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Reyana Meta FX: Is It a Forex Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Reyana Meta fx
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Reyana Meta FX has received allegations of being a forex scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this Gripeo review.
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The website of Reyana Meta FX needs to furnish details on business or management personnel.

The web page name “” belonging to Reyana Meta FX was purchased anonymously on July 16th, 2023.

During the execution of this evaluation, it was observed that a significant portion of the advertising campaigns for Reyana Meta FX mostly focus on the country of Bangladesh.

This implies that Reyana Meta FX could be operated from Bangladesh, or is possibly concentrating its marketing endeavors in that region.

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It is advisable to exercise caution and careful consideration when contemplating involvement in an MLM organization that lacks transparency regarding its leadership and ownership, as well as when considering financial transactions with such an entity.

Products of Reyana Meta FX

Reyana Meta FX does not offer any services or products that can be sold directly to consumers.

Associates possess the exclusive capability to promote their affiliate membership of Reyana Meta FX.

Compensation Plan of Reyana Meta FX

Associates of Reyana Meta FX make investments of $50 or above with the expectation of receiving daily earnings ranging from 2% to 3%.

The average daily rate of return experiences a rise ranging from 2% to 4% when a network marketer successfully hires a total of five associates.

Associates of Reyana Meta FX must be logged in daily in order to initiate the payment of their return on investment (ROI).

The Reyana Meta FX MLM program compensates participants based on their ability to acquire associate partners.

Our Methodology

We look at 34 different data points when analyzing and rating online money-earning opportunities. Once the research on these data points is submitted, expert contributors reach out to the company’s customers and associates to get more insight into their operation. Finally, all the collected information is presented in the form of this expert review.

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Affiliate Ranks of Reyana Meta FX 

Reyana Meta FX’s payment system comprises three distinct associate levels.

Below is a tabular representation delineating the prerequisites for attaining the Ruby, Emerald, & Diamond designations within a multi-level marketing or associate initiative.

RankAffiliates Recruited3 Recruitment Legs (Volume)Remaining Legs (Volume)
Ruby10$2,500 or more$2,500 or more
Emerald15$5,000 or more$5,000 or more
Diamond20$10,000 or more$10,000 or more

Referral Commission of Reyana Meta FX 

Reyana Meta FX offers a referral commission of 5% on the money invested contributed by associates who are directly acquired.

Residual Commission 

Reyana Meta FX utilizes a uni-level salary system to distribute residual profits.

In a uni-level compensation system, a partner is positioned at the highest level of a uni-level group, with each associate they individually acquire being put right beneath their position at level 1.


If level 1 partners successfully enlist additional partners, said recruits will be positioned on level 2 inside the uni-level group of the initial affiliation.

In the event that level 2 associates successfully enlist fresh recruits, these newly recruited individuals are then positioned on level 3, and this hierarchical pattern continues indefinitely, extending to an abstract unlimited amount of layers.

The Reyana Meta FX compensation plan limits the number of paid uni-level team levels to five.

Residual commissions are disbursed in two forms: a proportion of the invested capital or a daily return sent to associates over five levels of hierarchy, as outlined below:

LevelQualification RequirementsCommission Percentage
1Personally recruited affiliates15%
2Must recruit two affiliates to qualify10%
3Must recruit four affiliates to qualify7%
4Must recruit six affiliates to qualify5%
5Must recruit eight affiliates to qualify3%

It should be noted that there is a lack of clarity regarding the payment of residual commissions in relation to either the initial amount invested or the everyday return. It is worth mentioning that Reyana Meta FX has chosen to keep its incentive scheme undisclosed in order to protect the public.

Rank Achievement Bonus of Reyana Meta FX

the firm rewards affiliates for qualifying at Ruby and higher with a monthly Rank Achievement Bonus:

Qualify Receive 
Ruby $500 a month
Emerald $1000 a month
Diamond $2000 a month

Joining in Reyana Meta FX

The Reyana Meta FX affiliate program comes at no cost.

Reyana Meta FX Conclusion

Reyana Meta FX presents itself as a reliable and trustworthy system for trading forex.

The firm fails to provide any compelling rationale for engendering trust among customers in its operations. As has been noted, the firm conceals possession, manager, or salary details from customers.

These indicators are significant warning signs that shouldn’t be disregarded.

Another indication of concern is the presence of numerous non-functional links on the firm’s site. This observation implies that the construction of the web page was carried out in a hurried manner.

Regarding the alleged ROI deception by the firm, no substantiating proof has been presented to support the claim that trade income has been utilized for withdrawal purposes.

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The chance to invest provided by Reyana Meta FX might be classified as an offer in securities. The firm is required to undergo registration by banking regulatory authorities.

There is a lack of documentation from the firm regarding its registration by regulatory agencies in any country. This implies that, at the very least, the firm is engaging in deceptive conduct related to commodities.

Currently, the only form of income that can be substantiated in this firm is derived from fresh investments.

The utilization of fresh capital injections to cover associate withdrawal would qualify the firm as a fraudulent Ponzi scheme.

Similar to other multi-level marketing (MLM) Ponzi scams, the influx of new investments will cease as the hiring of affiliates diminishes.

The lack of ROI income is going to contribute to a deprivation of financial resources for the firm, ultimately resulting in eventual bankruptcy.

The mathematical principles beneath these Ponzi schemes ensure that, upon their eventual disintegration, a significant majority of investors would experience financial losses. If you want to know more about the scam, you may follow the link: Reyana Meta FX

What is a Ponzi Scheme?


Ponzi schemes use the promise of high returns with little or no risk to attract investors. These schemes can initially gain investor confidence when early investors see high returns. 

However, they eventually collapse when new investment slows down and there isn’t enough capital to pay investors anymore.

Who was Charles Ponzi?

A Ponzi scheme, also known as a “Ponzi scam,” is a fraudulent investment scheme. The scheme operates by paying returns to early investors using the funds contributed by newer investors. 

Typically, Ponzi schemes do not operate any legitimate business, and the orchestrator of the scheme pockets a portion of the money. The term “Ponzi scheme” originated from Charles Ponzi, who orchestrated the first known scheme of this type in 1920.

Reyana Meta FX: Is It a Forex Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Reyana Meta FX: Is It a Forex Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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