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M3ta Moguls: Is it a Ponzi Scam? Unveiled the Truth (2024)

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M3ta Moguls has received allegations of being a Ponzi scheme. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.

The online presence of M3ta Moguls does not offer any details regarding the control or managerial personnel of the company.

The website name “” belonging to M3ta Moguls was purchased publicly on the 28th of March, 2022.

Additional investigation has uncovered a news statement from M3ta Moguls in July 2023, whereby the individual identified as the Chief Executive Officer is attributed to William Coyle.

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About M3ta Moguls

M3ta Moguls is a web3 business & cultural phenomenon that mostly revolves around their online collective characters, which consist of 44,444 distinct, fully three-dimensional, and virtual reality-compatible representations. Each Mogul serves as a means of entry into their Metaverse, referred to as M3TAVERSE. 

The proprietor of the company offers entry to a sub-community including persons with similar company interests, thereby giving exceptional prospects for offline as well as online collaboration.

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The press release represents that it was issued from Costa Rica.

M3ta Moguls: Envisions a Futuristic NFT Ecosystem, Spanning from Art to the Metaverse

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Based on the available evidence, it is my contention that the term “William Cycle” can be attributed to William Coyle Jr.

Co-founder and CEO of M3ta Moguls 

According to Coyle’s LinkedIn description, he is located in Quebec, Canada. Upon examining his profile experience, one can observe the inclusion of Crypto Mutual Capital Trust & Costa Rica.

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Crypto Mutual Equity Fund is an alleged cryptocurrency investment scam that purportedly offered a daily return of 1% to participants via the use of a staking mechanism.

It may be inferred that the internet presence of Crypto Mutual Capital is no longer accessible, indicating the potential implosion of the fraudulent scheme, in which Coyle held the positions of co-founder & CEO.

It is advisable to exercise caution & careful consideration when contemplating participation in an MLM organization that does not provide transparent disclosure regarding its leadership or ownership.

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Products of M3ta Moguls 

M3ta Moguls sells NFTs that are generated by bots and can be purchased using the USD Coin stablecoin. The exchange rate is set at $1 USDC to 1 USD.

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Product Stable Coin 
Select 300 USDC
Premier 600 USDC
Silver 2000 USDC
Bundle (includes a Select, Premier, Silver, and Gold NFT)4300 USDC

The promotional materials provided by associates indicate the existence of a 29.95 USDC fee associated with each purchase of a non-fungible token (NFT), despite the fact that this information is not explicitly published on the official website of M3ta Moguls.

Initially, I had the belief that a 170 USDT M3ta Pass served as a distinguishing factor between associates and regular consumers. 

However, according to the payment documents provided by M3ta Moguls, in order to be eligible for the initial reference income level, one must acquire both an M3ta Pass and a Select tier NFT.


This implies that an individual has the ability to purchase an NFT belonging to the Select level. The acquisition of NFT levels beyond a certain threshold grants access to elevated revenue levels, hence conferring affiliation status upon all members of M3ta Moguls.

In M3ta Moguls, it is observed that the presence of customers who shop is absent.

Compensation Plan of M3ta Moguls 

Associates of M3ta Moguls are entitled to receive bonuses and commissions based on the sales of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

It is important to acknowledge that M3ta Moguls compensates its users with a virtual currency known as “the area reward”, rather than utilizing traditional monetary payments.

Sphere Rewards is an inside scoring structure within M3ta Moguls that can be converted into either cash or cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that the private SR rate of exchange is not disclosed by M3ta Moguls.

Affiliates Ranks of M3ta Moguls 

There are five affiliate ranks in M3ta Moguls’ compensation plan, each with its own qualification criteria:

Affiliate Ranks Compensation Plan 
Mini Mogul 5000 SR
Junior Mogul50,000 SR
Boss Mogul500,000 SR
Elite Mogul5,000,000 SR
Mega Mogul50,000,000 SR

Referral Commission 

M3ta Moguls offers commissions for referrals through a Unilever payment framework.

In a uni-level payment system, a referral partner is positioned at the highest level of a uni-level group, with each associate they individually acquire being put right beneath their position at level 1.

In the event that level 1 associates successfully enlist fresh affiliates, said recruits will be positioned on the second level inside the uni-level squad of the originating affiliation.

In the event that level 2 members successfully enlist fresh affiliates, these recruits are then positioned on level 3, and this hierarchical pattern repeats ad infinitum.

The M3ta Moguls company has implemented a policy that restricts the number of paid uni-level team ranks to twelve.

Fundamentally, every tier of M3ta Moguls NFT is associated with its own distinct uni-level squad. In order to get access to every tier, an associate of M3ta Moguls must have acquired the appropriate non-fungible token (NFT) or fulfill specific sales requirements.

In order to be eligible for referral fees, individuals must have either registered as an associate with an M3ta Pass or obtained a Select Avatar through purchasing. The compensation structure entails a remuneration of 25 SR for each Select NFT transaction made by personally selected associates at level 1. 

  • Similarly, a bonus of 25 SR is granted for level 2 transactions, while transactions occurring at levels 3 to 7 provide a reward of 20 SR. 
  • Additionally, those who have either bought a Premier NFT or successfully sold 10 NFTs are eligible for Premier referral rewards. There is a reduction of 50 SR on levels 1 to 4 and a reduction of 20 SR on levels 5 to 9. 
  • Additionally, in order to be eligible for silver referral fees, one must have bought a Silver NFT or traded in 15 NFTs. The compensation structure entails a reward of 100 SR for levels 1 to 4, then 40 SR for levels 5 to 11. 
  • Additionally, individuals who have either acquired a Gold NFT or successfully sold 20 NFTs are eligible for gold referral earnings. A total of 150 SR is allocated for levels 1 to 4, while stages 5 to 12 receive an allocation of 50 SR.

It should be noted that there is no apparent correlation between the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their tier. That is to say, the attainment of a Gold certification does not necessitate the selling of precisely 20 Gold NFTs.

2X Pace Bonus of M3ta Moguls 

The 2X Pace Bonus is a program that offers incentives to M3ta Mogul’s partners that successfully sell a minimum of three non-fungible tokens (NFTs) during a 14-day period after their initial registration.

Upon meeting the necessary qualifications, the 2X Pace Bonus has the effect of doubling the referral commissions for both level 1 as well as level 2.

For instance, gold rewards players with a sum of 150 SR during the initial two stages. If the power source 2X Pace Extra is met, the value of 300 SR is added to every single level.

Monthly ROI of M3ta Moguls 

Affiliates of M3ta Moguls who acquire the 4300 USDC NFT package or opt for individual NFT tiers are eligible to get a recurring passive income.

According to M3ta Moguls, the return on investment every month is financed using a mechanism referred to as a “Collectors Pool”. It can be inferred that an undisclosed proportion of USDC has been allocated towards the acquisition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Rank Achievement Bonus of M3ta Moguls 

M3ta Moguls provides associates with only one Rank Achievement Reward as a means of rewarding their qualification at the Junior Mogul level as well as higher.

Qualify Receive 
Junior Mogul500 SR
Boss Mogul5000 SR
Elite Mogul5000 SR
Mega Mogul50,000,000 SR

Joining of M3ta Moguls 

The affiliation with M3ta Moguls requires the acquisition of either a 170 USDC M3taPass or a 300 to 2000 USDC NFT.

The total cost of acquiring each of the four currently accessible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is 4300 USDC. To learn more about the MLM scam, you can learn from the link: M3ta Moguls

Conclusion of M3ta Moguls 

During the corresponding period in the previous year, it was possible to successfully engage in a fraudulent scheme involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Currently, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have reached a state of obsolescence. Investors who have incurred significant financial losses are exhibiting a strong desire to hold someone accountable for their unavoidable downturns.

Unsurprisingly, instances of fraudulent activities within the Metaverse have likewise ceased several months ago.

However, M3ta Moguls emerges, displaying a strong inclination to persuade susceptible individuals into purchasing additional cartoon NFTs and engaging in metaverse-related activities that may lack substance.

The NFTs offered by M3ta Moguls introduce a new payment structure. One possible approach to optimize the business model of M3ta Moguls, an MLM business, would involve eliminating the usage of JPGs and establishing a fee-based structure. This modification would not alter the fundamental functioning of the organization.

The metaverse developed by M3ta Moguls is currently non-existent and is not anticipated to materialize until the year 2025.

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Buy your land of M3ta Moguls

The website name & Twitter account were set up in March 2022.

However, it was not until June 2023, a duration of sixteen months, that any launching occurred, for reasons that remain undisclosed.

If one is interested in experiencing financial loss, persisting in an unproductive endeavor, and acquiring further valueless animated representations, M3ta Moguls may potentially cater to such preferences.

Mark Zuckerberg expended a substantial sum of over $100 billion building the virtual world, and yet encountered difficulties in successfully marketing it to customers. It is imperative that the equine specimen be allowed to expire without further delay.

M3ta Moguls: Is it a Ponzi Scam? Unveiled the Truth (2024)
M3ta Moguls: Is it a Ponzi Scam? Unveiled the Truth (2024)

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