Othman El Ballouti Belgium: Is He a Drug Trafficker? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Othman El Ballouti Belgium is a criminal who is based in Antwerp and has a significant amount of prior criminal activity. Discover the means by which the authorities in Belgium brought him to light.
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Othman El Ballouti Belgium is a criminal who is based in Antwerp and has a significant amount of prior criminal activity. Discover the means by which the authorities in Belgium brought him to light.

Othman El Ballouti, an entrepreneur from Belgium recognized as a drug trafficker, will be the focus of many significant disclosures throughout the course of this short novel. If you are interested in learning about his activities and individuals who are related to him, you are going to need to read all of my comments very carefully.

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Othman El Ballouti Belgium: What is his identity, exactly? Why did he become a drug dealer?

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The United States Treasury Department refers to Othman El Ballouti Belgium as a “high-level drug trafficker” in a number of its reports. He is the leader of a worldwide criminal organization that is responsible for bringing cocaine into Belgium via the port of Antwerp so that it may be distributed throughout Europe.

Othamn’s younger brother, Younes El Ballouti, offers him assistance with his work. The term “laundering” refers to the process of moving money that has been obtained illegally via firms based in the People’s Republic of China. They are wanted by the police in Belgium because of their participation in the distribution of illegal drugs.

Since 2016, Othman El Ballouti Belgium, a businessman who has been labeled by Belgian newspapers as one of Europe’s major cocaine traffickers, has managed to evade capture by Belgian police. 

They have reason to think that he has taken refuge in Dubai. According to the findings of a recently uncovered real estate database, a guy by the name of Othman El Ballouti Belgium may now call the emirate his home.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium has refuted the claim made by the Belgian press that he ran a significant cocaine import business out of the port of Antwerp in Belgium. This accusation was made.

In several of their reports, he was described as one of the most powerful drug dealers in the Low Countries, and he was said to have links to opposing groups.

According to Gazet van Antwerpen, his whole portfolio is estimated to be valued at least 100 million euros ($118 million). This information comes from many sources.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium refutes the claim that he runs a substantial cocaine import business out of the port of Antwerp in Belgium, which is the charge that was made by Belgian media. He is routinely referred to as one of the most powerful drug traffickers in the region in their coverage, and their reporting suggests that he has links to a number of competing gangs. 

According to Gazet van Antwerpen, sources have indicated that the overall worth of his assets is at least one hundred million euros (about 118 million dollars).

According to the Gazet van Antwerpen, in 2016 he was held at the Brussels airport when the police linked monies that he had provided to a Muslim institution in Antwerp to “illegal sources.” According to the information presented in the article, El Ballouti departed the country after being given conditional freedom.

According to the head detective of the narcotics section at the Federal Police of Antwerp, he was last seen in Dubai. This information was provided by the police agency.

Since 2012, Belgian and Dutch-Moroccan gangsters have been engaged in violent competition with one another in both countries for the selling of illegal drugs. Over the past several years, there have been more than 20 shootings that resulted in a fatality in the cities of Antwerp and Amsterdam, which are two of the main drug harbors in Western Europe.

It has not been possible for the Othman El Ballouti Belgium generation to avoid the repercussions of these power struggles as of yet.

Younes, also known as “El Magico” El Ballouti’s younger brother, also named El Ballouti, was kidnapped in the year 2016 in the Belgian city of Antwerp as he was leaving a gym and going along a street. 

In order to secure the release of his brother, the kidnappers reportedly demanded that Othman El Ballouti Belgium pay them tens of millions of euros in return. The Gazet van Antwerpen revealed this information.

They then brought Younes to France, where he was held captive for a period of five weeks until he was able to escape and seek aid from the authorities there.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium has revealed to law enforcement that the Dutch drug lord Houssine Ait Soussan was the mastermind behind the plot. There are reports that Ait Soussan wanted to get vengeance on El Ballouti for cutting him off from the cocaine smuggling route leading to Antwerp by killing him.

In 2017, the police in the Netherlands captured four individuals from Paris and then delivered them to the authorities in Belgium for extradition on charges related to the kidnapping. After some time had passed, two other people were accused of the kidnapping of Abdelkader Bouker, an Antwerp drug kingpin also known as “The Jew.”

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project was able to acquire the leaked database of property and residence information using C4ADS. The database contains information about Othman El Ballouti Belgium , who is included in it. 

It was prepared by a variety of real estate specialists. There are eleven different properties in Dubai that bear his name, and the combined market worth of all of them is close to $8.5 million.

There are four of these residences, each with a value of around $2 million. They are located in the Mira townhouses in Reem, which local real estate brokers describe as an exotic and “relaxed” area away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It has “a unique desert botanical park, camping infrastructure, sand surfing, and camel riding trails, [a] go-karting track, beach buggies, [a] ascending walls, and a skate park.”

It is known that he has sold two more residences that are located in the Discovery Gardens, which is an apartment high-rise development geared for singles and young couples. At the moment, each one is estimated to be worth around 244,000 dollars.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium is also the owner of a piece of real estate located in the Address Residence Sky View, a luxurious hotel and apartment building that is now under construction in Dubai and was scheduled to be done this past year. 

The two-tower complex, which is unparalleled in terms of its architectural design, features an infinity pool, ballroom, and restaurant, all of which are located on the upper floors. In the current real estate market, one may expect to pay around $1.4 million for an apartment in this luxurious structure of El Ballouti’s size.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium: Why is Belgium the main transit hub for cocaine entering Europe?

Antwerp’s harbor has a dubious claim to fame due to its status as the principal port of entry for cocaine heading into Europe. Critics, on the other hand, point out that the central government of Belgium is ineffectual and that its system of law enforcement is disorganized. Is it possible that Belgium will emerge victorious from the battle on drugs? 

The accused drug lord’s niece was found dead in Antwerp one night only hours before a joint Belgian-Dutch proclamation that 2022 was once more a record-setting year for cocaine seizures in the port of Antwerp. The declaration was made by both countries.

Unknown assailants fired fire into a parking lot in the quiet suburb of Nieuwdreef that evening, killing an 11-year-old girl who was there, as reported by the local police and the media in the area. 

She was the niece of Othman el Ballouti Belgium, a 36-year-old man from Dubai whom Belgium accuses of smuggling enormous quantities of cocaine via the port of Antwerp. Othman el Ballouti Belgium is believed to have originated in the United Arab Emirates. To this point, the United Arab Emirates has not granted any extradition requests.

The death of the young girl was the most recent of more than 50 assaults, attacks, and other assaults to hit Antwerp since August. This came as the cartels who manage almost all of these uncommon cocaine operations started initiatives of intimidation and violence against one another in a struggle for authority over the multibillion-euro industry.

In 2022, a record-breaking amount of cocaine was discovered at Antwerp, which is the largest physical port in Europe. The amount was 110 metric tons. 

The declaration was made by the head of customs for Belgium, Kristian Vanderwaeren, together with his colleagues in the Netherlands. The previous month, Vanderwaeren had predicted that a 10-metric-ton explosion at the end of the year would deliver a “White Christmas” to Antwerp.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium, who was in Dubai at the time of his niece’s death, issued a statement following the incident in which he denied any involvement in drug trafficking and vowed that his family would not respond violently. The statement came after Othman El Ballouti’s niece was killed.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium gave a cryptic response, saying that they would answer, but not in the manner that the mayor of Antwerp thinks they should.

Authorities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France hacked into encrypted Sky ECC phones in 2020 and obtained information that led to the arrest of Othman El Ballouti Belgium, and Nordin al Hajjoui, who were both charged with transporting tons of cocaine through Antwerp. Nordin al Hajjoui and Othman El Ballouti Belgium were both hiding out in Dubai.

In spite of the hundreds of cases that were established from the Sky ECC evidence being partially responsible for the record-breaking cocaine seizures in 2021, Belgian officials believe that the increase in data for 2022 demonstrates that the northern ports continue to be the principal point of entry for Europe.

The official stated that “probably half of the cocaine in Europe right now is coming through Antwerp, Belgium Rotterdam, or other nearby ports controlled by the same cartels.”

 Because of the large sums of money and power that are at risk in the drug environment in Antwerp, there is a higher level of tension in that setting.

The property of a cartel with roots in Antwerp has been struck by at least a dozen explosions. Several shootings and explosions have taken place in Antwerp, most of which were intended to intimidate the populace rather than really cause any deaths. 

The horrific and unfortunate exception occurred when Othman El Ballouti’s niece was killed by gunfire.

Othman El Ballouti: Drug Trafficker targeted by Treasury sanctions

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Belgian drug trafficking must be eliminated

OFAC has placed sanctions on three individuals who are nationals of Belgium. These individuals include the high-level narcotics trafficker Othman El Ballouti Belgium, his younger brother Younes El Ballouti, and his collaborator Youssef Ben Azza. 

Othman El Ballouti Belgium is in charge of a worldwide criminal organization that moves significant quantities of cocaine around Europe by smuggling containers through the port of Antwerp, which is located in the country of Belgium. 

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Othman El Ballouti’s money laundering and drug supply chain networks include connections to drug traffickers in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and South America, including Ecuadorian national Wilder Emilio Sanchez Farfan, whom OFAC targeted in February 2022. Sanchez Farfan was hauled into detention in Colombia in February of this year.

Younes El Ballouti is the one in charge of managing the drug trafficking operation that his brother runs. In absentia proceedings in Belgium in January 2023, Younes El Ballouti was handed an eight-year jail sentence for his role as a collaborator in a number of cocaine shipments. 

Youssef Ben Azza, who has been involved in the trade of drugs for more than 10 years, collaborates with Othman El Ballouti Belgium to establish businesses that appear to be legitimate but are, in reality, only a front for the organization’s participation in illicit operations. These businesses are created as a cover for the organization’s engagement in criminal activities. 

Othman El Ballouti Belgium, Younes El Ballouti, and Youssef Ben Azza are all wanted by the authorities in Belgium on suspicion of being involved in the distribution of cocaine. It is believed that they are currently staying in Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, in an effort to evade legal action.

They were designated by OFAC according to Executive Order 14059 because they took part in, or were made to take part in, operations or activities that have physically assisted to or qualify an important risk of substantially leading to, the international growth of illicit narcotics or their means of manufacturing. 

In addition, they attempted to participate in operations or activities that have physically helped too, or created an important jeopardy of greatly leading to, the international growth of illicit narcotics.


Last but not least, I am able to mention that Othman El Ballouti Belgium has a cousin who resides in the area around the location of the previous drugstore. This drug lord’s family has become notorious due to their involvement in the drug trade. According to the information that I uncovered, he is connected to a number of different incidents involving the trafficking of cocaine in Antwerp.

Othman El Ballouti Belgium: Is He a Drug Trafficker? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Othman El Ballouti Belgium: Is He a Drug Trafficker? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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