Nikolas Onoufriadis: Did He Run a Scam of $12,000,000? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Nikolas Onoufriadis
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Nikolas Onoufriadis has received allegations of being a fraudster and criminal. Find out if they are true in this review.

About Nikolas Onoufriadis 

Nikolas Onoufriadis is the owner and managing director of Power2U. He has over fifteen years of managerial experience and delivers expert assistance to several local and international groups in both the corporate & governmental industries. 

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Nikolas Onoufriadis is an executive and marketing consultant who also works in business growth and relations with the government. 

He has gained a substantial understanding of enhancing competitiveness and assisting firms in expanding their businesses by creating locations abroad and developing plans and assets behind it throughout his career.

Nikolas Onoufriadis graduated from the Universities of Massachusetts, Suffolk, & Harvard with two undergraduate degrees & two Masters’s degrees. He also received an outstanding honor for his “Hard Effort and Service” while attending Harvard’s JFK Advanced Program. 

Case Study 

One World LLC V. Nikolas Onoufriadis 

Memorandum Decision and Order 

One World, LLC, and its single member, Gabriel Chaleplis, file a lawsuit against Nikolaos Onoufriadis, James M. Rodgers, Esq., Michael Karloutsos, & Canncore, Inc. One World, LLC, and Gabriel Chaleplis claim that they caused Nikolaos Onoufriadis Chaleplis to make investments of €10,750,000, or roughly $12,000,000, of One World’s money in Greek businesses owned by Nikolaos Onoufriadis employees, that subsequently redirected the money again to their accounts in the US and utilized for private use.

Selling consumers false promises of employment, grants from the government, or other money-making chances is considered business opportunity fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the organization has actively pursued business opportunity fraudsters in recent years, particularly those who preyed on jobless people.

The Amendment Complaint, issued in October, contains 13 allegations based on state general law & two allegations based on the Racketeering and Corrupt Associations Act. 

Karloutsos is currently attempting to have every accusation concerning him dismissed. Canncore and Nikolas Onoufriadis request the dismissal of only both charges claiming RICO crimes. In opposition to both actions, the company One World LLC requests permission to modify its grievance the second time. 

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The petitions for the dismissal of the Complainant’s RICO allegations have been approved, and the jury has dismissed the RICO complaint filed by the non-moving charged, Nikolas Onoufriadis. 


Plaintiffs- Gabriel Chaleplis is a rich Greek-origin turned British citizen who lives in London. One World, a privately held corporation, was founded by Chaleplis to act as his financial platform. The action was brought forward very soon, and Chaleplis was the sole shareholder of One World.

Defendants- As per the decision of the court, Nikolaos Onoufriadis is a citizen of Greece and a legal permanent resident of the United States, who lives and works in Massachusetts. He is the ex-20 % manager of One World LLC. 

James Rodgers is a licensed lawyer and a resident of the State of Pennsylvania. He is an ex-secretary and Chief Legal Officer of One World. 

Chaleplis wanted to establish a corporation that would allow him to make investments in American enterprises. He sought advice from Nikolaos Onoufriadis, an entrepreneur that Chaleplis had a connection in Athens. 

Nikolaos Onoufriadis suggested that Chaleplis hire Michael Karloutsos, a longtime pal of Nikolaos Onoufriadis, because of his alleged competence in American & Greek companies, advertising, political relations, & campaigning. Nikolaos Onoufriadis, Nikolaos Karloutsos, and Nikolaos Chaleplis subsequently met in Athens to talk about their various roles in the organization. 

Nikolaos Karloutsos, Rodgers, and Onoufriadis offered to Chaleplis suggested One World participate in the burgeoning Green medical marijuana sector over several conversations and meetings in New York City. 

€500,000 was spent plus 2018, €1,000,000 was spent; and on March 19, 2018, €2,700,000 was spent. All of the money had been placed into Rodgers’ Citizens Bank IOLTA lawyer account of trust until they were able to be sent to One World’s banks by Chaleplis.

According to the dispute, Nikolas Onoufriadis, Karloutsos, or Rodgers diverted over $9,000,000 of One World money to one another for private use via Conmave alongside BioProcann or attempted to conceal the activities by distributing bonds announcing to recoup the makes given by One World along with provided by both Greek businesses.

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Legal Standard 

Karloutsos, Onoufriadis, & Canncore seek dismissal of Charges alleging breaches of the Racketeering Organized & Corrupt Associations Act. Because Canncore is not identified as a RICO attacker, I will view this move as filed solely through both people. 

RICO Claims 

The conditions of the underlying actions of money laundering have to be stated with specificity, as would any other accusation of deception. Movants claim that the scams weren’t pleaded in this manner. 

It is not required, nevertheless, to dig into if One World LLC achieved that condition, or if One World LLC has properly proven the presence of an association-in-fact Racketeering business. 

For it is evident that the plaintiffs did not allege that the company operated in a RICO manner or because they sustained RICO damage.


Claims of Amendment Case have been dropped with impediment as well as without permission to replead in favor of every defendant for the causes described previously, and the balance of the allegations has been dropped without impediment to the allegations becoming resubmitted in a court of proper authority.

The secretary of the Court of Appeal has been asked to eliminate the petitions from the Judge’s ongoing arguments list and then conclude this incident. 

Case Study of Nikolas Onoufriadis.
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Nikolas Onoufriadis’s Fake PR 

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According to, Nikolas Onoufriadis is an experienced company executive & businessman who served in capacities throughout the world for more than fifteen years. Nikolas stated in a discussion on the website that his specialty is also fluent in Spanish & German linguistics as well as his native Greek & American English competence. 

As an administrator and coach, he is noted for his leadership, empathy, & negotiation skills. Nikolas claimed to have helped young entrepreneurs by serving as an assessor and consultant in the MIT & BU Startup Incubator initiatives.

Nikolas Onoufriadis, on the other hand, is a con artist who deposited $12,000,000 from One World’s capital in Greek businesses owned by him, subsequently redirected the earnings toward the hands of the US & exploited the funds for financial gain. 

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Nikolas Onoufriadis: Did He Run a Scam of $12,000,000? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Nikolas Onoufriadis: Did He Run a Scam of $12,000,000? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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