Affiliate Advertising Club: The Truth of this Ponzi Scheme Exposed? (2023)

Affiliate Advertising Club is a new paid advertising platform that claims to attract attention with its affiliate-based business strategy. By positioning other marketers as more responsive targets, the system primarily aims to sell advertising services to other marketers. Let’s investigate its veracity using the reviews and reports below.

Affiliate Advertising Club: A Brief Overview

A problematic business model that raises serious problems is utilized by the Affiliate Advertising Club (AAC), which works on this approach. The “membership program” that is being referred to here is primarily focused on recruiting individuals, so producing an environment that has elements of multi-level marketing or even a scam called a pyramid.

Participants are enticed to join AAC and then engage in the recruitment of new members, all while being presented with the pretext of a digital marketing program. In the process of recruitment, individuals can earn money when their referrals purchase advertising services from the Affiliate Advertising Club. This has the potential to generate income for the organization.

Existing members are the only recipients of the purchased traffic that is marketed, which creates a closed loop inside the AAC group. This is a significant problem that needs to be addressed. Regarding the validity and viability of the business model, this insular approach presents fundamental concerns that need to be addressed.

The entire arrangement may be suspicious because it relies on internal circulation for advertising, which is a characteristic that is typically linked with pyramid schemes. Because legitimate and sustainable business models often include connection with external markets, the Affiliate Advertising Club’s lack of outreach to the broader public raises worries about the club’s capacity to remain feasible.

To summarize, the AAC seems to be more similar to a multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme, in which the emphasis is placed on recruiting rather than any legitimate product or service that may be supplied. Before participating in such a program, it is important to give careful thought to this structure because it constitutes a warning sign.

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Affiliate Advertising Club: How It Works?

The Affiliate Advertising Club claims to guarantee views via different advertising goods, making it another dubious online marketing business. It relies on four advertising goods that promise visibility but present serious difficulties.

First, the website’s revolving high-visibility text advertising appears more like an unwanted intrusion than a marketing tactic. Having text adverts on practically every page might frustrate users and make them dislike the content.

Graphic banner adverts strategically distributed across the website may be more irritating than helpful. Putting advertising wisely is one thing, but flooding the user experience with numerous forms and sizes of graphical banners questions the platform’s usefulness and usability.

Timed login and logout page adverts may be a desperate attempt to get people to engage with content. This approach may annoy people who just want to log in or log out.

Email solo ads with high open rates, because they land immediately in recipients’ inboxes, sound spammy. Even solo emails are typically regarded with distrust and annoyance, damaging the advertiser and product.

The method works by buying monthly traffic packages with a specified quantity of ad credits. Cost variations by type, exclusivity, and efficacy raise questions regarding transparency and package value. With packages costing $10 to $160, the lack of clarity on what determines their efficacy raises doubt.

The link between activity rewards program position and purchase value suggests a pyramid scheme or unsustainable reward structure. This approach may be used to increase system participation without offering much value.

Overall, the Affiliate Advertising Club’s online advertising strategy seems to focus on appearance rather than outcomes. This platform’s intrusive and potentially intrusive advertising, ambiguous pricing, and reward programs warrant caution. As with many promises of assured results, the Affiliate Advertising Club may not deliver.

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Affiliate Advertising Club Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients

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A website known as Affiliate Advertising Club, more specifically, is the product that I would like to draw your attention to. For your protection, it is strongly recommended that you do not put any money into this website. 

To function, the platform encourages users to make deposits of cryptocurrencies to purchase advertising packages, which can range anywhere from ten dollars to one hundred sixty dollars per package. The promise that the value of each advertising pack as a result of a Forced Matrix System will reportedly quadruple is the primary allure of this product.

Even the proprietor of the company has a hard time explaining how the Forced Matrix System operates, although it is supposedly responsible for increasing the value of each ad pack. With the idea that they will double their investments, users are pressured into purchasing higher quantities of advertising packages. 

The technique, on the other hand, necessitates ongoing recruitment and the invitation of additional users to join the website, but it does not offer any returns to the persons who have already obtained the ad packs.

To prevent becoming a member of this website, it is essential to exercise caution. Since Clay Montgomery and Josh Elder appear to be involved with this questionable platform, use caution when dealing with anything that is associated with their names. The Affiliate Advertising Club and any other businesses linked with it should be avoided at all costs since this is a clear recommendation.


In conclusion, the Affiliate Advertising Club has a unique strategy that is centered on traffic packages as the principal product that affiliates are encouraged to advocate. Even though this model exhibits promising characteristics, there are worries concerning the quality and effectiveness of the traffic that is brought about by the adoption of incentive-based approaches. 

Most notably, it appears that a sizeable percentage of members gain cash largely through the promotion of the affiliate program rather than making use of the traffic packages to generate actual conversions.

There are intriguing elements that are included in the Affiliate Advertising Club program. These features include team bonuses, training materials, and the option of integration with platforms such as LeadsLeap, which provides members with additional incentives and extra support. The complexities of the compensation programs, on the other hand, might not be designed to accommodate the preferences of every single person.

By carefully evaluating your individual goals, amount of experience, and level of comfort with the paid traffic model, you will be able to establish whether or not the Affiliate Advertising Club is an appropriate choice for your affiliate marketing endeavors. Consider how well it corresponds with your overall, long-term affiliate marketing plan, and do a comprehensive examination of the benefits with any potential drawbacks that may be associated with it.

That is all I had to say about Affiliate Advertising Club to bring your attention to the existence of such fraudulent schemes. In the links that are provided below, you will get additional information about it.

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