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Dr. Rifaat Salem: Did He Defraud Others? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Dr. Rifaat Salem
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Dr. Rifaat Salem has received multiple allegations of being a fraudster. Find out if those allegations are true.
David and Melissa Pineda went for Unsuccessful IVF to Dr. Rifaat Salem Clinic.

David & Melissa Pineda visited Dr. Rifaat Salem for IVF Therapy, but it turned out to be a Nightmare

Dr. Rifaat Salem, a reproductive specialist, engaged in unsettling behavior with a married couple. They claimed that adding another kid to their home would be a painful experience.

David and Melissa, a husband and wife, are right now involved in a misconduct action involving Dr. Rifaat Salem, a reproductive physician in Torrance, California. 

According to the doctor, after the insertion of a kid with a stranger’s eggs followed by performing an abortion with their permission to avoid a potential miscarriage.  

Mrs. Pineda, a victim, told KTLA that the couple traveled there to deliver a baby, rather than kill a baby. 

The couple stated they had attended Dr. Rifaat Salem’s facility in December while trying to get pregnant with our fourth child, while Mrs. Pineda had been implanted with an additional pair of eggs a month later. 

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However, Mrs. Pineda claims that two days after the treatment, although she was on authorized bed rest, she received a phone call urging her to make her way to the clinic instantly, even though it was a weekend, i.e. Sunday. 

Mrs. Pineda claims that after learning about the process, she had a distressing collaboration with a healthcare professional who claimed to have come in to perform a check on the couple’s surviving eggs. The healthcare worker discovered that each of the 14 original eggs remained in the incubator, implying the eggs were implanted with other people’s embryos. 

6/12/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. Rifaat Salem has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Dr. Rifaat Salem indicated that he wished to double-check in on the developing eggs and find out how they were developing. Mrs. Pineda, on the other hand, experienced an extremely excruciating surgery as well as the curettage procedure. The most common technique utilized in the initial trimester of an abortion is cervix extraction. 

Mrs. Pineda was advised that she should come back the following day for a shot of a medicine that might reduce part of the hemorrhaging but she subsequently found that the medication she received was a drug called methotrexate a substance used as an abortion treatment. 

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Later, the couple discovered what had occurred to them in their final days and Pinedas recruited Neil Howard, a malpractice attorney, to handle their case in court against Dr. Rifaat Salem. 

According to the attorney, Dr. Rifaat Salem violated the law by failing to obtain the Pinedas’ most efficient permission for either abortion procedure. One of the doctor’s attendants testified in a deposition with sworn testimony that Mrs. Pineda failed to sign up for the D and C till after it had taken place. 

What exactly does medical system fraud entail?

Healthcare fraud refers to a situation in which patients’ confidence has been violated by healthcare management or professionals who have used deception to their detriment. One of the many components of deception is when the truth is distorted to conceal, deceive, or control the truth.

There is no doubt in my opinion, that this represented a potentially good pregnancy but he didn’t wish to pursue it. This explains why he took two actions which are as follows:

  • Abortion using chemical means. 
  • Abortion by surgical means.

The couple’s attorney claimed that he wished to make certain that this particular kid did not live to full birth. 

The pair stated they’ve never consented to an abortion and think those with the eggs they got ought to know the real story. 

Mr. Pineda believes that if we had a child on the way, we would have an expecting baby frolicking around us right now due to whatever the doctor performed. 

This is the most difficult aspect of our existence & cannot be able to substitute the times of joy and pleasure that we have been looking forward to since the birth of our baby, who is no longer with us. 

According to the Daily Mail Online website, Dr. Rifaat Salem’s clinic wasn’t returned promptly. 

Customers’ Experiences with Dr. Rifaat Salem 

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Keep your distance! Seek a different physician!

According to one of Dr. Rifaat Salem’s patients, she visited the doctor’s clinic frequently but he did not know her nor did not return her calls in between their sessions. She claims that he usually disregarded me when I spotted him in his cabin or a conference hall. 

Finally, a meeting with him was set, and he was quite distinct and blunt regarding the issue that he remembered me utilizing to convey to him. As I started weeping, he urged me to flee the house as well as the office & never go back. 

Medication instructions were sometimes insufficient, erroneous, or non-existent. The squad was difficult to reach. People hardly phoned to respond, and their emails were brief and uninformative. 

I was permitted to leave the hospital with a caretaker after both operations, but I had to sign papers stating that they were unable to release me from a carer owing to the anesthesia. Items were still attached to me following procedures, despite the fact the IVF and ventilatory tubes were removedsVef1RAVHh rJwPh75BiBRgMVSdhvSGJdALleFTl 9Bv3cWpzsWsiF1XN95c1oiUHH5 eVJcm0LLAoxjZpEzE9BgaBfnwO9qfoEtoiGwMjN78Eo 9qSJQoJZZVMKd4BaF2paFBwEvLf 7 itbGjvwoQ

Horribic Clinic!!

I went in for a consultation after one of Dr. Rifaat Salem’s patients claimed to have fibroids in their uterus. He said that I’d become conceived with my fibroid cells the largest of which was five centimeters He suggested that we begin with Clomiphene while I get a Uterine biopsy. 

The tissue biopsy was performed at a different office, for which I needed to make payments myself as my health insurance failed to cover it. Whenever I questioned if I required the process, I was advised that it would be useful to possess. Thus I underwent the treatment, that was subsequently deemed unnecessary by my obstetrician’s office & three additional reproductive doctors. 

Dr. Rifaat Salem was at my very first checking session & suggested I could have PCOS due to the number of eggs I possessed, followed by each time after that it was another physician or staff. 

Another doctor or staff addressed PCOS, but when I asked if I had a fibroid tumor the largest fibroid, everybody pretended they weren’t aware it was a fibroid, while one nurse suggested it was something growing off my kidneys. 

Another clomiphene cycle also flopped. We seemed about to begin the third cycle, so I came in for testing. It was a female Dr. Rifaat Salem this time. 

I squandered two progeny cycles with Dr. Rifaat Salem which I couldn’t get back. I just walked away from the place setting. I sought another perspective, and both doctors agreed that the fibroids should be eliminated before considering conception. 

The 5cm tumor he claimed to be the largest and easiest to get conceived with turned out to be a 7cm fibroid, which meant there had been more than Four!

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Dr. Rifaat Salem does not care about his patients!!

Dr. Rifaat Salem exhibited a bad conversational style, but that wasn’t an issue for me, as said by his patients who came for fertility. He completed the work for the 2013 cycle, which is but once I went in 2016 for an unsuccessful FET & a horrible new round, he was indifferent. He had been working on establishing an office in Dubai & was ignoring his duties. 

She said that I retained my faith in the doctor after the unsuccessful FET since mistakes occur and no medical procedure assures a successful outcome, so I consented to try again. 

The previous one was a disaster, he barely looked at my reproductive system throughout ultrasound examinations while I was taking stims, measuring just one follicle, and rarely upped my prescription if I wasn’t reacting properly, claims his patient. 

Then, since I had just a few oocytes forming and the ones that did form were so few, he made me stimulate for far longer than necessary, potentially jeopardizing eggs and embryonic integrity. I was heartbroken by the outcome of the egg collection and new implantation and requested another physician quickly.

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About Dr. Rifaat Salem 

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Dr. Rifaat Salem received his medical degree from the University of Southern California & a Ph.D. in neuroendocrinology at the University of the State of California, Los Angeles. 

The doctor had two National Institutes of Health Neuroendocrinology Scholarships & conducted innovative studies that contributed to understanding the biological process of key hormonal substances. 

Dr. Rifaat has multiple research publications that have appeared in the top national and international infertility publications. The study has helped to further improve the comprehension and management of fertility.

Dr. Rifaat Salem has considerable clinical expertise in fertility and surgical procedures was gained at organizations that include the University of British Columbia, Stanford, The Microsurgical Institute of San Francisco, & Pacific Fertility Center of San Francisco. 

For six years, Dr. Rifaat Salem served as the medical director along with one of the creators of Pacific Fertility Center. He holds Master of Sciences degrees in both biochemical and medicine. He is an affiliate of the American Society for Reproductive Health & of the American College of Gynecology and Obstetrics.


Dr. Rifaat Salem is the Founder and Executive Medical Director of Pacific Reproductive Center. He studied medicine at the University of Southern California. Dr. Rifaat Salem has numerous scholarly articles in the leading national and international fertility journals.

The research has contributed to a better understanding and control of infertility. David & Melissa Pineda sought IVF therapy from Dr. Rifaat Salem, but the doctor transformed their lives into a living hell. 

Mrs. Pineda, on the other hand, had been implanted with the eggs but was summoned to the Doctor’s office after a couple of days. Thus, a staff member at Dr. Rifaat Salem’s office informed Mrs. Pineda that once she returned to double-check her leftover eggs, she discovered that all of them remained in the incubator. Mrs. Pineda suddenly feels she had been implanted with a stranger’s eggs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Pineda, on the other hand, sued Dr. Rifaat Salem, alleging that the doctor failed to obtain permission before conducting fertility treatment followed by abortion procedures. 

Dr. Rifaat Salem: Did He Defraud Others? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Dr. Rifaat Salem: Did He Defraud Others? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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  1. It seems like Dr. Salem was not interested in treating the couple or was an inexperienced surgeon who was unaware of IVF treatments.

  2. These doctors were unaware of the suffering of those who suffered due to such incidents, and those who were treated to such incidents may develop mental illnesses. And now they come to a difficult phase of their lives.

  3. How crucial it is? Estimating a woman’s pregnancy without her permission for incorrect treatment by Dr.Rifaat Salem himself would never be acceptable at all.

  4. The couple made the right choice in going against Dr. Rifaat Salem for carelessness and improper IVF treatment procedures. This was a wise decision on their part. Because these doctors had no right to stay in the society.

  5. After reading this article I got tears in my eyes at how difficult for Mrs. Pineda, to handle this situation, As a woman I can understand that it’s very difficult for women to come out of these types of situations.

  6. I feel that IVF treatments should be avoided since they are mechanical procedures, and it is important to understand that these techniques were never meant for the human species. Because the success rates of these operations were inaccurate.

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