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Larry Polhill: SEC Charged for Scam of $158 Million (Update 2024)

Larry Polhill
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Larry Polhill, a resident of San Bernardino County, owed 485 clients $158 million. According to SEC reports in court, it is mainly regarded as a decades-long scheme to defraud investors. 
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SEC: Larry Polhill Owes $158 Million

Larry Polhill, a resident of San Bernardino County, owed 485 clients $158 million. According to SEC reports in court, it is mainly regarded as a decades-long scheme to defraud investors. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against Larry Polhill in Grand Terrace Federal Court. 

12/12/2023 Update
As of now, Larry Polhill has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

According to the court, Larry Polhill owed around $160 million as a result of the scam he carried out via American Pacific Financial Corporation. He is the CEO of an organization called American Pacific Financial Corporation. 

SEC filed a charge against Larry Polhill.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, he provided all of his sucker’s note contracts with fraudulent commitments, including the claim that they were guaranteed by particular assets or similar assets. 

Larry Polphill offered investors yearly gains of 5 to 17 percent, although the alleged security was sometimes missing or deteriorating. The SEC stated in their press release that Larry auctioned away all of his investors’ properties without telling anyone of his victims about it. 

Larry Polhill gave all of his holdings in LPs, which he referred to as Funds. 

According to the lawsuit, Larry Polphill has been president of the business since the year 1978. 

Regarding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s complaint, authorities said that despite certain APFC deals being lucrative, almost all of them ultimately failed without investors’ knowledge. 

As a consequence, the property owned by APFC to secure the financial commitments acquired by investors dropped in price. 

A forensic assessment conducted in 2011 based on APFC’s board of unprotected creditors discovered that over eighty-three percent of the business’s 2005 holdings were ultimately finally wiped off to satisfy bad debts indicating that the corporation was bankrupt, if not for decades earlier.

APFC filed an insolvency lawsuit against Larry Polhill, revealing an aggregate of $103 million controlled by 485 unpaid note of trust holders plus $55 million payable to the Funds. 

In the year 2012, the bankruptcy tribunal ordered a Chapter 11 Trustee to look into & monitor APFC’s activities, which generally center on charges of deception. According to the Chapter 7 Trustee, the accusations claiming scams against Larry Polhill were originally submitted in adversarial procedures. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission is asking for restitution, and fraud in securities consequences, including a temporary restraining order.

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What is SEC? 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the United States federal body in charge of overseeing the markets for securities and safeguarding investors. 

It was founded in 1933 with the passing of the United States Security Act. It was created to accept responsibility for the crash of the stock market in 1929, which caused a severe downturn for every investor. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an autonomous federal government administrative organization charged with safeguarding financiers, ensuring an equitable and regulated operation of the Security Marketplaces, as well as enabling fund developments. 

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Case Study 

Security and Exchange Commission V. Larry Polhill 


The case involved a decades-long investment scam committed to more than 485 victims, who are currently owed about $160 million through American Pacific Financial Corporation, which was handled at all crucial moments by Larry Polhill.

Larry Polhill utilized APFC to purchase and sell property and troubled assets, allowing clients to engage in the business primarily through the unregulated issuing of promissory notes purportedly backed by security such as particular pieces of land.

During APFC’s note issuance, Larry Polhill made the following major deceptions and errors to investors:

Mr. Larry misled investors by claiming that the debts were guaranteed and secured by a particular property when no such ownership interest occurred.

He additionally omitted from saying that any security that existed was frequently previously committed to additional creditors. 

Larry Polhill falsely claimed that he would warn investors if their investments went into delinquency.  

The Deffandant i.e. Larry Polhill 

Larry R. Polhill calls Grand Terrace, California home. He was the CEO of APFC & oversaw the organization’s operations from time to time.

Affiliated Company, APFC

American Pacific Financial Corporation, headquartered in San Bernardino, California, was founded in 1978. APFC advertised itself as an independent investment property and startup finance organization. 

In the United States Bankruptcy Division for the District of Nevada, APFC sued for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the bankruptcy filing procedure, APFC’s investors are listed as unprotected creditors. 

Statement of facts


American Pacific Financial Corporation was founded in 1978 & began as a brokerage for a real estate firm. Larry Polhill took over the business & utilized it mostly to make investments in property. 

APFC intended to make periodical installments of interest at percentages that ranged from from 5%-17%  a year within the conditions and circumstances offered by the property corporation to the investors. 

Investors also put money into APFC-sponsored limited liability companies known as Funds. 

Although some of APFC’s operations were profitable, most of them collapsed, much to the surprise of investors. As a consequence, the market value of the property owned by APFC to secure the financial commitments held by creditors dropped.

Later, 83% of the organization’s 2005 holdings were sold off due to excessive obligations, and the business went bankrupt. 

Larry Polhill’s company declared a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, declaring an aggregate of nearly $103 million payable to more than 485 unsecured notes of promise owners, as well as $55 million paid to the Funds. 

Larry Polhill Fraudulent Promissory Note 

Larry Polhill’s offerings of securities were mostly in the way of APFC notes of promise. Polhill assured investors that the investments were guaranteed for an established time, would generate interest that was paid on a quarterly or monthly schedule, & would be safe because they were protected by property held by the APFC.

Polhill personally endorsed all of the notes on behalf of the APFC and was in charge of selecting the items that could be utilized as protection on every note. 

Misrepresentation of the security of notes by Larry Polhill 

He misled investors about the safety of APFC’s promissory notes. The notes indicated explicitly that they were protected by certain security. 

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Larry Polhill’s Unregistered Securities Offering  

Polhill not only committed fraud, but he also breached securities registration requirements. As previously stated, Polhill provided investors with the ability to make investments in either the promissory note as well as APFC Funds. 

For example, many other fraudsters, such as Larry Polhill, have committed the crimes; you may learn more about them by clicking on the link: | Larry R. Polhill

Name Offering Period Funds Raised Since 2005 
American Pacific Financial Group, LP  1989-2007About $6 million 
American Pacific Financial Group, LP  1993-2007About $5 million 
American Pacific Financial Group, LP  1989-2007About $3 million 
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Final Thoughts 

American Pacific Financial Corporation was founded by Larry Polhill. He commits numerous frauds as well as portrays numerous consumers. As a result, the SEC brought a bankruptcy case against him. 

The case involves a decades-long investment scam that was conducted on over 485 investors who are now owing about $160 million by American Pacific Financial Corporation and was managed by Accused, Larry R. Polhill at all relevant times.

Larry Polhill: SEC Charged for Scam of $158 Million (Update 2024)
Larry Polhill: SEC Charged for Scam of $158 Million (Update 2024)

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