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Roman Sledziejowski: Is He a Fraudster? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Roman Sledziejowski
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Roman Sledziejowski has received allegations of engaging in criminal activities. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.

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Former Greenpoint Securities Broker Roman Sledziejowski Confronts Fraud Allegations

Today, the Brooklyn District Lawyer, Ken Thompson, announced the indictment of a former securities broker from Greenpoint. The allegations brought against Roman Sledziejowski include first-degree felony theft, with additional associated crimes. 

The individual in question stands accused of misappropriating a sum totaling $3.6 million, which had been entrusted to him for investment by a Polish entrepreneur. 

As per the statement provided by the District Lawyer, the accused individual is purported to have breached the confidence bestowed upon them by their longstanding customer through the misappropriation of a substantial sum of money. 

The authorities are resolute in their efforts to retrieve the funds belonging to the person who was assaulted and to guarantee that the criminal remains responsible for his conduct.

Roman Sledziejowski, a male individual hailing originally from Memphis, Tennessee, and formerly residing in Ossining, New York, appeared before Justice Danny Chun of the Brooklyn Supreme Court for arraignment. 

The individual in question is currently confronted with a comprehensive accusation consisting of 16 counts. These allegations encompass grand theft, laundering of funds, falsification of company documents, and unlawful possession of a counterfeit document. 

The individual in question is facing multiple allegations, namely a single crime of grand theft in the initial degree, a single offense of laundering cash in the first level, seven counts of fabricating company documents in the first degree, and 7 counts of having a forged document in the subsequent level. In the event of being found guilty of the primary charge, the individual in question may potentially be subjected to a maximum jail sentence of 25 years. 

As per the statement provided by the District Attorney, it has been indicated that the individual in question held a valid license as a broker and was properly documented with the FINRA throughout the period spanning between 1998 and 2012. 

Additionally, he held the position of Chief Executive Officer at TWS Financial, LLC, commonly referred to as Trade Wall Street, situated in Manhattan in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. 

Roman Sledziejowski has been instructed to appear in court, & has been subjected to a bail requirement of either a $250,000 bond or $100,000 in money.

Based on the assertions, the accused individual, of Polish nationality, encountered the complainant, a prosperous entrepreneur, and migrant, during a social gathering. Following a period of two decades dedicated to cultivating a personal connection, the individual in question assumed the role of the victim’s financial advisor, specifically in the capacity of a broker. 

The victim or Roman Sledziejowski engaged in conversations in the Polish language, maintaining periodic communication of a few instances per month, and arranging monthly meetings between them at the Greenpoint workplace or the office belonging to the victim. 

The allegations by District Attorney Office of Brooklyn on Roman Sledziejowski.

The victim’s limited familiarity and understanding of the American economy led to their dependency on the guidance provided by the other party.

According to the charges, the accused individual is accused of establishing a sense of trust with the victim over some time, subsequently breaching their moral obligations as a broker, or exploiting the victim’s trust to perpetrate theft. 

The victim, by the guidance provided by the other party, proceeded with the transfer of funds from both his private and business bank accounts to the one designated by Roman Sledziejowski.

As per the charges, the accused made assurances to the victim on the allocation of their funds into different possibilities for investment. Nevertheless, rather than making investments, he proceeded to move the funds to his funds & then moved them to funds belonging to other individuals. 

According to the District Attorney, Roman allegedly engaged in an act of concealment by presenting counterfeit documentation to an innocent person in an attempt to obfuscate his crime. 

The previously mentioned paperwork appeared to validate the executed transactions on behalf of the victim or the account reports that displayed balances commensurate with the client’s perceptions of his account. 

Nevertheless, there are claims that neither of the transactions was carried out, resulting in the depletion of the target’s bank account balance to zero. Roman stands accused of embezzling about 3.6 million dollars from the victim’s account as a consequence of the deceptive plan.

As per the statement provided by the District Attorney, the brokers representing the defendant lodged an official complaint with the office of the District Attorney, asserting that they were entitled to receive fees. The aforementioned allegation resulted in the unearthing of a purported scam. 

The individual in question is being overseen by Associate District Attorney Felice Sontupe, who holds the position of Head of the Illegal Activities Division. Additionally, their activities are subject to the broad oversight of the Executive Assistant to District Attorney William E. Schaeffer, who serves as Head of the District Attorney’s Investigative Section, & Patricia McNeill, who holds the position of Deputy Head.

Case Study:1

Roman Sledziejowski V. Wrobel

Monika Wrobel, who is the ex-daughter-in-law of the complainants, has filed a motion for the dismissal of the case. In her motion, she asserts that the complainants, Elzbieta Sledziejowska & Jerzy Sledziejowski, have consistently failed to adhere to the discovery requirements.

The complainants assert that they provided a loan of $240,000 to the couple’s son, Roman Sledziejowski, throughout his marital relationship with the other party. 

The individuals known as Roman & complainant eventually underwent a separation from each other. The separation agreement, which was executed, allocated the financial obligations between the parties involved, with the person being sued consenting to take responsibility for Roman’s indebtedness to his family. The complainants initiated this legal proceeding to obtain reimbursement for the borrowed sum.

The defendant asserts that the complainants allegedly did not fully adhere to the disclosure demands and orders. The complainants assert in their response to the complaint that they have fully adhered to the court’s discovery rules. The reservations raised by the other party about the disclosures made by the complainants, as well as the subsequent replies provided by the complainants, shall be examined sequentially.

The lawyer’s declaration submitted in conjunction with the present movement, encompasses all bank records as well as additionally provides scanned copies of checks from a trio of banks not specifically identified by the complainants in their inquiries as the institutions where their bank accounts were held. 

By the plaintiff, it is evident that there exist additional financial institutions from which the plaintiffs have neglected to furnish declarations, as well as a failure on the part of the respondents to produce complete records about the payment of funds to their child.

The complainant’s inability to determine the quantity of $240,000 attributed to Roman stems from the absence of Roman’s name in those data. The sole data presented is to identify each of the businesses associated with him. 

The affidavit, in which Roman names the loan beneficiaries as his enterprises, was presented after the respondent’s submission of her response to the objection to the petition.

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Case Study:2

United States of America & Securities & Exchange Commission

In the matter of Roman Sledziejowski 

According to Rule 155 of the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Rules, the Commission’s Division of Enforcement hereby requests an order of default regarding Roman Sledziejowski. 

The Enforcement Division humbly presents the subsequent arguments in support of its motion. 


Roman Sledziejowski is affiliated with a broker-dealer and has been authorized by the government. Additionally, he responded the individual in question was found guilty of impeding an investigation conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In particular, Roman Sledziejowski acknowledged:

The Securities & Exchange Commission initiated an inquiry into the purchase of assets comprising the trading company TWS, in addition to the ensuing allocation of the sale profits via the financial records of Innovest.

The individual made a deliberate effort to engage in bribery to influence, obstruct, and impede the probe conducted by the Commission. 

This was accomplished by providing ambiguous & false responses while under oath during a sworn statement before the FINRA on the stocks and bonds transactions that were the subject of the Commissioner’s inquiry.


Roman Sledziejowski was duly issued the Rules of Application, as evidenced by the Commission’s Demand showing Reason. 

Following the Rules of Practice, Roman Sledziejowski had a duty to respond within 20 days after being duly issued.


Depending on the preceding information, the Division respectfully asks that the Appeals Commission approve the petition & apply any additional remedies that the Department might be authorized.

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Unmasking Deceptive Tactics: Roman Sledziejowski’s Fake PR

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Roman Sledziejowski assumes the role of co-founder and Vice-Chairman at Savant Strategies, a globally recognized managerial consulting company specializing in delivering full-service management consultancy solutions to middle-market enterprises across Latin America, the European Union, and the African continent. 

Based on a discussion conducted by the online editions of Global Finance and Banking Review, it came to light that Roman Sledziejowski achieved the distinction of being the class valedictorian of his secondary school.

Subsequently, it boasted a substantial workforce of over 10,000 brokers, operating over 700 offices across the country. 

Furthermore, the company managed an impressive portfolio of assets worth approximately $680 billion. Using diverse collaborations, the individual acquired & subsequently revitalized around 400 housing units.

Roman Sleziejowski additionally asserts his claims regarding the effective leadership of his employees & the specific challenges he encounters as a manager. 

Roman Sleziejowski’s Approach to Management

Roman Sleziejowski claims that he adopts a highly laissez-faire style of administration. He additionally reiterated his belief in the practice of allocating tasks and duties to individual teammates along with a methodical approach for tracking their advancement. 

The fundamental aspect of this method is in the necessity of placing a significant amount of confidence in the proficiency & diligence of one’s staff. 

Identifying the Most Challenging Aspect of Team Management

According to Roman Sleziejowski, he consistently maintains a composed demeanor and exercises sound judgment when confronted with challenges that impact the company as a whole. 

Maintaining concentration, motivation, and resilience among team members becomes notably arduous if faced with substantial obstacles. 

Hence, this interview primarily focuses on the fabricated public relations team associated with Roman Sleziejowski, who disseminated favorable inquiries about him to establish his credibility and authenticity in the eyes of the public. 

Consequently, the fabricated public relations staff employed by the individual in question serves to bolster his favorable public perception, thereby cultivating his widespread popularity in a highly constructive fashion. 

Who is Roman Sledziejowski? 

Roman Sledziejowski, an American entrepreneur of Polish origin, currently serves as the Vice Chairman of Savant Strategies, a globally renowned leadership consultancy firm. 

At the age of 17, Roman Sledziejowski kickstarted his career in New York City as part of the prestigious Travelers Group, where he worked part-time while pursuing his secondary education. 

After completing high school, where he was class president, he went on to attend Columbia University, majoring in Economics. 

During his time at the university, he also participated in various interscholastic athletic events in track and field, representing his school at numerous venues across the state of New York. If you want to know more about him, you may learn from the link: Roman Sledziejowski.

Final Thoughts

The allegations leveled against Roman Sledziejowski about his purported participation in a financial fraud amounting to $3.6 million have engendered apprehensions over matters of trust, accountability, and ethical comportment within the financial sector. 

The aforementioned claims indicate the potential misappropriation of cash intended for investment purposes on behalf of a Polish entrepreneur. 

Ensuring a robust commitment to openness and honesty is of utmost importance, especially in the context of overseeing the financial resources of external parties. The veracity of these charges will be ascertained through legal proceedings, and in the event of a conviction, he will be required to bear the repercussions of his behavior. 

This particular instance provides a poignant illustration of the imperative for moral standards and constant monitoring within the banking sector, to safeguard the financial interests and possessions of all parties involved.

Roman Sledziejowski: Is He a Fraudster? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Roman Sledziejowski: Is He a Fraudster? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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