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Partho Dasgupta BDO: Bribed Several Houses & TRP Scam, Exposed (Update 2024)

Partho Dasgupta BDO
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Partho Dasgupta BDO bribed several houses to alter the TRP ratings of certain channels. 
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Partho Dasgupta BDO bribed several houses to alter the TRP ratings of certain channels. 

The businessman and professional have several links and associations, which escalate the prospect of dubious play extravagantly, making the case one of the most controversial trials. 

Partho Dasgupta BDO

Scratching her head, granny sat to watch television in the afternoon, little she knew her choices of shows influenced the show’s TRP, which in turn altered the advertisement crowd, eventually generating millions of revenues for the channel. 

Nevertheless, Partho Dasgupta BDO knows it all. Partho Dasgupta is well aware of the TRP, its financial associations and several ways to manipulate the sources of finances. Probably, his wits in the money market led to trouble for him. 

The former BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta was arrested by the police on 17 December 2020 in Pune for rigging Television Rating Points with some TV channels. 

He was the 15th one, kept in police custody for the TRP case. Partho Dasgupta BDO was arrested by the crime branch of Mumbai police and was detained for 14 days. 

The authorities found Partho Dasgupta BDO guilty of exploiting his designation for monetary gains. However, for those who don’t have any acquaintance with the name, Partho Dasgupta BDO, here is a brief intro. 

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28/11/2023 Update
As of now, Partho Dasgupta BDO has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Partho Dasgupta BDO and his procurements

Currently designated as the Managing Partner of Thoth Advisors Pvt Ltd. and a speaker at TEDx, Partho Dasgupta BDO was the first CEO of BARC. He was elected by the committee unopposed, in regard to his management adroitness. 

Partho Dasgupta in Ted Talk

His career revolves around media, technology and the consumer industry. He has been experimental while his initial days. , Along with the main-stream business, he tried his luck in the start-up universe, too, with projects namely, Times Now, Future Media, The Economic Times and Times Media. 

To analyze the personality in a crisp, the awards and felicitations of Partho Dasgupta BDO need to be mentioned. Here is a list of his achievements-  

  • 2018 – Best CEO of the year’ at the 3rd Annual Digital Studio India Awards
  • 2018 – ‘GAME CHANGER’  Editorial Choice award
  • 2019 – Elected as The Advertising Club President
  • Recognized as India’s Top 100 People Managers by Forbes
  • 2015 – MXMIndia Media Person of the Year

Despite being in the most favourable career state, Partho Dasgupta BDO allegedly chose to cheat. Swindling the entire state, that manifested immense faith in his potential. What could be the possible reason behind it? Poverty? Pressure? Politics? Or Avarice?

Let’s dig out the truth, before jumping to any conclusion.

More on Partho Dasgupta BDO 

Partho Dasgupta’s leading and current project is named BDO. ((6) Partho Dasgupta | LinkedIn)

BDO is the leading global brand that claims to have a vision to deliver solutions to clients and opportunities to the people. The firm functions in 164 countries and manages to shelter approximately 1 Lakh, highly diverse professionals. 


The abbreviation BDO emerges from the three founding firms namely, Binder from the United Kingdom, Dijker in the Netherlands and Otte of Germany. BDO is a global network and professional service provider, founded in 1973. It works in the industry of finance, accounts, audits, advisory and tax. However, Partho Dasgupta BDO is the partner of the Indian association of the global brand. 

Partho Dasgupta took his career to huge heights on January 31, 2012, by associating with the brand. The brand gave huge monetary gains to Partho, yet it’s never enough.

The Case Study of Partho Dasgupta BDO

Allegedly, Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami and a former senior BARC official offered Partho Dasgupta BDO millions, in order to rig the TRP of Republic TV and its Hindi channel. When Partho Dasgupta BDO took it as an opportunity and bribed the households to manipulate their television preferences. 

HwA6lVCyA0vL4iglo5KAtwAQrGIQ8kYt8oswS8DCnGq ZANQu9Nhkd a9U4Dq 9xpxOKbL8kAWNOV3qG15D lt8b4lslVDcEZbC3bySfKo327WWF53YpETZN tTDnN2xJFWDo NufB33I6gYVUC6spY

In the context of the same, Partho Dasgupta BDO was arrested on 17 December 2020 (Pune) and was brought to Mumbai on the 14th day, dated December 30, 2020. Partho Dasgupta BDO was reported to the Mumbai High Court on the same day and appealed for bail. At this point, the High Court refused the bail plea, even so, the lawyer Kumlesh Ghumre kept pleading that his client, Partho Dasgupta, could not result in any TRP manipulation, due to the presence of a disciplinary committee above the CEO of BARC. 

However, According to the Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir Singh, Partho Dasgupta’s BDO partner, was the mastermind behind the millions of TRP scams. The police officers asserted that the accused was paid several lakhs on various occasions, which he invested in expensive household assets such as jewellery and valuables. The police also claimed that at the time of arrest, they recovered 3 Kgs of silver, along with a pricey wristwatch. The police were certain that the valuables had been purchased by the bribe offered by Arnab Goswami to Partho Dasgupta BDO. 

‘A helpless daughter’s anguished appeal’: Perturbed daughter of Partho Dasgupta BDO

The bail hearing proceeded on 1st January 2021, but was refused by the High Court. 

3 AM, 16 January 2021 Partho’s spouse received a call from the police station, stating that Partho Dasgupta BDO had been brought to hospital on Friday (15 January 2021) in an unconscious state. He lost consciousness due to escalated blood sugar levels, and hence, was rushed to JJ Hospital from Taloja Central Prison (Navi Mumbai). 

The government JJ Hospital admitted Partho Dasgupta BDO in their ICU and assisted him with all possible medications and an oxygen cylinder. 

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However, the incident was heart-wrenching for Dasgupta’s family and raged the daughter. To which, she took a stand and took it to Twitter. 

Partho Dasgupta BDO was unconscious when his daughter blamed the police officials for torturing Partho physically and mentally. She claimed that her father was unable to speak, which is a sign of immense mental torment. 

Her Twitter handle reads, ‘Save his life’. The message was addressed to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. The message was titled, ‘A helpless daughter’s anguished appeal’, which signified immense grief of the family. 

Pondering about the whole incident, the heart fills with countless sentiments, but couldn’t the trauma be avoided if Partho Dasgupta BDO, remained law-abiding?

Headlines declaring hospitalization of Partho Dasgupta BDO

The supporting cast of the script

As claimed, Partho Dasgupta BDO was the mind behind the TRP scam, but was he the sole accountable?

Certainly not.

Infact, 14 individuals were charged prior to Partho Dasgupta, including COO of BARC Romil Ramgarhia and Republic TV CEO Vikas Khanchandani. However, till the tables turned for Partho Dasgupta, both of them were released on bail. 

Also, it needs to be brought to notice that, many of the supporting players of Partho, not even got arrested, along with the hotshot journalist Arnab Goswami.  

The Mumbai police evidently claimed that Arnab Goswami, aligned with Partho Dasgupta BDO and lured him with cash-sacks. Still, the journalist managed to loosen the grip of cops, and was never detained by the police for TRP manipulation. 

Arnab Goswami linked with the TRP scam

Moreover, the High Court ordered the Mumbai Police to provide a notice prior to 72 hours, to Arnab, if he needs to be summoned in the court so that he gets enough time to approach the competent forum for appropriate relief. 

Although, it’s said that an accused is not guilty till proven, the soft corner of authorities towards famed individuals is worth concern. 

However, a tougher ambience would have resulted in the emergence of no Partho Dasgupta BDO or any of the bribers. 

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The eventual fate of Partho Dasgupta BDO

What shall have been the most appropriate penalty for Partho Dasgupta BDO? Detention for 7 years or less, according to IPC Section 420; A slap of monetary fine; recovery of the loss or discontinuing the free flow of cash in the hands of the culprit?

None ensued.

Partho Dasgupta BDO was granted bail by the Mumbai High Court on March 2, 2021, after imposing a fine of a mere 2 lakhs, with one or more sureties in the sum, where his scam led to loss of millions. However, his passport was deposited and he was asked to report to the authorities on the first Saturday of each month, for the preceding 6 months; and once in three months thereafter. 

6ErNPRrAfN8KZBLP5tQcKj7Bk8nTfYwr6i14mqMbN41x2MG vdDAAXdq86 dJLwsns7W0ww1Qjr3u1mWy8Xz2yF8IC8S03nhntkwf 7mrry9OVEdHVVQUkaL3EeCmijpO84W3NkiHhvIBnWGfwYPiY4

Partho Dasgupta BDO was granted bail, and none needs to object to the decision of authorities, because the respected jury is just and merciful, moreover, every individual needs to get a fair chance to prove himself. Bail was a fair decision for Partho Dasgupta BDO, he got time to shed the clouds. 

Then what’s worth bothering? 

Evidently, unfair means.

The court granted bail to Partho Dasgupta BDO so that he gets enough time to prove his innocence. Perhaps, Partho Dasgupta BDO had other plans. Soon after the bail, the media lost its grip on the case and the accused. 

News channels stopped talking about the crime. Probably they had enough TRP from the controversial content so did not want to drag further or were asked to defocus the crime. None of the channels followed the case. 

The main-streaming newspapers halted publishing Dasgupta’s articles. 

Social media and browsers were fogged up by the PR tactics. And, eventually, commoners stopped discussing the case.

Resulting in a sophisticated and swift closure of allegations. 

At the instance, it needs to be decoded that, was the egress plotted or circumstantial. However, in any case, the highlights of the proceedings need to be aired by the press. 

The taxpayers, the hard workers, the investors, the television artist, the crew, the jobless and the underpaid. Every single personality has a right to know how a termite of corruption excavates the economic backbone. 

An ambiguous covering of the course of actions is indicative of doomed justice and can also be considered as a systemic approach to clean the culprit. 

Hence, a lucent approach is awaited by the zealots of law. 

The controversial cessation

Winding up the wire of incidents, it can be said that Partho Dasgupta BDO is a blazed industrialist with certain extravagant skills and a guileful head. 

The entire career of the businessman can be deduced to a mere 3 words, that is, controversy, capital gains and criminal allegations. The criminal allegations were never confirmed by Partho Dasgupta BDO. Yet, the allegations were firm and brought trouble in the swift life of Dasgupta. 

The recurring ‘ebb or flow’ of Partho Dasgupta BDO can be claimed as the result of Partho’s controversial political alliance and hence, in no world, the culprit can be considered as a lamb, without proper evidence. 

According to the resources, Partho Dasgupta BDO was one of the game planners of the TRP alteration case. He was arrested by cops on the grounds of firm evidence and was in custodial premises for several days. 

The arrest was followed by a severe health issue, and hence, the alleged culprit was brought to a government hospital by the cops. The incident was heavy on the hearts of the loved ones of Partho and hence, they pleaded for bail. After a few months of evidential war, the High Court accepted the plea, on the grounds of certain other penalties and provided Partho Dasgupta BDO with bail. 

Modern Millionaires

Get Justice Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Partho Dasgupta BDO, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

Soon after the bail, the case lost its heat and with the passing of time, the media intentionally started ignoring the trials. This resulted in a veil, a veil that covered justice. 

However, with immense respect to the Honorary High Court and the media professionals, this article asserts that the veil needs to be removed. 

The veil covering the scars of Partho Dasgupta BDO needs to be removed to examine the wounds. 

The veil is framed to be circumstantial. The veil seems as a systemic halt by the powerful. And the veil that has subsumed the ugly picture of the current corporate and the entertainment industry. 

Also, the media, the fourth pillar of the Judiciary, has to mark and air the justice being served. As one culprit penalized means several culprits disarmed. 

Partho Dasgupta BDO: Bribed Several Houses & TRP Scam, Exposed (Update 2024)
Partho Dasgupta BDO: Bribed Several Houses & TRP Scam, Exposed (Update 2024)

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