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Mersad Vejzovic: Is He running a Fraudulent Campaign? The Truth Exposed (2024)

I’ve heard that Mersad Vejzovic is conducting a scam, but I don’t know if this is real or not. In order to get this knowledge, we will need to do extensive research on the background of Mersad Vejzovic and the facts surrounding the firm he founded.

Mersad Vejzovic: A Brief Overview

Mersad Vejzovic is the co-founder and chief executive officer of MonetizeAd d.o.o. Sarajevo, together with Alma Brkovic and Ajdin Brkovic. In addition, Ajdin Brkovic oversees Monad Lead d.o.o., a Monetizes Ad subsidiary in Belgrade, Serbia.

Mersad Vejzovi is a male entrepreneur who hails from Sarajevo in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Monetize Ad, and he has established a name for himself in the world of business. 

His adventure began with an education at the Mixed Secondary School in Ivinice, which may or may not have offered a sound basis for the activities he pursued. Notably, he is only affiliated with a single established organization, and he has a comparatively low position of 42,312 on the CB Rank (Person) list, which indicates that his influence is not particularly significant. 

Although he retains an emphasis on the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) areas, it is possible that the contributions he has made have not received the same degree of attention or relevance as those of some of his contemporaries. 

There is a website that can be found at for people who are interested in learning more about his work, and there is also a profile on LinkedIn that can be used to make prospective contacts. It’s possible that Mersad Vejzovi’s contributions to the worlds of business and technology didn’t quite make it to the top of the list of most important achievements.

These are the link details given below to learn more about Mersad Vejzovic:

Mersad Vejzovic

Mersad Vejzovic: About His Firm-MonetizeAd

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A marketing company by the name of MonetizeAd makes the claim that it can deliver exceptionally high-quality services in the areas of computer games, marketing via the internet, advertising, search engine optimization, and online commerce. 

Advertising is one of the most popular ways that websites monetize their traffic and generate revenue for their owners. However, on your website, there are several different advertisements presented for people to look at. 

You should prioritize dependability, accountability, and the ability to quantify features when selecting an advertising network provider, despite the fact that there is a plethora of options available to you on the internet. 

Social links of MonetizeAd:

Mersad Vejzovic: How exactly does MonetizeAd work?

MonetizeAd advertises that it offers a number of different services. The services that are offered cater to a wide range of needs for online companies and digital marketing, including the following:

  1. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that puts you in contact with other types of marketers, known as affiliate marketers, who may assist you in promoting your products or services via the internet and enable you to generate income.
  1. The term “digital marketing” refers to a field that provides firms with the strategic direction and operational strategies they need to develop and execute successful digital marketing projects.
  1. App & Software Development: Offers services for developing customized software and mobile applications (apps) that optimize business processes and increase employee output in order to maximize profitability.
  1. Strategies based on the individual’s performance that are tailored: Places an emphasis on performance-driven digital marketing strategies, which are reimbursed based on how well they serve particular corporate goals and are supported by certain corporate initiatives.

Is the group led by Mersad Vejzovic a fraud? How, though?4YQ1yNcmqAXHC7o0d1yYxkevw6HD0L5Q dd8xw8D26HAbkPw6yWc WlZygVs09VTsAc0o 1ISDi7Vfd312yhq9o3B7P4 9 T swl7pkr4kPyJsinXhGTIb48qYesAj8YXuV4lC4ASo 55WcSE9Xz6A

Despite the fact that the business of Mersad Vejzovic is linked to a more advanced network zone. What I came to find out is that this network is made up of many linkages to fraudulent activity. 

Additionally, untangling this convoluted web of connections proved to be an arduous task. As we proceeded, it became quite evident that MonetizeAd of Mersad Vejzovic was engaged in the fraudulent operation of Bitcoin advertising campaigns. That is demonstrated in the screenshot that may be seen below:
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Now, it has been discovered that the firm of Mersad Vejzovic had an important role in several aspects of the investigation. This threw a lot of warning signals regarding the company’s operation into question. It consists of its Schemes, which turned out to be completely bogus. Other operations, in addition to a great number of other activities. Let’s be completely transparent about it.

Bitcoin Imitation Campaigns of Mersad Vejzovic

It has been said that Mersad Vejzovic has built large affiliate networks that make use of dubious advertising endeavors such as the digital currency Up or the Bitcoin System. 

These adverts are made with the intention of luring potential victims by dangling the prospect of financial gain through Bitcoin investments. 

The company purportedly collects data from these adverts, which it subsequently markets to boiler room organizations located throughout Europe. It is believed that these behaviors are immoral, and there is a possibility that they violate the law.

Beneficial Procedures: According to Mersad Vejzovic, the company saw a large growth in both its sales and its earnings. Due to the aggressiveness and ingenuity with which they commit fraud, this should not come as much of a surprise. They most likely generate a large income through these schemes, which profit off of those in weaker positions.

MonetizeAd is the company of Mersad Vejzovic behind a separate business idea known as LimitedCharm. LimitedCharm was created by MonetizeAd. This company distributes products related to health and beauty in a variety of countries, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, and Spain. Sales are made possible through the company’s own website as well as affiliate networks. 

Illusionary Reporting The research conducted by Tragac, on the other hand, came up with certain issues with LimitedCharm’s products. Customers have voiced their dissatisfaction, claiming that either the items in question have not been delivered to them at all or, in the event that they have, they do not match the descriptions provided. These products have been categorized as “fake or scam products.”

Mersad Vejzovic: A leaker exposed the whole fraudulent plan, but how?

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MonetizeAd, MonadLead, Adria Media Group, and Igor Zezelj appear to be involved in the issue that is being presented, which appears to involve a complex network of alleged fraudulent activities that are tied to cryptocurrency campaigns, broker scams, and links between a number of different firms. This demonstrates Mersad Vejzovic’s participation in the crime.

Mersad Vejzovic and the firm he is linked with have been recognized as major players in the scheme that is suspected of being fraudulent. They seem to have been accused of facilitating broker deception through dishonest crypto advertising, which is a charge that appears to have been brought against them.

Scams perpetrated by brokers typically involve the use of deceptive practices to persuade unsuspecting victims to invest their money in illegitimate financial products or cryptocurrencies so that the perpetrators can steal their money.

The engagement of MonetizeAd and MonadLead in these dishonest operations was revealed to the public for the first time thanks to a confidential source. People who blow the whistle on unethical behavior inside an organization or industry are referred to as “whistleblowers.”

The topic has been picked up by investigative media groups including the Serbian BIRN (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network), and those organizations have carried out their own investigations into the matter. These newspapers most likely discovered further links as well as data regarding the alleged scam.

According to the findings of the investigation, Adria Media Group and MonetizeAd, which is owned by Mersad Vejzovic, are connected in several fascinating ways. According to the reports, there are ties or links that exist between the two groups. Adria Media Group is reportedly an empire in the Serbian media industry.

According to the information provided, Igor Zezelj is the beneficial owner of Adria Media Group. This leads one to believe that he either controls a significant chunk of the press empire or exerts a significant amount of control over it. 

Although the specifics of these connections have not been revealed, it is quite likely that Zezelj was involved in some way with the activities that are being investigated for possible fraudulent activity.

The situation is depicted as an ongoing process of uncovering fraudulent activity, which lends credence to the notion that if the investigation is carried on for a longer period of time, further information could become accessible. There may be a need for further information and connections in order to throw light on the scale of the alleged fraud plan and the involvement of other parties.

Moving forward, I have my suspicions about the possibility that Mersad Vejzovic’s business, MonetizeAd, has established a number of contacts in order to set up this ad fraudulent scheme.

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Mersad Vejzovic: The Balkan Connections

According to the information that I have uncovered, it is particularly clear in Serbia and the rest of the Balkans that a lot of companies are engaging in criminal operations combining cryptocurrency and internet advertising. The following is an explanation of the key points:

  1.  The Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin System scams are well-known for tricking individuals into investing in bitcoins by promising them big profits but, in the end, leaving them with losses instead. These scams, which operate in Serbia and other countries and prey on naive investors, have been going on for some time.
  1. According to reports published by BIRN, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) has published an in-depth analysis that details the fraudulent activities associated with Bitcoin Up and other schemes of a similar nature. According to the findings of this investigation, more companies operating in the Balkans were found to be liable for misleading advertising.
  1. The well-known marketing company MGID, with its headquarters in Ukraine (, is taking part in the initiative. After conducting their investigation, BIRN found evidence that MGID had published misleading advertisements on Serbian websites. Because it maintains such a large and diverse network of advertising partners, MGID has earned a stellar reputation for its capacity to successfully pair marketers with substantial audiences.
  2. The inquiry revealed that the Midas Network, which is headquartered in Zagreb and managed by Midas Network d.o.o., was also complicit in the crime. It is suspected that this company placed misleading ads at that location.
  1. The history of fraud in Serbia reveals that Belgrade, the nation’s capital, has a long tradition of playing a pivotal role in a broad range of cons carried out all over the world. Beginning in about the year 2010, Israeli entrepreneurs in the “fintech” sector headed the fraudulent binary options industry, which was headquartered there. 

These fraudulent internet trading businesses typically made use of boiler rooms, which were settings in which individuals would employ high-pressure sales methods to get customers to part with their money.

  1. Migration to Ukraine As of 2018, a significant number of the proprietors of these boiler rooms and fake businesses moved their operations to Ukraine. The desire for further reduced expenses for operation and potentially laxer constraints, thereby rendering Ukraine a tempting site for such operations, was the driving force for this development that took place.


As a result, the last thing I can say is that the MonetizeAd of Mersad Vejzovic is an unauthorized corporation that is carrying a big burden of fraudulent campaigns, false press releases, legal issues, and so on. It is an unreliable and non-reputable firm. In addition, I can provide you with a large number of other links that you may use to support your position on the veracity of the information that I just relayed to you. The following is a list of these links:

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