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COS Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

COS review
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COS has received a ton of allegations for being a MLM scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
COS Review

Based on all the details, that are gathered by COS Review, here is a question for all of you, what will you call a software that provides no information regarding its owner, no details regarding its registration, provides no customer support, no evidences regarding its legitimacy, no authentication of the product and no legitimacy regarding the source of profit?

An application? A trading platform? Certainly not, but you can surely call such an application with the name, ‘COS aka Cosetek and CoseCoin’. 

COS Review Explores The Official Website Of COS

COS Review: The Dubious Ownership 

According to the COS review, the firm ‘Cosetek and CoseCoin’ was first registered off the record in 2017, and after 6 years its registration was updated on July 22, 2023. However, neither in 2017 nor in 2023, the COS owner bothered to reveal its identity. None of the public domains showcase the names of the board of directors behind COS. And the question is ‘why’. Why does a firm want to remain secretive, even at the risk of being entitled as ‘fallacious’?

Well! According to the revelations made by COS review, the owners are not bothered about being entitled as ‘fallacious’ as they are nothing different. Their actions indicate a dubious play, either it is the fishy trade or the careless attitude of the owner towards its clients. The firm has always been least bothered, about the concerns and the losses of the clients. 

COS Review: Minimalistic Customer Support

COS review also asserts that most of the clients have got minimalistic or no returns from the firm. Moreover, when they reached the customer support team, they had to encounter stern replies  and they responded harshly when they reached the consumer support about the same. 

Adding to the atrocities, COS leaves no weak link in the public domain. Not even the details of their associates or executives. So, if you got stuck in a ‘zero-returns high-risk’ deal, it is completely your headache. Surfing COS website won’t fetch a single detail to the grievances. 

COS Review: The Clandestine Website

Why do applications have a separate website in the public domain? Positively, to aid the potential clients and the clients who are unable to reach the website. That is the reason behind the usual display of helpline numbers and the executives in most of the websites.

But, yet again COS has unique intentions. COS review claims that the website of the application COS, is clueless. Leave information on owners or executives, even the source-code of the website is made to conceal the roots of the firm, COS. 

Our Methodology

We look at 34 different data points when analyzing and rating online money-earning opportunities. Once the research on these data points is submitted, expert contributors reach out to the company’s customers and associates to get more insight into their operation. Finally, all the collected information is presented in the form of this expert review.

All the data is extracted from publicly available information and the sources are given in the transparency section at the bottom of every report.

These reports are made possible by the collective efforts of contributors like you. If you would like to become a contributor then contact us here.

The source-code is displayed in Chinese, which is a non-common language for most of the clients of COS, revealing the deliberation of COS to conceal. Besides, the source-code adds on to the edginess of the clients, as the source-code pulls its linkage to the Meiqia software.

8Jt mzb9V F47mXT16kkZXhCwfxrjwtrUVrwY4aTzBhToGDnVSXSEQsu4BO2l4nr224LGL4ivlUsRSoR6JOJuHhcJ0I1NqQNyHJyYgRzDY6U1UMgaStVBK8yrtGISVvmDBmBsesplUTaOXw2V2 5A3U

For those who are not well aware, Meiqia is enrooted in Beijing, China and found guilty of having links with the Chinese Ponzi MLM schemes. It is alleged that Meiqia is the master planner behind most of the scams caused by MLM Ponzi.

COS Review: Malicious Products

Detailed study of COS Review asserts that the products of the Ponzi application can not be described. Not because of the complexity of the product, but because of its non-existence. COS Review gives detailed information on how the associates of the application provide no legit product after taking your hard-earned money. 

As, the company offers no product, instead, merely markets the membership of their shady firm. Each member gets linked by the associates of the organization and they, too, keep on linking people for the sake of profit. 

The Promoter’s Play Exposed By COS Review

The promoters bluff the potential associates claiming that network marketing will add on trillions in their bank accounts, but nothing claimed gets real. Even the ‘faces’ which promoters use to bluff the clients are fake. Malicious membership is sold to the potential associates, after trapping them with false claims of ‘immense profits’. 

However, at least the associates know that the only source of profit for COS is the membership fee. Hence, providing membership to the new associates means, trapping them in the same mess, from which you have not been able to come out.

The Compensation plans

Compensation PlansInvestmentReturns
VIP130-500 USDT.57%-.7% A day
VIP2500-3000 USDT + Recruitment of 5 affiliates.56%-.66% A day
VIP33000-10000 USDT + Recruitment of 10 affiliates.53%-.63% A day
VIP410000-50000 USDT + Recruitment of 20 affiliates.54%-.61% A day
VIP530000-999999 USDT + Recruitment of 30 affiliates.53%-.6% A day
VIP650000-999999 USDT + Recruitment of 40 affiliates.53%-.58% A day

Note: The MLM side of COS claims of paying on the recruitment of investor affiliates only and the affiliates who do not invest in the firm are not counted as invested assets in the compensation plans. 

The Absurdity Revealed By The COS Review

As it can be seen, the compensation plans of the COS firm are absurd. The investments asked by the firm do not explain the corresponding returns. The compensation plans have a lot to ask for in investment by the trapped affiliates, but the returns promised are nominal and similar in all the plans. Hence, it can be deduced by the COS review, that the compensation plans are solely baits for the budding affiliates. 


COS claims of paying returns on investment in a specific pattern known as ‘Unilevel’. This approach promises return of investment to the affiliates in a set pattern that depends on the downline level of association they offer to the firm. 

COS review explores the unilevel approach of ROI promised by the firm and digs out the framework. The picture below explains the unilevel approach of the COS (Cosetek and CosCoin) with the percentage of ROI offered by COS.

Unilevel Approach Of COS
First LevelPersonally recruited affiliates21%
Second LevelAffiliates recruited by the first set of recruits7%
Third LevelAffiliates recruited by the second set3%

COS Review: Rank Achievement Bonus

Like every other claim, there is one more dubious promise made by COS, framed as, ‘Rank Achievement Bonus’. COS review reveals the Ponzi scheme behind the claims of COS achievement bonus. But before going further, we must go through the claims. 

A qualifier of VIP 230 USDT
A qualifier of VIP 362 USDT
A qualifier of VIP 4172 USDT
A qualifier of VIP 5272 USDT
A qualifier of VIP 6412 USDT

Here is a little note that COS review highlights. The note says that an associate is applicable for the rank achievement bonus, only after completing the VIP 2 scheme of the application. Which clearly signifies that though the firm claims the compensation plans and the bonuses to be a client thing, it has nothing to do with the benefits of the consumers. Rather, it exists merely to make sure that the Ponzi scheme is circulated all around the globe. 

COS Review: Conclusion 

Starting from the joining of the firm, to making investments in COS, everything claimed seems to be dubious. The firm wants to project itself as a corruption less safe brand, but the COS review speaks differently. 

COS claims of free joining but restricts the clients who do not invest, COS asserts immense returns but conditions the profit making, COS declares its return schemes on social domain but the returns can be initiated only after certain target completion, and much more. 

The Ponzi schemes come and go from the market, affecting countless investors. Based on the COS review it can be said that this firm is also a potential scammer. However no official claims have been made and hence, the firm is in a win-win situation. The article is an attempt to make investors aware about the same, as your safety means the safety of the state’s economy. Hence, be safe, be aware, don’t fall for the trap. 

COS Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)
COS Review: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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