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Lance Giles: Is He Trying to Silence Others? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Lance Giles
Why is Lance Giles in controversy? Why are netizens calling him out? Find out in this detailed post on Gripeo only.

Lance Giles finds himself in trouble due to his girlfriend’s Instagram post. But, what does the post acclaim? Why are people mad about it? Is the businessman in fault? Or people are intentionally after the life of Lance Giles? 

All the questions will be answered via the article, and as the first step, we must acknowledge the quote of Gary Hopkins, that says:

Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen. 

Gary Hopkins

Lance Giles Defamation Complaint

Lance Giles and his girlfriend have been quite active in social media, but this time their Instagram page has landed them in trouble

The couple could be seen mocking others on social media. Their actions could not be justified but it seems as if the couple merely tried to look ‘cool’.

Probably, the cool attitude of Lance Giles and Jordana Stott, could not attract the Instagram users. Instead, it made them angry. Few of them also accused Lance Giles and Stott of racist slur and discriminative behavior towards others. 

However, before being prejudiced about the couple let’s get to the roots of the case, by clicking on the video uploaded by the couple. 

The Mistake: The Racist Clip Of Lance Giles & Stott? 

The below link gets you to the video that made netizens fierce. 

Video link of the incident

The video uploaded by Lance Giles and his girlfriend can be divided in 4 parts, the next section describes each part with the potential mess in the same. 

Lance Giles & Stott Mock An Old Man?

The couple seemed quite happy in the video clips, where they can be heard laughing and mocking others. Although the face of the two was not visible, voices could be heard which made potentially demeaning comments to others. 

In the first section, the couple captioned the clip of an old man wearing swimming trunks and slippers, ‘Living the best life’.

As the man was old and wearing trunks, netizens claim that the couple was trying to mock him for his age. 

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Lance Giles & Stott: ‘Fu*king Origami..’

In the second section of Instagram upload, it was seen that the couple was making comments on another couple, where a man was showcasing his origami skills to his wife. 

In the clip a woman’s voice says, ‘‘F*ckin’ origami, mate! F*ckin’ origami!”. 

In this statement too, it can be made clear that Lance Giles and Stott are quite comfortable in mocking others. 

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Lance Giles and Stott Comment On The Asian Group..

Stott & Giles next uploaded a clip of a few Asians seen in the rooftop pool. In this clip too, a woman can be heard saying, “Oh yeah, get it c*nts! F*cking get the photo! Oh f*cking yeah shi-shing, yeah shi-shing”.

Furthermore, a man’s voice, probably of Lance Giles can be heard making similar comments about the group. This group is of women trying to have relaxing time with each other, but the couple certainly seem to have differing intentions. 

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However, this clip follows a picture of scenery and here the uploaded story ends. The story is problematic in several terms but do you know what was the most disastrous thing about the case? 

Well, the not-so-sorry attitude of the couple. If it was you who made absurd comments on others making people angry, what would have been your next step? 

Apologizing on social media and removing the content, for sure. But, Lance Giles and Stott did something else. Let’s figure out what… 

Lance Giles Tries To Conceal The Truth With Defamation Notice

According to legit sources, Lance Giles and his girlfriend, Jordana Stott find the pin-pointing uploads/comments of netizens quite problematic. Therefore, Lance Giles filed a defamation complaint to google. 

The Australian businessman, Lance Giles, wants to check everyone around him. Instead of checking on his attitude, this has made the world a little trippy around him. 

As per the sources, Lance Giles took it to the ‘Internet Removals Pty Ltd’, where he asked for removal of defaming contents from Google against him. 

But on second thoughts, why would he ask for removal of the contents, if everything was framed or plotted. Also, why would Lance not consider checking his attitude, if tables were turning against him? The reason could be, the same reason because of which Lance made the video with his girlfriend, ‘toxic behavior’.

However, there is one more thing that makes the case highlighted for the internet-lovers and that is, Lance Giles himself. 

Lance Giles & His Shiny Persona

Lance Giles claims that his image is being tattered because of the false and shady comments and post against him. He also claims that he never permitted the post of any such speaking comment on him, and posting the same could lead to his disdained image. 

However, those who are not aware of the personality must know that Lance Giles is a rich businessman, who was also featured as a speaker at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, Singapore. 

Lance Giles

Lance Giles is the active CEO of Youfoodz, which is a ready-made meal serving firm, in home delivery and supermarket. The food channel firm is located in Brisbane and one of the best fooding firms in Australia. 

Well accounting to all of it, it can be certain that the persona of Lance Giles is of a rich businessman, who has reached the heights of his career in quite a young age, and this could be a reason behind the intentional mockery of people. But before reaching the conclusion, we must read about the other side of the story. 

Lance Giles’s Version Of Story

Although most of the Instagram users found the acts of Lance Giles and his girlfriend quite bothersome, Lance Giles apologized for his activities, and so did his girlfriend. 

Still, the netizens feel that the businessman is arrogant and has taken the wrong turn in his toxic ego. Well, to understand the contradictory scenario, we must elucidate the wrong turn and reason to take the wrong turn. 

Lance Giles displays his adamant persona when he takes the case to legal doors, instead of going for PRs. And the reason behind his adamant personality can be two, the first in the favor of Giles, where it can be claimed that he and his girlfriend were having vacation and they never meant to hurt anyone. 

They were merely having fun with others, and the internet is responsible for their discernment due to excessive sensitivities of the netizens. 

The other cause can be against the charming businessman, where he is misbehaving with others due to his toxic arrogance and discriminating attitude. 

Well in any case, a mere public-apology could have released the stress of Giles, but Lance Giles made negligible efforts. Even though he said that he and his girlfriend regretted their actions, if the couple would have come in public to apologize, the anger of netizens could be curbed.

However, the CEO decides to take legal action against the statements of others, and therefore the second reason seems quite appropriate. 

Furthermore, few of the dominant facts of the case are explained in the next section. Let’s go through the facts and try to dig-out a conclusive statement. 

The Defamation Case Of Lance Giles: Facts To Be Considered 

  • “I regret the mishap…” says Lance Giles and on the other side, takes legal action against the people pointing out his actions, ironically.
  • Sources claim that 11 months ago, Lance Giles racially mocking the Asian Group of women. 
  • Lance Giles, filed the legal case under the governing laws of, ‘The Defamation Act 2005’, ‘Australian Consumer Law’ and ‘International Covenant On Civil & Political Rights’.
  • Lance Giles claims that Article 17 of ‘The Defamation Act 2005’ has been breached, where his privacy has been breached by the opposing parties. 
  • Lance Giles has legal rights to protect his privacy and public image under the mentioned act. 
  • Lance Giles also claimed that he and his girlfriend regretted their actions. Also, he says that, “We deeply apologize for any offense this misjudgement has caused.”
  • However, still people do not agree with the couple, because none of them made a formal public statement. If they can use social media to mock others, they should use it to issue an apology. 
  • The mishap happened at Rooftop cafe of Singapore. 


The entire story lies between 2 possibilities, the first where the couple, Lance Giles and Stott tried to remain friendly and made fun of others, merely to stay lively during their visit to Singapore. 

The other which says that Lance Giles and Stott intentionally hurt the crowd on the behalf of their gender, age and nationality. 

However, if you look closely you will realize that the entire scenario became an ice-berg because the two were known personalities. In our day to day, we too behave weirdly with various individuals. In a manner to remain cool, we do several uncool stuff. But why is it a big deal, when Lance Giles is on the other side? Is it because he is rich? Well, No. Certainly No. 

People are mad at the couple because they found the toxic attitude intentional, and disrespect to others can never be tolerated. An old man can wear what he wants. An Asian girl can travel the world and last, rich or poor, everyone has the right to remain happy. 

Also, people asserted in different handles of social media that it is not new to Lance Giles and his girlfriend. They behave ill to others because of their mindset. This too is unacceptable. 

But do you know what is the worst part of the case, it’s we. If we start being a little more vocal and resist the brutal and toxic attitude of others, not merely with us, but even if it’s happening with others. Things can change for good. 

This time, if even one of the victims had been vocal about the mis-behavior, things would have been better for all the victims, and Lance Giles, too. Last but not the least, instead of making social media (the tool of connectivity), a tool of justice. We must be vocal at the time of discrimination. This voice will surely lead to peace around the world. 

Lance Giles: Is He Trying to Silence Others? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Lance Giles: Is He Trying to Silence Others? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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