Modi Builders Hyderabad: Are They Fraudsters?

Modi Builders Hyderabad
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Modi Builders Hyderabad, a real estate firm is a renowned Hyderabad-based building and real estate development firm.

Modi Builders Hyderabad has received numerous allegations of defrauding others. Find out if they are true or not in this review:

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About Modi Builders 

Modi Builders Hyderabad, a real estate firm is a renowned Hyderabad-based building and real estate development firm. The company has more than thirty years of expertise in the domestic real estate industry. 

The company has more than 15 significant housing developments in the town, each with more than 500 units, totaling around Rs. 7000 crores, which it is actively developing through the addition of numerous fresh endeavors. 

Modi Builders Hyderabad was founded on the principles of honesty and superior construction. Their tagline is Customer First, and they greatly support openness in everything they do. Modi Builders states that because we exclusively construct on business-owned property & do all of our building in-house, all of our builds have affordable rates. Thousands of people have received their demonic houses from the real estate business. 

Modi Builders Hyderabad

List of upcoming projects by Modi Builders Hyderabad  

  1. Hillside Residences- It is, as the title says, an expensive apartment property featuring an outlook of the hills that surround it and plenty of space. The finest thing is that the development is located in the Shambipur district, close to the town’s attractions.
  1. Lakeshore Plaza- It is an upcoming development in the Laxmiguda neighborhood. The purchasers are getting exquisite residences in a secure neighborhood with all amenities on-site. You might anticipate finding a place to live that meets your financial requirements because there are a variety of possibilities.
  1. Lakeshores Residency- It is a large luxurious community with fully furnished residences that elevate the contemporary standard of living. The appearances are magnificent, making sure the feeling of the house is preserved despite the conveniences that these apartments provide.
  1. Elite Homes- Elite Homes represents one of the newest residential developments in Hyderabad that offers good profits & fantastic family-friendly solutions. It is additionally a Modi Builders Hyderabad premium apartment building in Ghatkesar, wherein purchasers may enjoy a variety of alternatives.

But, despite all, Modi Builders Hyderabad is a swindler who created substandard homes. They are also large con artists who take customers’ money and never fulfill their desires by supplying them with the nicest flats or homes. 

8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Modi Builders Hyderabad has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

What People Are Saying About Modi Builders Hyderabad 


Modi Builders Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd.’s consumer alleges that they are millennium scammers and cheaters. They never fall for their marketing until you want a change in the apartments or homes. They exclusively treat their consumers in this manner. If a client settles off all of their debts, they won’t ever remember you again. 

Fraud is defined in law as the willful use of deception to obtain unfair or illegal gain or to deny a victim of a legitimate right. Fraud can be a violation of either civil or criminal law, or it may not result in a loss of money, property, or legal rights but yet constitute a component of another civil or criminal wrong.

If you fail to pay the full amount, they will converse sweetly with you and do everything that will make you happy. After a component, they won’t ever answer the phone calls or return your calls. 

Consumers recommended that their loved ones should pay inside jail due to their fraudulent behavior

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Worst Construction!!

One of its clients alleges, “It has been a month and a half since development and now I am experiencing numerous issues with my home because the infiltration from water in the plaster walls has destroyed all of the artistic work in my house.” It occurs due to breaking down, plus the home’s furnishings are also being harmed by the water-related problem. 

The leak in the plumbing for drainage on the second floor destroyed all of the fabricated ceilings in the bathroom, and Modi Builders Hyderabad has not answered. 

According to the real estate agency, this is a tiny issue that you should handle your thoughts, and it is regarded as an insignificant difficulty in any build. They instructed me to remain patient for a response from Modi Builders’ customer support supplier in Hyderabad. 

As I emailed them again and again, they answered that the procedure will be delayed to the global epidemic known as Covid-19. Therefore I’m forced to use the funds to repair the water supply pipe, yet the cost of the operation is prohibitively expensive since it is located beneath the structure of the wall. Such con artists! Cheaters!

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Customer Care Service is very disturbing 

Modi Builders’ client complains that the villa he bought is of poor quality. He bought a villa in Sterling Homes, one of Modi Builders’ developments. Engineers are constantly being replaced. I utilized to offer those pricey premium tiles, which they haphazardly installed in the villa, and many of them shattered. The villa is not provided with plumbing for water seepage or movable controls. Customer service is atrocious. They didn’t respond at all. They rarely call back their customers, and they have a difficult time answering their calls. 

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Worst Builders in India 

The purchaser who purchased a villa from Modi Builders Hyderabad claims that they are real-estate scammers. They are no longer bound by whatever commitments they made when they purchased the real estate. Greenville, Kongarakalan, Hyderabad is where the land was founded. 

They offered to include a park, upkeep, and a clubhouse with the purchase of the real estate. They’ve still yet to complete any of the promised work. Clubhouses are being created, but they are not identical to those shown to me at the point of purchase.

They keep the owner group going without any documents or the original plot owners’ signatures, and they ordered us to make a deposit security deposit in their account. Please do not buy any form of real estate through them and do not spend your money in any way. 

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Modi Builders!!

Another client filed a complaint against Modi Builders Hyderabad, claiming that it is an unnecessary expenditure of money and a problem for the buyers. Their service to customers is illegitimate and pitiful, as they never return calls and the craftsmanship in the properties is of poor quality. The work at the properties is being done by untrained employees. 

Other Client Reviews on Modi Builders Hyderabad

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  • Modi Builders Hyderabad have been demonstrating to their consumers for many years that their building work is flawed and that inferior supplies have been employed in the home. One of their homes had been bought by me, and I began living there as well. After complaining about the problems, they delivered approximately a year later, and it was like an impossible task continuing with their laborers, who didn’t even know how to perform the intricate pattern on the floor. The majority of the holes dug by workmen in walls are vacuous. I complained a lot, but no response was ever delivered. 
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  • Terrible real-estate firm!!

According to information provided by a client of Modi Builders, they delivered the lowest costs and building quality.   

Do you require proof? Please pay a visit to my property, Villa Orchids, and feel free to contact me at 903006060.

After 5 years of acquiring the property, it had been finished with many faults, and I attempted to contact Modi Builders Hyderabad to rectify the flaws they had produced in my villa, but they did not respond. They will take your money and use a variety of deceptive ways to get it. I also see a lot of nice feedback on websites, however, I’m pretty sure those are phony comments and reviews. 

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I found multiple complaints against this real-estate firm online & I’m sharing some of them below:

Modi Builders: Inadequacy, Deception, & Cheaters 

According to the customer’s complaint against Modi Builders Hyderabad, it is claimed in the client’s information that they are occupants of Splendor Apartment Gajularamaram, Hyderabad flats. We shall immediately become an affiliate of the Splenson Owners Association as part of the sale contract between the client and Modi Builders Hyderabad. We have to pay for the upkeep of SOA. Modi Builders owns its upkeep division. 

They accomplish this since they have been able to sell forty percent of the remaining units for several years. The contractor has yet to hold an ordinary membership session of the SOA or submit an account of finances. They had previously announced a rise in the upkeep amount on his own. They are compelled by the inhabitants to shell out the additional upkeep and turned off the apartment’s supply of water. Modi Builders has departed the structure, leaving tenants with minimal facilities and empty assurances. 

We, locals, asked for an organization called GBM so that we could choose our elected officials. However, it will not be present at the overall session. The real estate firm fails to execute any sort of written agreement, while they additionally provide in the event of extra upkeep, which covers the supply of water. 

Officials abruptly shuttered the upkeep office, halted the flow of water vessels such as tankers, and abandoned the people. It is a fundamental infringement of the rights of people. So far, everything has been supplied by the Modi Builders Hyderabad as they stated in our selling deal and brochures.

We, the buyers, have only two functional boreholes compared to the five that are just twenty percent operational. We are now reliant on water carriers to meet our everyday demands.  the real-estate firm guaranteed us a 24-hour drinking water supply while the sale. They haven’t provided drinking water in the last five years. He’s making pathetic justifications. Homeowners have collectively spent between 3 and 5 lakhs for utilities.

The dealers provided a dry swimming pool, but it has only been refilled with water approximately ten times in the last five years of ownership. GYM is lacking functioning machinery & has been inoperable for almost a year. Parking space is still not given for certain individuals, and there is insufficient illumination & hygiene in designated spaces. There is no collection system for rainwater. 

The water recovery facility has not yet been operational. We’ve been compelled to make do in a way that’s appropriate for them. We have invited the decision holders to a meeting to discuss the preservation problem as well as asked them to show dedication to resolving the aforementioned issues. 

They do not want to interact. They’re making us pay a higher price. They have additionally halted the tankers to drive us up toward the wall. Modi Builders Hyderabad is committing utter injustice and breaking all civic rules. I’m hoping this particular publication will force him to amend his errors & request the General Board of Management to join our organization SOA to elect representatives. To have such persons brought to fairness, I am filing a lawsuit online. 

Customer's Complaint regarding Modi Builders Hyderabad posted on Consumer Complaint Forum.

Modi Builders: Hyderabad’s most egregious cheaters 

Another Modi Builders consumer shared their experience with their new purchase, saying, I learned a single thing that avoids purchasing any buildings apartments in Hyderabad from Modi Builders Hyderabad. They constantly defraud their clients. I was fortunate not to have purchased any projects from Modi Builders, so I wouldn’t suggest that anyone do so because these guys are enormous con artists. I believe the punishment ought to be made towards them. I believe that their business ought to be banned and they should be imprisoned. They make up the most crooked individuals. They are essentially tarnishing the sir reputation of our Prime Minister. Lol!!


Hyderabad is rapidly becoming one of the country’s most rapidly expanding regions for commercial property development. Modi Builders claims to be one of the most coveted builders in the industry due to its booming economic benefits, geographical position, & cultural importance. But in conclusion, Modi Builders Hyderabad does not earn its outstanding track record amongst its consumers by failing to provide constant excellence in all elements of its goods and services. 

According to Modi Builders, they are one of India’s finest builders, however, the adverse criticism they get demonstrates the business’s devotion to client fulfillment. Modi Builders should be the last option for anyone who is interested in the Hyderabad property sector. Modi Builders Hyderabad is one of the sector’s fraudster builders who use banks for the most fraudulent buildings in Hyderabad. 

Modi Builders Hyderabad: Are They Fraudsters?
Modi Builders Hyderabad: Are They Fraudsters?

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