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Premium Granite Works Inc.: Client Reviews Exposed the Truth (2024)

Premium Granite Works Inc. scams. Many consumers have accused it of scamming and mistreating them. Discover the truth underneath.
Premium Granite Works Inc. scams. Many consumers have accused it of scamming and mistreating them. Discover the truth underneath.

Premium Granite Works Inc., owned by Bill Baril and his family, is a regional business. Bill claims he leads his 19 expert staff in achieving your goals. To what extent are their customers’ reviews accurate? Our report should highlight this.

What do you know about Premium Granite Works Inc.?

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Premium Granite Works Inc. fails to provide great customer service in the Okanagan region, even though it claims to have more than 25 years of experience in the industry. This purportedly leading family-owned and run custom stone surface and cabinetry design, fabrication, and installation company appears to place a significant amount of reliance on its self-proclaimed distinct process and technology that is at the forefront of the industry. However, it is possible that this does not transfer to genuine client satisfaction.

Even though they highlight the utilization of materials of the best quality and in-house design, production, and installation services, it is possible that the actuality does not follow through with these claims. It would appear that the pleasant client experience that they talk about is more of an aspiration than a reality, as it is possible that their services are not as exceptional as they claim to be.

The ultimate result may not guarantee the quality and value that was promised for homes or businesses, although they claim to employ some of the most talented tradesmen in the industry. It is recommended that prospective consumers approach Premium Granite Works Inc. with care and conduct a comprehensive investigation into the actual experiences of previous customers before placing their trust in them to transform their ideal environment into a realistic one.

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Who is the Owner of Premium Granite Works Inc.?

Bill Baril, who is in charge of Premium Granite Works Inc., asserts that the company is a community-owned and family-operated enterprise. It also claims to have a workforce of 19 individuals who are reputed to be exceptional in the process of fulfilling aspirations. However,  they claim to have a 14-year history in the market, there are issues surrounding the experience of this team in the regions of granite, quartz, and marble.

It is possible that the performance of the company does not correspond with the expectations that were established by the positive language that was used to promote the business. Although Bill Baril is depicted as the leader, there may be issues over the efficiency of his supervision. After careful examination, it is possible that the expansive showroom, which is intended to serve as a showcase for exceptional products, does not live up to the promise that it makes.

Potential clients would want to approach Premium Granite Works Inc. with care because the company’s dedication to exceeding every expectation, particularly in terms of customer assistance and design, might be interpreted as an exaggeration. For any projects that involve granite, quartz, or marble, it would be good to verify the claims made by the company and investigate choices before considering using them.

Premium Granite Works Inc.: Information Regarding Scam Details

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After receiving a deposit of $10,000 from the customer on June 15, 2023, Premium Granite Works Inc., which is owned and run by Bill Baril, committed to constructing an outdoor kitchen countertop. This is according to the specifics of the scam complaint

The client was informed that they were unable to start with the task in the middle of September, even though the initial conclusion date had been promised for the end of July, and it was later extended to the end of August. After that, all efforts to get a refund have been fruitless, and although Bill Baril has assured him on multiple occasions that the money will be repaid the next week, for some reason, it has never materialized.

To acquire information regarding Bill Baril and Premium Granite Works Inc., the Client went to the British Columbia Court System website, which may be found at online. During the previous year, he came across many court issues that involved Bill Baril and his company, and they were alleged to have been worth significant amounts of money. All of these cases include:

  2. 9859870 CANADA INC. v BARIL, William ($34,893)
  3. ROYAL BANK OF CANADA v BARIL, William ($64,914)
  7. COOK, Rodney v PREMIUM GRANITE WORKS INC ($35,000)
  8. 624925 BC LTD v PREMIUM GRANITE WORKS INC ($19,216)

In addition, it has been brought to everyone’s knowledge that Julie Baril, who is Bill’s daughter and is linked with the company 1404929 BC Ltd, which is known as Premium Granite Works Inc., has taken control of the company. There has been a change in the leadership of the company, as evidenced by Julie Baril’s assertion that the “new” Premium Granite Works Inc. is a separate corporation that is not obligated to deal with the circumstances.

Premium Granite Works Inc Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients

I have more review reports that illustrate the disappointing service that Premium Granite Works Inc. provides, in addition to the review that contains the scam that was mentioned above. Concurrently, I would want to convey the ranking rates that have been indicated for Premium Granite Works Inc. on some different ranking systems.

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According to the evaluation above, the customer’s dissatisfaction with the company raises serious questions regarding its operational procedures and customer service. The customer’s unfavorable experiences cast doubt on Premium Granite Works Inc.’s reputation and point out areas in need of improvement.

First of all, the person expressed that they did not feel comfortable transacting with Premium Granite Works Inc. This suggests that customers are not satisfied with their overall experience, which could be the result of problems with communication, service quality, or other areas of the company.

Particularly concerning is the ongoing issue of not responding to the customer’s attempts to get in touch. For customers to be satisfied in any business, timely and efficient communication is essential. A disdain for prompt and effective customer service is implied by the fact that the consumer had to make several attempts to contact the business, which might cause dissatisfaction and disappointment.

When Premium Granite Works Inc. was asked for a final price for installation and a sink cutout, they neglected to address the communication problems, even after they were eventually informed that the required product was available. At this point in the transaction, a communication breakdown could leave the customer confused and prevent the purchase process from moving forward smoothly.

The stated reaction to the customer’s email asking for a formal quote is the most worrisome element. The choice made by Premium Granite Works Inc. to tell the client to look for their quartz elsewhere is incredibly unprofessional and speaks ill of the company’s dedication to client happiness. Such a statement suggests a lack of interest in keeping the customer’s business in addition to dismissing their concerns.

The unfavorable encounter casts doubt on Premium Granite Works Inc.’s capacity to uphold its stellar reputation and devoted clientele. Businesses prosper in a competitive market when they have excellent customer experiences. Constant communication problems and condescending reactions can damage the company’s reputation, making it difficult to draw in new business and keep existing clients.

In conclusion, the person’s unfavorable experiences suggest that Premium Granite Works Inc. faces serious difficulties with communication and customer service. These problems could make it harder to keep up a solid and long-lasting presence in the market.


Hence, customer evaluations reveal that customers are dissatisfied with the services provided by the organization. These reviews emphasize issues such as discomfort during transactions, a lack of attention to inquiries, and unprofessional behavior, such as the dismissal of a client’s request for a formal estimate during the transaction.

In conclusion, Premium Granite Works Inc. is confronted with significant issues regarding its credibility, customer service, and legal status, which raises questions about the company’s capacity to sustain a powerful and long-lasting position in the market.

Premium Granite Works Inc.: Client Reviews Exposed the Truth (2024)
Premium Granite Works Inc.: Client Reviews Exposed the Truth (2024)

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