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Leveled Up Society – Is It a Trading Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Leveled Up Society
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Through its assessment program, Leveled Up Society serves as an online demo trading evaluation company that allows clients to demonstrate their trading abilities in a risk-free setting.

Through its assessment program, Leveled Up Society serves as an online demo trading evaluation company that allows clients to demonstrate their trading abilities in a risk-free setting. Traders can demonstrate their skills by paying a small up-front charge for the evaluation, and upon completion, they will be qualified for virtual profit sharing based on the performance of their Simulated Funded Account, in compliance with their Terms of Use and the Customer Agreement.

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They genuinely think that every retail trader should have the opportunity to access cash based on their demonstrated success and commitment to developing their own trading business. This is why they are a Leveled Up Society Funded Trader. They are dedicated to assisting traders in their quest to meet their financial objectives and to building a community of prospective traders who are enthusiastic about developing their abilities.

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Customer Review of Leveled Up Society

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Fatih Berkun wrote about Leveled Up Society

This business is a fraud. Everyone should exercise caution since he intends to file a complaint with the SEC. Look MFF, quit the market and bring in only reputable businesses rather than those like this. They accepted the payment but still need to deliver the credentials. Their dishonest business practices are so apparent right from the start. They claim they never received the money, but according to his bank, they are lying.


Valued Trader wrote about Leveled Up Society

Valentina informed him that despite his request for a cause, he had simply violated his account. He was essentially conned out of 1080 USD and numerous hours of his life. Do not put your faith in this company; he passed all the tests only to be duped after requesting his first reimbursement.


Abdullah Rauf wrote about Leveled Up Society

Do not approach them. They suspend his account after he received 10 minor rewards every two weeks and falsely accuse him of Kyc/account management without providing any supporting evidence. The account had been funded with $200,000 and had earned $2,000 in profits. LUS is a blatant scam; do not subscribe because of their terrible market conditions.


Elham Mirzayee wrote about Leveled Up Society

Don’t buy from these scammers, he swears they will scam you in broad daylight, as they even emailed him a discount code to buy another challenge here is the code “Leveled Up Society.” They even banned his dashboard account after he said he will report them. They banned him based on “KYC/AML.” He did pass his 2-phase challenge, got funded, and was then refunded. However, they emailed him saying he violated this policy without providing

It’s not his first account with a prop firm; he also has accounts with other prop firms. It’s the same situation as his Forex Funds, where you guys defraud your clients to line your own pockets. I hope the CFTC also freezes your accounts.

And despite sending them numerous emails, he never received a response from them; they don’t even respond to his emails.

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Valued Trader wrote about Leveled Up Society

He signed the contract, completed the phase 2 challenge, and received funding. The system abruptly kicked him out and closed all of his profitable transactions, costing him his $89 charge in addition to his profitable trades and the funded account. He was trading while some of his trades were losing and some were profitable enough to offset the losses and put him in the black. He holds the opinion that the system is designed to fail you in every manner. If you’re new, please hold off on signing up because you risk losing your fees.

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Dr. O wrote about Leveled Up Society

Select only reputable companies. Abrupt rule changes and a poorly run business. There is basically no justification for choosing this firm over the other well-known businesses; stick to top-tier prop firms and save yourself the hassle. No reason at all.

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Roger Ruster wrote about Leveled Up Society

They don’t care about your privacy at all! He is unsure of how they got his email address, but despite the fact that he never subscribed or registered on their website, they still keep emailing him!

In an email to them, he requested that they stop emailing him. The funny aspect is that they said he needed to unsubscribe even though he never did. He did not have an account, thus he was unable to unsubscribe.

SEND HIM NO EMAILS! HE IS UNCONCERNED WITH YOUR BUSINESS OR PRODUCTS! He has joined Planoff and won’t be returning here any longer.

Leveled up society review

Olivier T wrote about Leveled Up Society

Received his return, and as soon as he requested a second payout two weeks later, he was promptly banned from everything for “KYC/AML” reasons related to account management!

They can’t locate any evidence to support their accusation since it is wholly false because he has been trading for six years and has never done anything of the such. 

It is utterly inacceptable. Like other prop firms, he follows all the requirements and has excellent risk management. He reiterates that he is a single trader and that he has never used any account management services or other such services. What they did was also entirely illegal. 

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Jiscard Pierre Louis wrote about Leveled Up Society

Be honorable and repay debts to others. Be sincere, you guys really need to get things moving and pay folks what they were promised after completing the task. YOU HAVE NOT DONE THAT. You need to communicate with clients more because you now FAIL to do so. It’s truly very bad that you guys can’t respect his $500 payout withdrawal. His experience with Leveled Up Society was SO BAD that he vowed never to participate in another prop firm competition. Pay back what individuals owe and improve.

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Ro Rod wrote about Leveled Up Society

It is completely false. Because he couldn’t use an EA that wasn’t hft, he purchased the amount on 4/11 and spoke for at least 10 days straight before his account was fixed or refunded. Additionally, in December I bought a second account and played the EA till payout dates were approaching and all the regulations changed. Although they never kept their end of the bargain, they have no problem accepting your money for an account.

It’s funny how they claim he violated the account’s security without mentioning that they didn’t address the EA that was meant to be permitted under their new rules. They still remain a joke.

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Levric Eduard wrote about Leveled Up Society

The worst business. They told him it would take three days, but after he waited around a month for a confirmation of the payment, they sent him an email informing him that he was ineligible for payment because he had manipulated the market. How is it that he can control the market? Are you insane? When he sent a message later to ask for clarification, it stated that he had joined from multiple addresses, which he had not done. Because he doesn’t want to make such a terrible commercial, nonsense, if he was mistaken about something, he would admit it and accept responsibility. To entice people once more, they have now changed the difficulty, but he advises you.

Leveled Up Society – Is It a Trading Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Leveled Up Society – Is It a Trading Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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