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Did Navin M Raheja’s actions result in the apocalypse of dreams? (Update 2024)

Navin M Raheja
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Navin M Raheja, swirls the steering of people’s dreams, to gear up his lives on track. 
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Raheja developers, swirl the steering of people’s dreams, to gear up their lives on track. 

The article and Navin M Raheja are of immense importance if you too dream of a ‘home sweet home’, where you can sit with your spouse, holding a mug of coffee and cherishing the sweet giggles of your kids. As, this very dream of yours, could make you, devoid of your sound sleep, even.

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Navin M Raheja, owner of Raheja Developers, witts the buyers with the most lucrative real-estate deals, to squeeze out beneficiaries amidst aspirations.

Navin M Raheja

However,  if you are hoping that Navin M Raheja is some mafia, solely targeting the naive, excluding the brainy ones like you, then, the author is apologetic to burst your bubble. 

Navin M. Raheja is the Governing Council member of the National Real Estate Development Council, The organization comes under the Aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

29/11/2023 Update
As of now, Navin M Raheja has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Raheja’s aura and position, not only equip him with immense power to knit a trap but also, make people dumb enough as a fly, to get entrapped. Even after, making headlines each day, 

Raheja comes with a new project, smiling, and we, merely, applaud him for his audacity.

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Here is a snippet of the builders with the CM of New Delhi.

Navin M Raheja: A Spendthrift Evading Taxes 

A builder of New Delhi robs people in the name of housing society, sells unsafe properties, delays the possession of properties even after fetching out more than the actual value, later evades taxes and gets immunity from giant organizations. But why?

Probably, the capital gains made by Navim M Raheja, have been benefitting the esteemed too.  

To begin with, let’s take a look at the various events mentioned. 

February 8th, 2015, Navin M Raheja was immunized by the Income Tax Settlement Commission. In regard to the massive fraud involving crores of Indian currency. 

117.98 crores was recovered from Raheja’s holdings, which could never be marked legit by the builder. Although, he made several attempts, to prove that merely, Rs 39.53 crores was illegitimate; the commissioner of Income Tax, evidently made Raheja’s efforts inefficacious.  It was proved that all the 5 firms, documented in Raheja’s accounts, are fake. Now, what should be next? Penalty for the offender?

Sorrowfully, it was immunization. 

Progressively, this led to a legal out-break between Shri Salman Khurshid, the Minister of External Affairs in the UPA Govt, representing the ITSC, and the Commissioner of Income Tax in the Delhi High Court.

ITSC buckled up to prove the innocence of the con artist, but evidence treated the defenders. At last, the evidential grounds led the honorable Delhi High Court to distort the immunity. 

Another major event of Navin M. Raheja’s story is the accounts of the more than 180 crores scam. 

Here, Navin M Raheja, extorted nearly 20 Lakhs from more than 1200 families, after trapping them in deals worth 70 lakhs – 1 crore. However, it needs to be noted that Raheja and groups had zero reasons for the sudden enhancement in the pricing structure.

Moreover, if the readers perceive that Navin M. Raheja has solely been a pirate in the arena of plotting, then it’s a myth. Navin M Raheja is an astute businessman, who can deal with precious lives, along with mud and bricks, too. 

The heinous act of authorizing a defenceless housing structure by Navin M. Raheja

Navin M. Raheja misleads the buyers with amplified and fallacious claims. 

Despite being life-threatening, the housing structures, under the projects namely, Raheja Vedaanta and Raheja Atharva were handed over to the buyers. Navin M. Raheja assured the safety with a framed fire fitness certificate, which was later challenged by the Fire Department. Furthermore, the builder was reckless enough, to compel around 20 families to initiate their livelihood in the perilous accommodations, after possessions, merely, to erase the authentic claims of the Fire department and have a wistful profit of more than 500 crores.

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Click on the link for more info:

After witnessing the monstrous cupidity, the Fire department took charge of safeguarding the lives of innocents and issued a notice of objection, against the same. The Fire department clearly mentioned that the Fire NOC for Raheja Vedanta & Raheja Atharva has lapsed. 

To which, Navim M Raheja, reacted hubristically and challenged the moots with creepy punch lines, claiming utmost precision and safety. However, it’s worth highlighting that, after making several unrealistic claims, Rahejas had no grounds for approaching a renewal for the same. 

Although the Raheja Developers have numerous glitches, that can’t be avoided, regardless of the renewal. 

Navin M Raheja believes that buyers are accoutred with wings, and hence, he never bothered to provide connecting roads to his complexes, Vedaanta and Atharva. He believed that people could manage without a proper road, and would land their private jets on the roof. Hence, a narrow Kuccha road was provided, merely, for stray dogs. 

In contrast, the documents claimed of 24m wide road connecting Atharva and 12m wide road connecting Vedaanta (in order to get license approved), which materially were switched with 3m Kuccha roads. 

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It won’t be wrong to say that Navin M Raheja is also mythical about his responsibility and hence, he believes that providing connecting roads to the mentioned complexes, is a role of the Haryana Urban Development authority; and providing a gas bank without an authoritative green flag is the best possible way to prove his command. 

Here is a video of higher officials claiming no approval for the gas bank.

Another fantasy of Navin M Raheja is that people all over the world should be water efficient and hence, he did not bother to provide water tanks with enough storage capacity, although the papers speak of 500000 litres, of water storage tanks. Anyways, let us all assume that the contrast in claims and practices must be a mere coincidence, and engross ourselves in the daily activities. 

Raheja Complexes: A Ticking Time Bomb of Navin M Raheja

Navin M Raheja has been associated with several scams but the most awful of them is him playing the game of life and death for minimalistic monetary gains. 

Raheja Developers have a history of ignoring safety measures, in order to be cost-effective. This rapacity of the builder has been life-threatening for several. Here is a list of mishaps due to disabled safety measures.

  • unchecked July 2009 | Fire ablaze at Atlantis apartment
  • uncheckedMarch 2013 | Gas blast in Atlantis apartment
  • uncheckedJune 2015 | Fire burst in Raheja Silas
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In essence, to the mishaps, it must be notified that all the cases erupted due to deficient safety systems, and disarmed staff. The loss could have been avoided if contemplated.

However, the author’s sole intention, in calling out the mishappenings is to, drag the attention of authorities towards the ticking bombs, namely Raheja Atharva, Raheja Shilas and Raheja Vedaanta.

Also, the investigation of the Fire Department, in Raheja Atharva and Vedaanta indicates, that the builder, Navin M Raheja, has gripped the occupation certificate by illegal means. As, the two properties are incomplete and unsafe, and the buyers living here are under evil’s eyes.

Navin M Raheja has always been backed up by money, in the pursuit of luck. His fortunes have always managed to get him out of the quest, winning the race. 

Even after being the most ignorant, Navin M Raheja has managed to have a silver spoon and a golden bowl. Taken as a rough estimate, Raheja has projects worth 60 million sq ft. which could eventually fetch him more than 600 crores in the near future. 

However, it needs to be understood that Raheja’s logarithmic growth in money-making is the sole cause of high-grade fraud. And, in order to white-wash the fraud, Navin M Raheja has a marketing team, named, Decomplex Advises. 

The marketing team performs majorly, two major tasks for their chief, and that is, performing bizarre marketing techniques and erasing the evil deeds of Raheja, from the virtual and actual memory.

The bizarre marketing techniques include drilling, itself to wash out the taints and this helps as a way to refurbish the image of the firm. 

‘Housing for all, a tool in the hands of Navin M Raheja

In recent years, the Indian government has come up with a noble notion of, ‘Housing for all’, but let’s focus, on how a noble cause lets the cons get even more wealthy. 

Navin M Raheja claims to build 9 crore houses, for the commoners and natives of India. But could he explain what took him an eternity, to build the current projects? It has been proven that not even a single project of Navin M Raheja, was delivered to the buyers on time. On top of that, the delays did not count for weeks or months, but 5-7 years. 

However, not merely Navin M Raheja but most of the NAREDCO members are corrupt. This could be asserted as, the Ex. Senior Vice President, Mr Sunil Dahiya has been booked for the scam of Indian currency, 1000 crores. Mr Dahiya and his brothers were arrested by the Economic Wings, under sections 420, 406, 120B and 34, penalized for cheating, breach of trust, criminal conspiracy and common intent, respectively. 

The Raheja Developers have also been called out for illegal CIS (Collective Investment scheme), unreliable and framed return claims, misleading deals and cyber crimes, however, due to influential reach-outs the scammer is yet at a prestigious designation. 


Fallacious Facade of the Fraudster 

They say, selling lies is cheaper than truths. Similar is the case with Navin M Raheja. He is astute enough to decode, interpret and predict the selling potential of his story. Hence, to make the story, he masked himself with a fallacious facade. 

The builder has always tried to elevate his achievements and magnify his personality, sometimes through fake Facebook likes, and other times with paid advertisements. 

For instance, on January 15, 2013, Indian Express advertised Raheja Builders to be the second largest builder in India, claiming to deliver 290 million square feet. However, the counting kept changing, with delayering of truths.

Several other claims of Navin M Raheja, have been smashed by reality-checks. 

Raheja Developers claimed to build 9 hotels in the year 2009, but even 5 years later, one was delivered, Another, claim of Raheja speaks of, 2 SEZs (special economic zones) of around 5327 acres, but to date, there is no clue of it, later, in 2009 Navin M Raheja claimed of building 20000 homes, but like every other claim, this project was to build in a bubble. 

Rahejas have been claiming false projects, fake licenses and fake security, but the issue doesn’t subsume here, the major trouble remains intact. The trouble was shot up by false claims of the builder. Even more worrying is the reason behind the facade.

Why does Navin M Raheja, try to alter his image? Why does he have to become, that he never, even aspires? Why does he have to alter the truth?

Well! A simple explanation of it is, faking an image to falsify the buyers publicly. Gaining trust to break it, eventually. And, committing fraud to loot the authorities and natives. 

Similar, is the plan and pattern of the Raheja Developers. They assure people of huge benefits and later, distort the faith for the jingling of gold coins.

Further, it needs to be addressed that Rahejas use manipulation of the complaints and raising voices on the web, to white-wash their image. They take articles from authentic sources and manipulate them to narrate their version of the story. However, if the objections are not fixable, they are merely erased from the web. 

For instance, the article, “Raheja of NAREDCO- The man who would be King.” (  was vanished from the web, without the consent of authors. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Navin M Raheja but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

IPO scam: Robbing people’s pockets to plan an expansion

Raheja Developers, soon after making all sorts of luring stories, announced their onset in the public domain. As claimed by them, the firm was going to be public, by providing their stocks in an IPO, where they wanted people to raise funds, for the sake of the company’s expansion.

But, here is a point to be noted, Why should people invest in the expansion of a firm that has been crushing the mental peace of associates? However, on asking about the debt, Raheja Developers executive claim, of a flexible and comfortable state.

However, the truth is crystal clear, irrespective of the lingering claims of the builder.

Is your money safe with Navin M Raheja?

However it seems as if people who made dealings with the builder group are the ones at a loss. But, that’s not true, we too have to face the loss, maybe a little less intensified. To get a more lucid vision, let’s imagine Raheja groups, claiming 100 houses, and out of which they delivered 10.

The government and banks will raise funds to the company, in accordance with the claims. So, the public funds paid by tax-payers and hard-working slabs would be staked. This hard-earned accumulation could have been used for societal gains. 

Now, when the claims fail, the builders linger on to the problem statements, instead of finding solutions. This lingering is not a sign of incapability, but ignorance. The builders know this, from the very start that they won’t be able to deliver as claimed. Yet, they advertise the impossibility of claiming the funds, later linger on to the impossibility and place the people’s money under sheets. 

However, according to Indian law and order, no individual gets a massive penalty for fraud, after being in a situation of no way out and at the time of bankruptcy. 

In both circumstances, builders are in a 1 and we are in 0. So, it can be deduced that even a failed project of falsification, can fetch higher gains for the builders. 

Moreover, even after being clueless about a deal, you have to bear the loss. 


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Navin M Raheja, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.


Raheja Developers tried hard to showcase themselves as victims of consequences. After the case was registered in consumer court, by two buyers, named Virender Goel and JP Gupta, the court started addressing each and every, disregard and deduce of the firm.

Mr Goel and Mr Gupta were trapped by the builder, to fall for Raheja Revanta, a project of Raheja Developers launched in 2011, in Gurgaon. Similar to other projects to ensure a better life and peaceful living, the reality turned out to be quite distinctive.

Both the buyers booked the flats in the mentioned property, and paid 36.06 lakhs till 2012, May. Later, the builder framed an allotment letter demanding 1.64 crores. According to the new norms, mentioned in the allotment letter, the company had to be paid within 48 months, followed by possession after 6 months. This added-on payment was a compulsory restriction, for each and every buyer. Although many buyers resisted the new norm, the cunning intentions of Raheja were firm.

Alas! The buyers started paying the money, monthly. After the whole sum was delivered to the builder, he was denied allotments, shamelessly. The 48-month + 6-month deal was dismantled by the builder. Claims of possession in 2017, were falsified. Moreover, the buyers had to deal with several legal formalities. They were made to run courts and lawyers, for the possession of houses, they purchased by paying extra funds.

After being cheated and fumed, the buyers sued Navin M Raheja, in the custom of NCDRC. 

Further, the case was registered in the High Court, where, after examining every miniature detail, the court concluded extortion by the firm. It was witnessed by the NCDRC that, despite raising the allotment fee, Raheja Developers made an audacious decision to delay the possession. 

The Forfeit 

Navin M. Raheja bluffed numerous times but could not manipulate his fortune. The Court has ordered the Raheja Developers to refund the entire deposit of the buyers, summed up with 9% interest. 

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has imposed a penalty on the New Delhi-based businessman, Navin M Raheja. The Justice, Ram Surat Ram Maurya along with Justice, Dr. Inder Jit Singh, concluded that the builder enhanced the cost of allotment, without giving any proof of the construction. Moreover, the construction work was seized long back and hence, the cancellation of the allotment was inevitable.

The bench of justices concluded that canceling the allotment after the deposition of cost is not merely immortal but also illegal. The court also stated that no buyer could wait for possession of houses for eternity, resulting in the refund of deposition.


The builder, Navin M Raheja was disciplined by the two buyers in the above-mentioned proceeding. However, it’s not viable for each consumer to be cognizant, every time. Since time immemorial, deludes have been practising their con art on the Naives.  

Monetary funds, Mental peace, and moral boost, all of it is lost each time a person faces the abyss of financial loss. Yet, on behalf of moral grounds, the authorities are unable to take any serious action against the fraudsters. The deceivers easily scam people and later profess themselves as bankrupts, which portrays them as a victim in front of the law, and the actual victims have to face the odds. 

Hence, the essential need at this moment is to create a fair environment for each individual. This can be achieved by, solely, being firm and tough on the fraudsters. Along with, providing proper knowledge of the legal formalities and authoritative strength to the commoners. 

Each and every loss, guides us to be more watchful for the forth-coming troubles. None of the life lessons shall be avoided. The scammers as Navin M Raheja shall not benefit from our innocence. We must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. 

Nevertheless, if ignorance is the darkness around us, then knowledge has to be the hopeful light. And, the time to start learning is now.

Did Navin M Raheja’s actions result in the apocalypse of dreams? (Update 2024)
Did Navin M Raheja’s actions result in the apocalypse of dreams? (Update 2024)

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