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BitArbi Review: Exposing the Cryptocurrency Trading Scam (2024)

BitArbi review
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BitArbi has received allegations of being a scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this Gripeo review.
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It is concerning that BitArbi Review does not provide any information about its proprietorship or administrative groups on its website. 

Additionally, the webpage, “”, was entered with false details on July 31, 2023. It is always important to be cautious when dealing with MLM companies that are not transparent about who owns or runs them. 

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Before joining or investing any money, take the time to research and consider the risks involved.

Products of BitArbi Review

BitArbi affiliates can only promote BitArbi membership; no other goods or assistance are offered.

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Compensation Plan of BitArbi Review

BitArbi affiliates invest their cryptocurrency with the expectation of earning advertised returns.

Affiliates Invest Receive Days 
1 Plan $50-$50,0001.25%hour for 5 days
2 Plan $1000-$50,0001.75%hour for 4 days
3 Plan $5000-$50,0002.5%hour for 3 days
4 Plan $50-$50,000200%after 5 days
5 Plan $100-$50,000300%after 7 days
6 Plan $200-$50,000800%after 12 days

BitArbi offers referral commissions to users who recruit others to invest in cryptocurrency. The referral commissions are paid in detail at three levels of hiring.

Levels Percentage 
1st Level5%
2nd Level 5%
3rd Level1%

Joining in BitArbi Review

Membership to BitArbi’s affiliate program is free, but a minimum investment of $50 is required for full involvement in the related salary of the chances. 

BitArbi solicits investments in cryptocurrency.

Conclusion of BitArbi Review

BitArbi produces external revenue through cryptocurrency trading.

BitArbi is a global cryptocurrency trading program that simplifies investing in cryptocurrencies and offers stable interest rates.

There is no evidence to suggest that BitArbi pays withdrawals using the revenue generated from crypto trading. In addition, the business model of BitArbi fails the Ponzi logic test. 

The necessity for BitArbi to solicit new cash from customers remains ambiguous, given its purported ability to consistently create a substantial return of 800% within a span of twelve days. 

Currently, the only source of revenue that can be verified going into BitArbi is through new investments. However, using new investments to pay existing affiliates’ withdrawals would essentially make BitArbi a Ponzi scheme, which is not a sustainable business model. 

Once new affiliate recruitment slows down, BitArbi’s ROI revenue may decrease, leading to potential collapse as with all MLM Ponzi schemes.

It’s important to note that the nature of Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they ultimately collapse, the majority of participants are likely to lose money.

BitArbi Review is a Legit or a Scam? 

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According to its Safety Score, poses significant risks and is not a safe website to use. We strongly advise against using it due to its high-risk nature. There is a high likelihood that the website is a scam, created to deceive users. 

To ensure your online safety, it is essential to exercise caution when using, which belongs to the Personal Finance category. After considering various critical factors, here are some key points to note about

Customer’s Reviews: BitArbi Review

  • One of the organization’s customers alleges that they are a scam and have not paid back any invested money.
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  • Michale Allen claims that it’s a fraud and has a passive income site and is not paying.

What is a Ponzi Scheme? 

BitArbi Review involved in a Ponzi Scheme.

A Ponzi scheme refers to a deceptive financial plan that is unlawful in nature, wherein it guarantees abnormally substantial returns to investors without commensurate danger or feasibility.

The operational structure bears resemblance to that of a scam called a pyramid, wherein the individual in a position of authority initiates the process by recruiting a limited number of clients and subsequently utilizes their money to provide them with disproportionately significant earnings. 

The subsequent cohort of participants is subsequently remunerated by utilizing monies acquired from a subsequent cohort, and this process continues until the fraudulent scheme ultimately fails.

The person in charge has the option of choosing to extract a share of the incoming contributions as the plan advances or choose to abscond with the money when the whole thing is on the verge of failure. 

Ultimately, the strategy becomes unsuccessful, resulting in significant financial losses for numerous individuals. The involvement of BitArbi Review in the Ponzi scheme should be taken into account, necessitating care when contemplating making a purchase with the platform.

Final Thoughts 

Since BitArbi Review is categorized as a personal finance website, it’s important to ensure that the investment opportunity you’re considering has received the necessary approval from financial regulators in your jurisdiction. 

It’s crucial to conduct thorough research before diving into any type of investment opportunity, whether it’s related to cryptocurrency, NFTs, forex, gold, or the stock market. 

If you encounter guaranteed fixed profits, extraordinarily high returns, or unrealistic investment opportunities, it’s important to exercise extreme caution as there may be a high risk of investment fraud. 

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that any online finance service providers you choose are regulated and registered by the government. If you need to know more about this scam organization, you may learn from the link: BitArbi Review

BitArbi Review: Exposing the Cryptocurrency Trading Scam (2024)
BitArbi Review: Exposing the Cryptocurrency Trading Scam (2024)

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