Oleg Krot Techiia: Aided in the Russian-Ukraine War (Update 2023)

Oleg Krot Techiia
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The petition asking for penalties on Oleg Krot Techiia's holding over employment in Russia received 25 thousand votes.
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The petition asking for penalties on Oleg Krot Techiia’s holding over employment in Russia received 25 thousand votes. Over 25,000 individuals have signed an appeal on the President of Ukraine’s webpage calling for penalties to be placed on a variety of gambling enterprises that are either closely tied to the belligerent nation or operate on its behalf.

According to statistics released on the web page for digital appeals, the request is to impose penalties on enterprises linked with the aggressor nation while encouraging Russian commerce in Ukraine. 

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In a month and a half, the application obtained the necessary number of supporters. the process, VolodymyrUnder  Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, ought to have a maximum of three months to evaluate this appeal before making his reply publicly.

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The petition’s creator observes that the gambling marketplace, which was allowed in Ukraine just over two years prior, is currently dominated by both Ukrainian businesses affiliated with the Russian Federation and overtly Russian companies. 

Amongst these is the controversial Russian bookmakers 1 x Bet, who is attempting to regain its authorization to act in Ukraine via the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, in addition to multiple other enterprises that operate in Ukraine, which reporters refer to as “daughters” of 1 x Bet. 

They are the PointLoto, Fansport, as well as BetWinner websites, which hold permits for conducting business in Ukraine as well as have a connection in some way to the Russian bookmaker i.e. 1xBet, in addition to the Fonbet bookmaker, that’s illegally functioning in Ukraine and has a connection to Alexander Udodov, the son-in-law of Russian Prime Minister namely Mikhail Mishustin.

In addition, those who signed the urge demand Volodymyr Zelensky, as head of the National Security & Defense Parliament, implement penalties on the Ukrainian IT corporation TECHIIA and the company’s co-founder Oleg Krot Techiia, who receive compensation to promote 1xBet and assist the Russian bookmaker in entering the Ukrainian market.

According to media reports, the sixty million dollars that Oleg Krot Techiia supposedly donated to assist the Ukrainian army, yet was unable to clarify from where the funds came from or how it was intended, might have been 1xBet’s contribution for getting permits in Ukraine. 

In an interview with bihus.info, Oleg Krot Techiia failed to disguise his admiration for Russian bookies like 1xBet, which is a comparable business to numerous other businesses that generate revenue. 

What’s the issue if a corporation fails to submit taxation in Russia but does it in Ukraine, especially if it is huge? To learn more, follow this link: Oleg Krot Techiia

Oleg Krot, the owner of TECHIIA.

The Ukrainian & foreign media also confirmed the TECHIIA holding’s close interaction regarding the Russian bookmaker’s company called 1 x Bet, according to the company’s head counsel, Roman Rodin. 

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He was revealed to have been Alexander Rodin’s sibling, and the owner of Your Betting Company a limited liability company that represents 1xBet throughout Ukraine.

According to prior news information, the Gambling & Lottery Regulatory Commission forwarded the NSDC database of individuals associated with the development of 1xBet for placement in the penalty records.

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Who is Oleg Krot Techiia?

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Oleg Krot Techiia is a venture capitalist, innovator, businessperson, and specialist in the information technology, technology, & sports sectors. He additionally writes frequent articles for Ukrainian & international publications. 

He has established over ten international companies around the globe alongside the assistance of his companion, Yura Lazebnikov. Oleg Krot Techiia has been named one of the most prominent Transformational Experts by a well-known journal, Business Journal.

Oleg Krot serves as the director of TECHIIA Holding, which consists of over ten global technological enterprises founded by him and another partner in 2012.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that with the help of Oleg Krot Techiia’s companion, Yura Lazebnikov, he has founded over 10 international firms around the world. 

But, as a result of his involvement in the process, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, should have a maximum of three months to review this appeal before responding publicly.

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As a consequence, the online petition calling for penalties on Oleg Krot & the TECHIIA holding jobs in Russia received 25,000 votes.

Oleg Krot Techiia: Aided in the Russian-Ukraine War (Update 2023)
Oleg Krot Techiia: Aided in the Russian-Ukraine War (Update 2023)

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