became the recipients of penalties imposed by the SEC.

By the accusation, it is alleged that, about every firm, and under the awareness, recommendation, or instruction of Gregg Jaclin, the individual in charge of the organization was engaged in the recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer. 

Formulated an organization’s strategy having the intention of presenting the facade of an actual business with the potential for expansion. In actuality, every CEO adhered to the directives provided by the individual in power, with the ultimate goal being the sale of the business in question. 

Gregg Jaclin & his associates, under his guidance, produced a substantial amount of deceptive & inaccurate documentation aimed at concealing the controlling individual and the genuine company strategy declarations to facilitate the firms’ market listing. 

The paperwork included monthly & yearly news accounts, as well as professional judgment letters.

Who is Gregg Jaclin? 

Image of Gregg Jaclin.

Gregg Jaclin is an experienced financial consultant with expertise in public equity. His area of specialization is initial public offerings (IPOs). As a consultant, he values the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships. 

For Gregg Jaclin, strong connections are crucial for any business professional, but it is particularly important for consultants. When he is not helping his clients or expanding his portfolio, he enjoys spending his free time with his family.

Hence, this suggests his active involvement or affiliation with an enterprise, wherein he has facilitated the transfer of his firms into traded organizations through a process commonly referred to as the self-filing process.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, in the wake of his guilty plea in connection with a fraudulent scheme involving the creation of shell corporations aimed at deceiving investors, an attorney Gregg Jaclin, has voluntarily accepted disbarment. This significant decision was publicly disclosed and effectively prohibited him from practicing law indefinitely. 

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