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OMD Review: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

OMD was allegedly a Ponzi scheme, according to certain claims. Let the truth be known about that organization's dishonest actions.
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OMD was allegedly a Ponzi scheme, according to certain claims. Let the truth be known about that organization's dishonest actions.

Before we can move on to discussing topics associated with OMD, we need to get a few things straight about the various components of this website. As a direct consequence of this, I decided to investigate OMD further and came across several really important questions.

Before we get started with this review
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What do you know about OMD?

It is crucial to obtain as much data as possible when evaluating any organization, especially one in the field of multi-level marketing (MLM). This will allow you to make a decision that is based on accurate facts. 

When it comes to OMD (also known as OMDCZ), the fact that the company’s website does not include any information about the company’s ownership or leadership team is cause for concern. When a firm doesn’t identify its executives, it raises doubts about the level of trust it can earn from its customers because transparency is an essential component of trust.

Our Methodology

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It is worth noting that the website domain for OMD ( was registered privately on May 29th, 2023. This means that the owner’s identity can be concealed through the use of a strategy known as private domain registration. While this doesn’t necessarily indicate any illegitimacy, it does add to the general lack of transparency surrounding the website.

In addition, the fact that Chinese characters are present in the source code of the website raises the possibility of connections with China. This can be a cause for concern because certain multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations have been linked to unethical business practices, which is especially concerning because these companies’ operations cross international lines.

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OMD: Why do you need to be alert before you Invest?

If you are thinking about becoming a member of an MLM firm or spending money in one, it is best to proceed with care and carry out extensive research before making any decisions. Take note of the following, as they are all very important:

  1. Transparency is essential for a successful business, which is why a reputable organization should not hide information about its ownership or management team. It should serve as a red flag if this data is not easily accessible to everyone.
  1. Domain Registration Private registration of a domain does not automatically indicate wrongdoing; rather, it can make it harder to identify the people who are behind a website.
  1. In addition to looking over the company’s own materials, you should also carry out an extensive investigation. You can gain a more objective perspective by reading consumer complaints, news articles, or reviews written by independent reviewers.
  1. Legal Compliance Ensure that the organization conforms to local as well as international laws, particularly those restrictions pertaining to multi-level marketing and direct selling.
  1. Be wary of any company that puts pressure on you to make a commitment to finances without providing you with the time to carefully assess the possibility.
  1. Advice Should Be Sought to Speak with knowledgeable persons or professionals who are able to provide unbiased insights regarding the legitimacy of the MLM firm and the potential risks involved.

To summarize, it is essential to take caution when dealing with a corporation such as OMD because it lacks clarity regarding ownership and exhibits probable ties to another country. Whenever accepting any agreements or investments, particularly within the context of MLM firms, you should make conducting in-depth research and exercising due diligence your first priority at all times.

How does the OMD work?

Now, if we are going to talk about the operational procedure of OMD, we can summarize it by breaking it down into the following points:

  • Products of OMD 
  • Compensation Plan 
  • Referral Commission

Products of OMD

OMD does not offer any products or services that are available for retail purchase. Affiliates are only allowed to advertise OMD affiliate memberships themselves in their marketing efforts.

Compensation Plan of OMD

OMD affiliates take part in the program by making investments in USDT (Tether) with the intention of earning the returns that have been offered. The rate of return is determined by a tiered structure that takes into account both the amount invested and the length of time during which it was held:

L20: Affiliates who put up 50 USDT are guaranteed a 21% return on their money within a week’s time if they participate in the L20 promotion.

L40: Affiliates are informed that for every 100 USDT they deposit, they will receive a return of 54% within 15 days if they participate in L40.

60 Days: If an investor is interested in a longer-term investment opportunity, they have the option of putting in 1000 USDT and receiving a guarantee of a 240% return after a period of 60 days.

It is essential to be aware that OMD deducts a 15% fee from the total amount of any withdrawal, which can have a substantial effect on the real returns obtained by affiliates.

Affiliate recruitment is a component of OMD’s multi-level marketing structure, in addition to the returns on investments that are guaranteed. This essentially means that associates have the potential to make commissions by bringing in new members for the program that they are associated with. 

These commissions are often tied to the recruiting of new investors and can take on a variety of forms depending on the magnitude of the acquired member’s investment as well as their level of participation within the program.

However, it is essential to exercise extreme caution when contemplating any investment opportunity that mainly depends on recruitment for income. This is because such structures could seem like a pyramid scheme and may not be sustainable over the long run. 

In addition, the returns on investment that are promised should be viewed with caution because abnormally high returns within a short period of time might be an indicator of potential hazards or fraudulent schemes. 

Before engaging in an investment program, it is highly recommended to undertake extensive research and get competent financial counsel. This is especially true for programs that contain components of multi-level marketing (MLM) and claim high rates of return.

Referral Commissions

On USDT invested down three levels of recruitment, OMD pays referral commissions (unilevel).

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 10%
  • level 2 – 5%
  • level 3 – 3%

Recruitment Bonuses

The following bonuses are given by OMD to affiliates that bring in new business:

  • Gain 10 USDT for bringing on three affiliates
  • 20 USDT for bringing on six affiliates
  • 50 USDT for bringing on ten affiliates

What is the process of joining OMD?

There is no charge associated with becoming an OMD affiliate member. To fully participate in the revenue potential that has been attached, a minimum investment of fifty US Dollar Coins is required.


OMD claims to be a “click a button” app Ponzi scheme that started to take off in late 2021. These scams lead OMD affiliates to believe that by merely clicking a button inside the software, they can receive rewards. According to OMD, it will share a portion of the profits with its affiliate investors. 

This action is allegedly related to film investment and the leasing of film rights. But there is no real connection between the idea of making money by pressing a button in an app and investing in or leasing film rights.

The reality is that pressing an icon within the OMD application has no meaningful effect on bringing in money or encouraging film investment. The Ponzi model is usually followed by these scams, which use freshly invested money to pay out earlier investors. Early investors frequently fund the gains given to them with money from later investors, which leads to an unsustainable cycle.

OMD’s strategy is not original; comparable schemes like Jawa Eye and Movss have previously utilized a similar film investment hoax to draw members. These “click a button” app Ponzi scams often don’t survive more than a few days to a few months before they collapse.
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When these schemes inevitably fail, they frequently vanish quickly by abruptly deactivating their websites and mobile apps. Due to the intrinsic mathematics of Ponzi schemes, it is unavoidable that the majority of participants would not recover their capital, leaving most investors at a loss.

These apps are “click-a-button” Ponzi schemes that continue to be a serious risk to investors and are thought to be run by an organization of Chinese fraudsters. Any financial opportunity that promises high returns for little work must be approached with caution, careful investigation, and skepticism, especially if there is no transparency or obvious link between the provided results and the company’s fundamental activities.

OMD Review: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)
OMD Review: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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