Sacha Lazimi: Assessing the Risks of Yubo for Youngsters. An In-Depth Analysis (2023)

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Who is Sacha Lazimi?

Sacha Lazimi assumes the role of co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Yubo, a social media site specifically tailored to cater to individuals below the threshold of 25, facilitating the establishment of friendships via the medium of live broadcasting. 

Yubo has experienced substantial growth throughout the past twelve months, claiming an active user base of more than 40 million individuals. 

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Sachah Lazimi claims that they are engaged in a discussion regarding initiating the establishment, his prognostications concerning the prospective trajectory of social networking sites, and the measures undertaken by Yubo to ensure the protection of its adolescent user demographic. 

If you want to know more about the company and its founder, you may learn from the link: Sacha Lazimi

About Yubo

Display of Yubo app by Sacha Lazimi.

Yubo is an internet-based social network that has been specifically developed to facilitate interpersonal connections among young people and adolescents. 

This is achieved through the utilization of various interactive elements like as actual time conversation, streaming capabilities, and a sliding mechanism. 

The application was established by Sacha Lazimi & has a user base of forty million individuals, rendering it among the most widely utilized applications within the app store.

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What is the Yubo app? 

Yubo, previously known as Yellow, is an online social network that has been specifically developed for the adolescent demographic. This online application was founded by Sacha Lazimi. The fundamental objective of this platform is to facilitate secure and safe interpersonal connections among adolescents. 

This platform exhibits resemblances to both Tinder & Snapchat, hence facilitating its adoption among youngsters who are accustomed to the functionalities of Snapchat, including its filtering features. 

Yubo is a social networking platform that enables adolescents to engage in a swiping mechanism, wherein they can make connections with other young people who possess interests

What Parents Should Understand About Yubo?

Yubo is a mobile application that is tailored for adolescent users, with a primary focus on facilitating flirtatious interactions. 

Frequently labeled as simply “Tinder for Adolescents,” the developers, situated in Paris, have imposed a restricted age bracket of interests seventeen for the application, to establish its intended function with clarity.

For instance, by tapping the “Discover” button located at the lower section of the display, a visual representation of an individual is promptly displayed. 

The user can discard the item by swiping left, see further pictures or clips shared by the individual by tapping the picture, or express interest in the user’s profile by swiping right. 

In the event of mutual interest, a friendship is established, enabling communication via the application.

The Rating of the application of Sacha Lazimi is too low: The application received an unfavorable review due to its promotion of an atmosphere resembling that of Tinder, rendering it unsuitable for individuals aged 12 to 16. 

The verification process of iPhone users: Nonetheless, iPhone users can employ Yoti’s estimation of age technology to facilitate the process of confirming their age. To estimate one’s age with a high degree of accuracy, customers must capture a self-portrait photograph & a brief video of their facial features. 

This age estimate process boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 98.9%. If the actual age of the user does not correspond with the ages shown in the provided list, the user will be required to undergo a comprehensive identification verification process.

What Can Anyone Turn On or Off in Yubo: Yubo by Sacha Lazimi offers users the ability to deactivate location-based services, conceal accounts via the sliding interface of the application, and mask telephone numbers, if available. 

Families should activate all of these preferences for adolescent users of the application. Similar to any application that encourages relationships between people, Yubo may potentially harbor individuals with predatory intentions. 

Concerns About Predators on Yubo: Various news media have issued cautionary statements regarding possible hazards linked to individuals with malicious intent on the application.

It should be noted that, as a standard feature, the application makes the city & phone number of the users public to their contacts. 

Nevertheless, it was observed that the application enforces stringent Community principles, resulting in the prompt blocking of counterfeit accounts featuring images that contravene these principles within seven days. 

There seems to be an individual or entity constantly watching the application for any instances of non-compliance or breaches. 

Yubo Promotes Integration with Snapchat: Additionally, Yubo suggests utilizing the Snapchat platform. When two individuals mutually approve their respective accounts on Snapchat, they are immediately designated as “close friends” within the platform. 

This implies that individuals can promptly exchange photographs with one another, regardless of their unfamiliarity.

Yubo App By Sacha Lazimi’s Safety Assessment: Is it Secure?

Parents must ensure that their children refrain from engaging with this application. It comes with a lack of justification for their utilization of it. It is advisable to exercise vigilance in overseeing the way they get to the App Store to prevent the acquisition of applications with a rating of 17+ years. 

It is strongly advised to establish the utilization of Family Sharing or Family Link to oversee the applications that your teenage children are acquiring. It is important to acknowledge that the application has been assigned a grade of 17+ for significant justifications.

Therefore, this application named Yubo by Sacha Lazimi is not secure at all. 

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Customer Review Exposing the Truth of Sacha Lazimi’s Online Dating App, Yubo


The Yubo application is deemed to have limited utility and is not recommended for installation!!

Yubo is a social networking platform that facilitates the formation of new friendships, analogous to Tinder’s function in the realm of matchmaking. 

Nevertheless, based on my observations with the application, it is evident that individuals actively seek romantic encounters and take part in explicit exchanges, including the sharing of explicit photographs. 

The live broadcast part of the application is frequently utilized to a significant extent, allowing users to engage in live broadcasting or observe the live broadcasts of strangers. 

However, the primary motivation for individuals to engage in live streaming is to extend invitations to other people to participate in interactive conversations. 

Regrettably, individuals who engage in bullying and harassment can often evade consequences while participating in live-streaming activities, primarily due to the emphasis placed on one’s physical appearance. 

The application is deficient in terms of administrator presence, although it does provide a functional report button. Yubo merits the attribution of a single gold star for his diligent engagement with the task of perusing reports. 

For Example: When individuals engage in live streaming on the Yubo platform, it is common for them to assign titles to their live broadcasts such as “X to join,” “X for boyfriend/girlfriend,” or even “X for cute or ban.” 

To provide further clarification, the phrase “X to join” signifies that by posting a comment containing the letter “X” in the live chat, you will be extended an invitation to participate in the live broadcast. 

The concept of “X for beautiful or banned” refers to a scenario in which those who possess attractive physical features are granted access to a particular social sphere, while those deemed unattractive are subsequently excluded from participation.

Fortunately, Yubo has incorporated the functionality to exclude or remove individuals from one’s sphere, earning commendation for this addition.

Let’s proceed with the presentation of the information in a concise and organized manner, utilizing bullet points.

Fortunately, the application does not support video calling. However, it is unfortunate that individuals resort to exchanging Snap or Insta information to engage in calls via video or voice.

Individuals engage in the act of vaping or smoking near their webcams in an attempt to cultivate a perception of being fashionable or socially desirable.

There exist individuals with pedophilic tendencies who utilize the application in an attempt to engage in inappropriate interactions and exchange explicit imagery with others.

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A significant quantity of individuals, commonly referred to as trolls, engage in deceptive behavior during live-streaming sessions. 

These individuals often leave comments requesting an invitation to participate, only to subsequently subject the streamer to humiliation in public.

As an individual, I have experienced the negative impact of engaging with an individual who engages in live-trolling behavior. The offensive and emotionally harmful remarks directed towards oneself have the potential to cause significant psychological harm.

In summary, Yubo may be regarded as a subpar application, and it is advisable to refrain from installing it if one is willing to encounter a bad experience.

Final Thoughts 

As responsible guardians, we have to ensure that our teenagers are not exposed to mature content and potential risks that are not suitable for their age or maturity level. 

To achieve this, it becomes crucial to monitor their access to the App Store and other similar platforms. Therefore, the Yubo dating application, owned by Sacha Lazimi, poses a risk to young users and should be avoided.

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