Passivo: Is It a Crypto Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

Passivo has all of the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme, which is the most likely explanation for its existence. Let's delve deeper into this dishonest scheme by looking at it in more depth.
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Passivo has all of the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme, which is the most likely explanation for its existence. Let's delve deeper into this dishonest scheme by looking at it in more depth.

After having acquired knowledge about various investing schemes, I was fortunate enough to put it to use and take part in some of these schemes. This allowed me to investigate businesses and organizations and evaluate their dependability as investment prospects.

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Amidst a plethora of dubious and fraudulent investment options, I was only able to identify one of them as a Ponzi scheme called Passivo. Today, I intend to delve into the intricate details of this system’s untrustworthy aspects. 

Do you know about Passivo?

A bitcoin Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) enterprise, Passivo is also known by its previous name, Passive Hub. 

It is well known that Passivo operates from three principal website domains, and they are as follows:

  • The information for the private registration on was most recently updated on February 2nd, 2023.
  • is a privately registered domain that will be publicly available on July 7, 2023.
  • is now only accepting private registrations; the most recent change was on July 4th, 2023.

Who is the founder of Passivo?

Jan Lubberding is the CEO of Passivo, however, there is not a lot of information accessible regarding his previous work in MLM, which is a possible warning sign. Passivo has a reputation for being a pyramid scheme.

The fact that Jan Lubberding seems to be a German guy who is active in the bitcoin sector in Dubai is a significant warning sign. On its website, rather than publicly admitting that it has activities in Dubai, Passivo offers details of a shell corporation called Passivo Ltd. According to rumors, this business is officially based in Seychelles, a notorious tax haven that is devoid of any active legislation concerning MLM securities.


The lack of a clear multi-level marketing (MLM) history for Jan Lubberding is a possible warning sign. When determining whether or not a business is legitimate in the multi-level marketing (MLM) sector, it is common practice to give significant weight to the standing and accomplishments of key people, particularly the CEO. 

You may learn more about Jan Lubberding:

The fact that there is so little information readily available regarding Lubberding’s multi-level marketing background raises concerns about the company’s legitimacy and openness.

Another aspect that raises red flags is the fact that Jan Lubberding has ties to Dubai, a city notorious for being a hub for fraudulent activities involving MLM and cryptocurrencies. This link can throw suspicions on the company’s goals and the ethical activities that it engages in, especially if Lubberding is seen as a “German crypto bro” sheltering out in Dubai.

Our Methodology

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The consumption of shell company information by Passivo, in particular the business’s registration in Seychelles, a tax-free zone with weak MLM securities legislation, is a major warning indication. 

This practice of utilizing shell corporations may make it hard to determine the real ownership and activities of the organization, which is frequently suggestive of a lack of openness and possibly an attempt to dodge regulatory scrutiny.

According to BehindMLM, Dubai is widely known as the multi-level marketing (MLM) crime capital of the world. This reputation further emphasizes the possible hazards that are involved with any MLM organization that is headquartered in or linked with the region. 

Uncertainty surrounding multi-level marketing possibilities originating in or connected to Dubai has arisen as a result of the widespread prevalence of cons and the inadequate enforcement of regulations governing securities fraud in the city.

In verdict, the absence of a readily traceable multi-level marketing record for Lubberding, the alleged relationship with the crypto community, the use of shell business data, and the selection of Seychelles as a registered place all raise issues about the validity and integrity of this website. 

In addition, the warning regarding MLM prospects related to Dubai that was issued by BehindMLM highlights the necessity of cautious thinking and doing due diligence when interacting with businesses such as Passivo.

These warning signs should serve as an indication to proceed with extreme caution and conduct exhaustive research prior to making any prospective investments in or becoming involved with multi-level marketing companies.

Are you gaining anything from this chat thus far?

How does the Passivo work?

It is a platform for trading that is not approved or controlled, therefore investing money in it is not a safe bet. On the other hand, its operation may be broken down into the following points:

  • Products Of Passivo
  • Compensation Plan of Passivo
  • Affiliate Ranks 
  • Referral Commissions
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Rank Achievement Bonus

Products Of Passivo

Passivo does not offer any items or services that can be sold directly to consumers. Affiliates possess the capability to exclusively promote the Passivo affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan of Passivo

Passivo affiliates deposit $100 in USD or cryptocurrencies to receive a weekly passive ROI. ROI levels are as follows:

Invest $100–$49,999: Affiliates receive 0.8% weekly ROI. Deposit $50,000 or more: Associates that invest $50,000 or more receive 1% monthly ROI.

Investing in USD and cryptocurrency is allowed, however, withdrawals are only paid out in Tether (USDT), where one United States dollar = 1 USDT.

In addition to passive ROI, this website offers MLM commissions to affiliates who attract new investors. Many MLM schemes use recruitment-based commissions

Affiliate Ranks 

The Passivo compensation model has twelve affiliate ranks. Along with their qualifications, they are:

RankInvestment Required (to Convince Others)

A recruitment leg can only count 40% of the needed downline investment volume.

Referral Commissions

Passivo pays referral commissions on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates:

Number of Affiliates RecruitedWeekly Commission Rate on Their Invested Funds
1 to 30.2%
4 to 70.4%
8 to 90.6%
10 or more0.8%

Residual Commissions

A residual commission is paid out by Passivo based on the total investment made by downline members.

Number of Affiliates RecruitedWeekly Commission Rate on Total Downline Investment
2 to 40.04%
5 to 90.08%
10 to 190.12%
20 or more0.16%

Pool Bonus

Passivo divides an unknown portion of the corporation’s funding among eight bonus pools. Investing and getting other people to spend is how affiliates get a piece of the pools:

PoolInvestment RequiredRecruitment RequirementTotal Affiliates Recruited
Invest $1,000 and1 or more
convince others to
invest $1,000
Invest $5,000 and3 or more
convince others to
invest $5,000
Invest $7,500 and5 or more
convince others to
invest $15,000
Invest $10,000 and8 or more
convince others to
invest $35,000
Invest $20,000 and10 or more
convince others to
invest $95,000
Invest $50,000 and13 or more
convince others to
invest $180,000
Invest $100,000 and15 or more
convince others to
invest $500,000
Invest $250,000 and20 or more
convince others to
invest $1,000,000

Global Leader Pool

To participate in the Global Leader Pool, Passivo invests 0.01% of the total amount the firm has available for investment.

In order to be eligible for a portion of the Global Leader Pool, a Passivo affiliate’s daily residual commission earnings need to be a minimum of $3000.

In the marketing materials provided by Passivo, the frequency with which winners are paid out of the Global Leader Pool is not specified.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Affiliates that meet the requirements to achieve Rank 2 or above are eligible to receive one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses, which are as follows:

RankQualification Reward

What is the procedure for joining the membership of Passivo?

There are no fees associated with being a Passivo affiliate member. In order to fully participate in the income potential that has been linked, a minimum commitment of one hundred dollars is required. The USD and several different cryptocurrencies are also options for investments that may be made through Passivo.


Passivo asserts that it provides trading possibilities and liquidity to create external revenue. But it hasn’t offered any verifiable proof to back up these assertions. Its lack of clear documentation of its operations begs the issue of where its funding comes from.

 Based on the recognized legal standard known as the Howey Test, Passivo’s guarantee of passive weekly returns qualifies as a securities offering. Passivo hasn’t shown, however, that it has filed the securities it is offering with any jurisdiction’s financial regulators. This regulatory noncompliance gives rise to worries regarding possible securities fraud.

The company’s reputation is further tarnished by the presence of people connected to it in Dubai, including Jan Lubberding and Ahmed. The company’s integrity is further called into question by these executives’ involvement in other possibly dubious operations.

New investment from associates appears to be Passivo’s main source of income. A Ponzi scheme would have this financial model. These kinds of schemes use the money from new investors to pay returns to previous investors. The program collapses when recruiting slows down since it can no longer be sustained.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically based, which means that ultimately, they will fail. There won’t be enough money to provide rewards to current affiliates when fresh investment declines. Most participants will probably lose their investments when this occurs.

In conclusion, there are significant doubts regarding Passivo’s authenticity due to its lack of transparency, possible securities breaches, dubious affiliations, and dependence on new investments to generate profits. 

These warning signs are consistent with Ponzi schemes, which are by nature unsustainable and frequently cause financial losses for the vast majority of those involved when they eventually implode. When thinking about getting involved in any way with Passivo or equivalent endeavors, caution and careful due diligence are essential.

You may find out more about Passivo by clicking the link provided below:

Passivo: Is It a Crypto Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)
Passivo: Is It a Crypto Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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