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Reginald Hislop III: Resigned but why? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Reginald Hislop III is a self-promoting CEO who has made a career out of taking advantage of chances in both the commercial and nonprofit worlds. Over the course of three decades, he has managed to keep a high profile.
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Reginald Hislop III is a self-promoting CEO who has made a career out of taking advantage of chances in both the commercial and nonprofit worlds. Over the course of three decades, he has managed to keep a high profile.
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Reginald Hislop III is a self-promotional CEO who has capitalized on chances in both the commercial and nonprofit sectors to maintain a high-profile reputation over three decades.

His actions frequently show a more deliberate strategy centered on personal benefit, even though he claims to be motivated by a desire to have a positive impact. Wherever he puts himself, he strategically uses his networks and connections to leave a transitory mark. He had to resign from his CEO position, but why? Let’s get started to learn more about him:

Allegations against Reginald Hislop III

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The residents’ association claims in a 10-page document documenting their grievances against Hislop that the executive director of the West Side campus quit after six months due to worries about working with Hislop and patient care, as she informed two residents in an interview. The person who resigned is not identified in the document.

Hislop claimed to have graduate degrees, but according to the residents’ group, the relevant universities have no record of him having them. The group asserts in their lawsuit, “An Investigation of Reginald Hislop III,” that he has made dubious claims regarding the publication of multiple scholarly works, his service on numerous boards, and his experience playing professional baseball. He formerly served as the CEO of a Kansas City, Wichita, senior care community.

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8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Reginald Hislop III has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Reginald Hislop III: The Controversy & Consequences

Reginald Hislop III, the CEO of Oakwood Village, Madison’s largest senior community, was fired in this situation, according to the entire report. Concerns voiced by locals over the CEO’s monetary decisions and the qualifications he claimed to have led to his departure. The passage’s main ideas are summarized as follows:

In November 2019, Reginald Hislop III, who had previously served as CEO, was let go. He was fired as a result of planned demonstrations and complaints from Oakwood Village residents over his ethical and financial judgments.

Residents of Oakwood Village highlighted worry over Hislop’s financial choices and criticized his credentials. To address these issues, groups were created, and meetings were held.

The paragraph makes clear that locals were concerned about Hislop’s financial policies, which they thought were having a bad effect on the organization. The continuing development of a new nursing home, which is expected to cost $40 million, was one specific issue brought up, raising questions about the expansion’s ability to support itself financially.

The accusation that Hislop was misled about his educational background was uncovered by the locals. In a mailing, he asserted that he had a PhD from the University of Toronto and a Master’s from Marquette University. The fact that he received these degrees, meanwhile, was not documented by any university.

Residents who were concerned with the situation came together to form organizations such as “Worried Citizens of Oakwood University Woods” and “Preoccupied Residents of Oakwood Village.” They organized meetings and urged the group’s board of directors to be open and take action.

Some locals were concerned that Hislop’s choices, particularly those involving money, had not received enough review from the board of directors. The issues facing the organization were believed to be a result of this oversight deficit.

Former Coalition of Wisconsin Aging & Health Groups president Nino Amato joined the locals in voicing their concerns. By sending letters to every household and contacting the local media, the residents chose to voice their concerns in public and bring attention to the issue.

Due to the CEO’s actions as well as the board of directors’ lack of responsiveness to the residents’ complaints, Nino Amato stated his opinion that the circumstances resembled a type of institutionalized elder abuse.

In a statement, the board of directors declared Reginald Hislop III fired and voiced worry over the complaints made by locals. The board’s attention was highlighted in the statement as being on Oakwood Village’s long-term security and stability.

Due to their uncertainties about his accomplishments and credibility, the residents’ major objectives were to reform the organization’s rules to avert financial instability, as well as to remove the CEO.

Overall, it covers the story of how residents of a senior home organization voiced their concerns about the CEO’s qualifications and financial errors, which resulted in his dismissal. In order to guarantee the organization’s financial stability, the inhabitants demanded transparency, responsibility, and improvements.

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Meeting of The Residents

Robert Price, a resident who was present at a well-attended meeting of the community on Wednesday afternoon in Oakwood’s auditorium, claimed Reginald Hislop III was trying to increase exterior earnings through the new nursing home, hospice, and home care programs while reducing resident services like meals and social work.

“The Tower,” a 130-unit building that formerly housed some low-income individuals and was planned for demolition, is a major cause for concern, according to Pricer. Reginald Hislop III suggested employing tax credits so that they would only be used for affordable housing and be managed by a for-profit organization. According to Pricer, inhabitants of independent living would eventually foot the bill.

What did Reginald Hislop III say in his statement?

The outgoing CEO of Oakwood Village, Reginald Hislop III claimed that he left the company “in an improved state of strength” than when he began. He also referred to residents’ “disturbing disruption” by raising questions about his financial judgment and credentials.
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According to Reginald Hislop III, “implying that Oakwood is underperforming and that particular company tactics and procedures are incorrect and somehow going to bring Oakwood down hurts Oakwood’s accessibility (and) its capacity to recruit staff.”

The departure of Hislop became official, according to Calvin Williams, the board chairman of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries, this past week. According to Reginald Hislop III, he gave the board notice of his intention to resign on November 29 after notifying them in August. 

Reginald Hislop III addressed accusations about the city’s finances made by a group of nine people in a four-page statement to the Wisconsin State Journal and other media outlets as his resignation was announced. He declined to produce documentation of the graduate degrees he claimed to hold in the statement and in subsequent emails to the State Journal.

Hislop claimed to have a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and to have earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from Milwaukee’s Marquette University in a newsletter from 2020 Oakwood.
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Finally, the biography of Reginald Hislop III is centered on his problematic term as the CEO of Oakwood Village, Madison’s largest senior community. When locals and other interested parties started to complain about Hislop’s credentials, financial choices, and managerial style as a whole, the issue got worse. 

He was accused of making misleading statements about his educational experience, having uncertain professional accomplishments, and implementing financial strategies that residents thought were undesirable for the organization.

In the end, the narrative emphasizes the significance of ethical leadership, accountability, and openness in companies, especially those tasked with providing for the needs of senior residents. 

The circumstances involving Reginald Hislop III’s employment at Oakwood Village serve as an illustration of the possible repercussions of misinformation, improper financial decisions, and an absence of attention to residents’ complaints. 

The importance of actively interacting with stakeholders and maintaining the community’s long-term well-being is highlighted by the inhabitants’ advocacy for positive change.

Reginald Hislop III: Resigned but why? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Reginald Hislop III: Resigned but why? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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