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Cameron McKean – Fraud and Scams Exposed (Update 2024)

Cameron McKean is a serial scammer. He is behind the notorious scams of MacroPay and HowToPay. Cameron runs these scams with the help of Adam J Clarke and has many victims all over the world.

The following review highlights his illegal activities and more:

Who is Cameron McKean?

Cameron McKean, 41, of Sydney, Australia, started his career in IT and telecommunications while still a high school student. Long before the era of e-commerce, he grew his business by acquiring government surplus computers and selling them alongside a wide range of other things on television shopping networks where he was a well-known celebrity.

History of scams committed by Cameron Mckean

Cameron Mckean is the creator of the two big scams HowToPay and MacroPay. When first looked at, HowToPay appears to be a straightforward financial solution that provides secure billing and payment options. 

It has been in business since 2002, however, it is now well-known for being a fraud. They can be reached at Sydun and Co Sydun and Co Level 6, 162-166 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. 

MacroPay advertises itself as a payment solution for global companies. They both operate their con together while giving the impression that they are unrelated. The HowToPay and MacroPay review that follows will detail their deceitful practices and expose their criminal methods of user fraud.

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cameron mckean
8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Cameron McKean has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

How Cameron Mckean is responsible For the HowToPay and MacroPay Scam?

Leadership plays a key role in how an organization functions and accomplishes its objectives. The organization’s leadership is dishonest in the matter of HowToPay and MacroPay. HowToPay was started by and is led by Cameron Mckean. He is recognized as a successful entrepreneur on his LinkedIn profile, which also lists many awards and accomplishments.

Cameron McKean established FreedomBank before operating HowToPay. Even though that business has now closed, it did provide comparable services including card payments and bank transfers, among others. 

Adam J. Clarke is another individual connected to HowToPay, MacroPay, and FreedomBank. He is the creator and CEO of MacroPay as well as the client and merchant manager for FreedomBank. 

It appears to be nothing more than basic corporation information at first. Since there is no rule against it, anyone is free to create many enterprises at once. 

adam j clarke

Adam J. Clarke, however, is not a trustworthy businessman. He was responsible for customer money going missing. 

There is no guarantee that someone who has previously stolen money from clients won’t do so again. Since no firm would want to recruit someone with such a troubled past, I suppose that’s one of the main reasons Adam J. Clarke decided to start his own business. 

His current business manages regional payments and gives customers access to payment channels. He may easily use his businesses to steal money and financial information from many different people.

 No one wants to give their private information to a business whose owner stole money from his clients, so Adam J. Clarke does his best to conceal his infamous history. 

Adam’s experience raises concerns about the operations of HowToPay and MacroPay. Despite asserting its success and sincerity, MacroPay doesn’t have a strong web presence. These are the only posts on their LinkedIn page: 

cameron mckean

Why wouldn’t a prosperous business refrain from making any online posts? They may not want to draw notice to their business, thus they may have this motive. In addition, the regulation that HowToPay and MacroPay follow is not documented internationally. 

HowToPay and MacroPay are, in other words, unregulated suppliers of financial services. Because there are no restrictions, it appears that no one is keeping an eye on how the businesses are operating. Work with regulated service providers as little as possible. 

How do these organizations of Cameron Mckean scam people?

The banking industry is large and extremely lucrative. It makes sense that certain criminal elements would want to exploit the enormous consumer base in this industry by entering. There are enough con artists and fraudsters in the field. For instance, Scratchpay, a loan platform, is infamous for having unfair and deplorable conditions of use. Numerous customers have stated the firm has caused them to lose money. 

MacroPay is the same as HowToPay. Recently, a significant portion of their users suddenly lost their money. Nearly $100,000 worth of losses were incurred overall. It’s not a minor problem.  Such an error could be made by any business. You can tell how trustworthy a company is by how it handles the problem. 

How then did HowToPay address this issue? Simply put, the money’s bank account was closed. But that is all. They took no further action. Any honest business would have acknowledged its error and taken swift action to fix the problem. 

HowToPay did something else, though. They started pointing the finger of blame toward MacroPay. In response, MacroPay said HowToPay was to blame for the error. 

The connection between HowToPay and MacroPay appears suspect. In both of these companies, Cameron McKean is a well-known individual. He appears to be the one in possession of the misplaced money at the moment, and there is no assurance that he will return it. 

Claims against Cameron McKean

Not a little sum of money, $100,000. There is no way for it to just disappear. However, if HowToPay and MacroPay are to be believed, they did disappear.

The loss of $100,000 in customer cash is blamed on each other, and neither party accepts accountability. But they behave as though they are two independent, unrelated things. But as we’ve already pointed out, that’s not the case.

Both of these companies have ties to their founders and top executives. Additionally, MacroPay on paper is provided through HowToPay. They aren’t even making an effort to conceal their relationship. 

The now-gone FreedomBank provides additional proof. HowToPay’s and MacroPay’s respective CEOs are Cameron McKean and Adam J. Clarke. At FreedomBank, they both occupied influential positions. It’s still linked to HowToPay, as you can see if you look at FreedomBank’s specifics.

According to FreedomBank, it is built on the best international billing and payment processors. The location was the same as HowToPay’s: 

cameron mckean

Description of the Cameron McKean fraud

One day, $100,000 in user funds disappeared from HowToPay’s records. Now, the business asserted that MacroPay was to blame. MacroPay asserted that it was not accountable, and HowToPay carried out the action. 

Did You Know?

MacroPay is the payment gateway, which belongs to ‘Central Business District
Birkirkara, CBD 3020, Malta’. The gateway was initiated in 2013, by Adam J Clarke; and claims to have a fabulous support team. Anyways, you may contact the team at ‘su*****@ma******.net’.

Two businesses are blaming for a crime on one. However, the same individuals who run the first business also run the second. 

Without allowing any authority to look into the situation, they want to point the finger at one another. Because the people who run both of these businesses, like Cameron McKean, are in control of the actual money. 

It’s a clever ploy to confuse customers. Because you cannot assign responsibility if you do not know who caused the error. 

The issue is that Adam J. Clarke has a track record of embezzling money from his clients. If he is determined to have stolen the $100,000, nobody would be surprised. Even worse, by using this method, HowToPay, and MacroPay can continue to siphon money from their subscribers. 


The businesses run by Cameron McKean, HowToPay, and MacroPay, are frauds. When both owners are tied, they falsely claim to be two separate businesses. The evidence points to HowToPay and MacroPay stealing $100,000 from their clients. 

Dealing with them commercially should be avoided. because they could repeat it. 

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  1. My money has gone behind these fake schemes, this is not the first time I have lost through online investment, but various ponzi schemes have made several users lose their money.

  2. If you will go through the past of this man o you will find that his past is filled up with numerous criminal activities so make sure you invest with them after gathering the perfect information about these scammers.

  3. This man Cameron Mckean isn’t reliable at all so make sure you are not investing in any of the schemes this man has so that your money isn’t wasted behind his fake schemes and also your precious time, which should be saved at all costs.

  4. The company’s billing options aren’t safe and secure so make sure none of your money is being scammed by these scammers, and every user was filled with the scheme.

  5. I have seen various users regret investing with this company their people aren’t interested in any of the deals and most of their people have wasted their time behind this fake scheme.

  6. The motive of these two creators was to steal the money of their investors and fill their pockets with money and live their luxury.

  7. These scammers have got a full team of scammers where they are having a foolproof plan of scamming their users with the only motive of scamming their users.

  8. Many of the users have registered complaints against these fraudsters but none of the media houses exposed them, but it is good to see that people have recognized these fraudsters.

  9. Both firms don’t look legitimate and are running schemes full of nefarious deals, so avoid them for saving you time and money.

  10. The company didn’t provide their users what they were required to have, which is profit, all their money was taken without having the actual profit.

  11. Both the firms HowToPay and MacroPay have proved to be very fraudulent for their investors, their past is full of negative reviews and none of the users were satisfied with their services.

  12. The promised services were never provided by the company.

  13. Their company named How To Pay has scammed several users and is not at all interested in making any type of investment with this company, so make sure your money and time are not wasted behind these fraudsters and fake schemes.

  14. This man was hidden from all the past criminal acts until this article came up and put the reality of his crimes in front of the people to make them aware of his scams, so beware of investing with him.

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