Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group: Is He a Criminal?

Michael Wilk Serviceplan
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Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group has received accusations of being a criminal. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group claims that he is genuinely passionate about typography and graphic design. He worked at JvM after earning his design diploma before spending a year working in Australia. Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group has been a member of the Serviceplan Group for more than 10 years, during which time his unique style and meticulous attention to detail have produced outstanding work.

Michael’s strength is in his bold art direction and strong, unique intellectual ideas.

He was elevated to Global Head of Art for the whole Serviceplan Group in early 2021. He has participated in numerous national and international new company pitches during his illustrious career, sharing his priceless abilities with a wide range of clients and colleagues. His art has received recognition and awards both domestically and abroad. 

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Charged with domestic assault is former Chicopee police spokesperson Mike Wilk.

In Holyoke District Court on Thursday, Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, a former spokesman for the Chicopee Police Department, entered a not-guilty plea to a charge of domestic abuse.

Even though the claimed victim—Wilk’s ex-girlfriend—did not report the incident to the police, the misdemeanor assault complaint was filed, according to court documents. She claimed to police that Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group had become enraged after she had declined to invite him on a trip to Disney World earlier this year and that she had been “harassed and mentally abused.”

After the hearing this morning, Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, of Holyoke, and his lawyer, Thomas Kenefick III, declined to comment.

2020 saw Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group retire from the Police Department, but the following year, a staffing shortage forced him to be brought back as a special police officer.

A lady from Chicopee is accused of threatening to kill police children.

On August 19, Chicopee Police detained a woman who they said had assaulted an officer and threatened them repeatedly. 

According to Chicopee Police Officer Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, who spoke with 22News, Stephanie Raucci, 37, was taken into custody after threatening to “go to their home and kill their children.” 

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group reported that at around 10:23 p.m., several persons spoke about an event that happened inside the Burger King on Memorial Drive in the Chicopee police lobby. Raucci, the subject of the allegation, entered while they were talking and began to swear and threaten them.

When police requested Raucci to go, he allegedly refused. 

She ultimately left the building, according to Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, but not before making more threats, which got her arrested. She kicked a cop when they were booking her. 

Raucci was returned to the police department after requesting to be taken to a nearby hospital.

She has been charged with the following:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Resisting arrest
  • Assault and Battery on a police officer

Two are accused of causing a disturbance in the public in Chicopee.

After allegedly provoking a public disturbance at a Shell gas station on West Street in Chicopee, two people were taken into custody by Chicopee Police on Wednesday.

According to Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, the spokeswoman for the Chicopee Police Department, officers were summoned to the petrol station because two people—Tainaris Gonzalez, 27, and Aurielo Duclerc, 39, of Springfield—were fighting over returning cigarettes they had bought.

When they arrived, Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group claimed the two were “verbally abusing” the store clerk. Officers tried to talk to the couple and find a solution, but they allegedly kept screaming.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group stated that Gonzalez allegedly approached the store clerk and, as she was led away by the officers, “slapped at the officer’s arm, stating they had no right to touch her.” Gonzalez was then taken into custody by the officers.

According to Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, Duclerc became agitated, so the cops chose to arrest and handcuff him. Officers reportedly used a taser to shock Duclerc as he allegedly moved toward them.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group reported that throughout the incident, several individuals within the business approached the cops, taking pictures of them, and shouting at them.

Officers discovered that the couple had three kids in a car outside, according to Wilk. He claimed that while swearing at the police, a bystander grabbed one of the kids and tried to take them away. The children’s aunt was summoned to bring them up after the officers allegedly “took control of the child.”

Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and disturbing the peace are the charges brought against Duclerc and Gonzalez. In addition, Gonzalez is accused of assaulting and battering a police officer.

According to Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, the pair was freed on a $140 bail after the agency alerted the Agency of Children and Families.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, a police officer in Chicopee, has drawn criticism for equating Colin Kaepernick to the Minneapolis officers who arrested George Floyd in a Facebook post.

A Western Massachusetts police department spokesman who is well-known on social media is drawing criticism for remarks he made online.

Chicopee police information officer Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group likened the on-field demonstrations of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the actions of the Minneapolis police officers who arrested George Floyd in a Facebook post. Floyd passed away on Monday following his arrest, when he was pinned to the ground by police.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group added, “Kaepernick (sic) is just as wrong as those cops.” Kneeling denigrates a flag for which many brave people have given their lives. The appropriate criminal charges and prosecution will be brought against those officers. gives no one the authority to denigrate those who offered their life in defense of their nation.

Not the Chicopee Police Department page, but his personal Facebook profile was used to comment.

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During the 2016 NFL season, Kaepernick gained worldwide prominence for kneeling in protest of police brutality before the playing of the national anthem.

Floyd, a 46-year-old man, passed away on Monday as a result of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee being on his neck during Floyd’s arrest. This caused Floyd to go unconscious and restrict his respiration. Witnesses recorded Floyd pleading on camera that he was having trouble breathing and that he was in excruciating pain while Chauvin continued to press his knee against his neck.

A short while later, a Minneapolis hospital confirmed Floyd dead.

Community groups demanded that Chauvin and the other three officers implicated in his death be arrested, and on Tuesday, they were dismissed. On Friday, Chauvin was charged with manslaughter and third-degree murder.

Several demonstrations have been held in Minneapolis and around the country in the days following Floyd’s passing.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group has served as the Chicopee Police Department’s spokeswoman for many years. He often updates the department’s Facebook page, which has over 25,000 followers because of its timely and interesting posts. Not only will tributes to slain police from other departments be shared, but news of arrests and automobile crashes within the city are also disseminated.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group shared the Massachusetts Chief of Police Association’s most recent post on the Chicopee Police page, criticizing “the egregious actions taken by four members of the Minneapolis Police Department, whether by action or inaction, that resulted in the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.” The message was signed “Ofc Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group, PIO Chicopee Police Department,” just like most of the posts published on the page.

In an interview with MassLive on Saturday, Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group acknowledged the backlash to his words and made an effort to make it more clear.

He told MassLive, “I am horrified and in dismay at the acts we have all witnessed of the police officers in Minneapolis.” “Watching the footage of this stupid and terrible deed that robbed a guy of his life and his family of him appalled me. It is my hope and belief that criminal charges will be brought and that justice will ultimately be served. I think my Facebook post made my perspective very clear.

“I do not equate murder with kneeling during our national anthem,” he continued. Murder is an abhorrent crime. One is a kind of protest. I hope that this makes my beliefs more clear.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group made it clear that his remarks did not reflect the department’s opinion on Kaepernick’s protest, but rather his own.

Hundreds of people gathered on Friday throughout Massachusetts in support of different protests demanding changes to the police departments of each community.

Protesters in Springfield demanded that Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood examine the department’s force policy.

According to the agency, Springfield police routinely put their officers through de-escalation training, which reduces the need for force and emphasizes communication skills, as MassLive was informed.

“I want people to know that when incidents like this occur halfway across the nation, police officers get frustrated too,” said Clapprood. It detracts from the progress our community has made, but I want to reassure everyone that the tactics you witnessed in Minneapolis are not how we train our officers here. Instead, we place a strong emphasis on de-escalation, which reduces the need for force and emphasizes communication skills, as well as on keeping body weight off critical parts of the body like the head, neck, throat, and spine.

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On Thursday and Friday evenings in Boston, hundreds of people congregated to Peter’s Park in the South End.

Speaking and organizing for Mass Action Against Police Brutality, Brock Satter linked Floyd’s demise to that of Terrence Coleman, a 31-year-old Black man suffering from a mental illness who was shot by a Boston Police officer in 2016. Hope, the mother of Coleman, contests the results of an inquiry conducted by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office at the time, which claimed that Coleman approached the police with a knife before being shot by them.

Hope Coleman declared at the demonstration on Friday, “I cry, but it’s time for my tears to stop and I’m going to keep fighting for justice.” “Every day, I ask God to make these police officers answerable. Every police officer.”

Following internet threats of mall looting, more than a dozen Holyoke Police and Massachusetts State Police vehicles were positioned outside the Target store at the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside on Friday night. On Friday night, entry to the store was restricted.

Following damage to and theft from a Target shop opposite the Minneapolis Police Department 3rd Precinct, where the four officers involved in Floyd’s death were stationed before their discharge, Target closed more than 70 locations in Minnesota indefinitely.

The business released a statement saying, “We are heartbroken by the death of George Floyd and the pain it is causing our community.” We have decided to close several of our stores for the time being until further notice. We will continue to prioritize the security of our team members and promote community healing.

The corporate office is located in Minneapolis.

Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group: Is He a Criminal?
Michael Wilk Serviceplan Group: Is He a Criminal?

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  1. Wilk kept the victim abusing because she did not report. So no matter what, if you are facing domestic abuse, report it as soon as possible.

  2. It is really important to know that globally, 736 Million women are victim of sexual and domestic abuse. So means 1 out of 3 girls has faced brutality of men.

  3. I really want to tell the Ex-girlfriend of Mike, that she is not alone.

  4. A bad man, with dirty head and filthy mouth, that’s Michael for you.

  5. One should always remain watchful of his words, anyone’s death is not a joke.

  6. Is it true, he made actions that affect the people in general and he is still free to give interviews?

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