Roman Ziemian Dubai Latest Updates: Scammer on the Run?

Roman Ziemian Dubai
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Roman Ziemian Dubai has received allegations of being a dangerous scammer. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.

Roman Ziemian Dubai vanished since his arrest in Italy, leaving everyone clueless about the monetary scam. Roman Ziemian is the face behind the fraudulent facade named FutureNet.

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FutureNet scammed several investors and resulted in a black hole in the economic structure of South Korea. Consequently, South Korea had a catch hold on the deceiver, when Guardia Di Finanza detained Roman Ziemian Dubai in October 2022. But soon after unlocking the handcuffs Ziemian converted into a ‘hollow man’. The article makes an effort to question the whereabouts of the ‘hollow man’.

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Roman Ziemian Dubai: All That’s Significant About The Deceiver

Roman Ziemian Dubai

Roman Ziemian Dubai is the name linked with a massive monetary scandal. The primary victims of the international deceiver have been the Polish, Greece, Italian and the Korean. Along with partner, Stephan Morgenstern, Roman Ziemian Dubai founded ‘FutureNet’ in 2014. After which he tried all his wits in accumulating the assets via forgery and scamming. 

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Roman Ziemian Dubai: The Deception

The ‘hollow-man’ is accused of duping several nationals and extraditing them to unknown places. It’s worth mentioning that Roman Ziemian is not an ordinary scammer, but his MLM Ponzi scheme resulted in the heist of more than $29 million. Moreover, after ‘FutureNet’ he also tried his hands in ‘FuturoCoin’, which was a digital asset launched under the mother firm, ‘FutureNet’ in 2018. But, as estimated, the digital asset collapsed as soon as it was launched.

‘FuturoCoin (FTO)’ was a cryptocurrency, under FutureNet, doomed soon after the release due to dubious intentions of the owners. However, the currency could be generated by the users through mining.

The dubious kingdom of Roman Ziemian came tumbling down when he was spotted as a scammer by the Polish Government. After which, several nations realized the scam and tried to catch the scammer but unfortunately failed. Here is the aftermath of the same, explained with the best information possible.

Roman Ziemian Dubai: The Tumbling of His Evil Kingdom

It all started shattering for the deceiver, Roman Zeimian when the Polish asserted, ‘FutureNet’ as an MLM Ponzi. The Polish authorities claim that Roman Ziemian Dubai is responsible for fraud against 20,000 Polish victims. Reportedly, this scam caused a massive loss of $20.6 million to the Polish government and even after firm legalities the Polish could retrieve merely $4.5 million. The scam not only broke the Polish investors but resulted in lethal scars of Poland in the international market.

 Sooner, Koreans too realized the forgery and accused R. Ziemian defrauded around 1000 Korean investors for millions. The Korean government refused to keep calm and issued a Red Notice against the fraudster. However, least did they know that Roman Ziemian Dubai has a road-map for all the uncertainties, already. 

Red Notice Against Roman Ziemian Dubai

A Red Notice is a plea for law enforcement all around the globe to spot and provisionally apprehend an accused pending extradition, surrender or similar legal actions. The Korean government issued the Red Notice to track and arrest the fraudster, wherever spotted. Interpol’s initiative, Red Notice, resulted in the arrest of Roman Ziemian Dubai in Italy and detention of Morgenstern in Greece.

Later the Korean government seized their susceptible assets valued for KRW 160 billion ($123 million), but could not cease Roman Ziemian within the borders. As the accused ought to use various doctored passports in aviation and had access to nearly 80 nations, globally. 

Roman Ziemian Dubai: Subsequent To The Arrest

According to latest updates, Roman Ziemian Dubai figured out his release from the grip of the global legal enforcement, soon after the interrogation. Italian authorities detained Roman Ziemian Dubai in November, last year and after proceeding the legal conduct, the Italians had to be released on account of pending extraditions. 

This was the exact moment when Ziemian doomed everyone around and fled to unknown designation. Roman Ziemian is surely an astute personality with immense guts, who can be a major threat to the global economy. Hence, it is suggested to be aware of the deceiver. However, other than the wits, there is one more thing aiding the flea of Roman Ziemian Dubai. Any guesses what? The Repeated Mistake.

Roman Ziemian Dubai: The Repeated Mistake 

Roman Ziemian Dubai is a scammer who has been scamming multiple nationalities. Do you think it’s an easy task to keep him gripped? Ofcourse, Not. But the legalities need to figure out his pattern of illegal immigration. 

Greece arrested the partner in crime of Ziemian, Stephan Morgenstern and let him go, after interrogation even after being aware of the dubious funds and several passports. The government of Greece was sure that even after being highly susceptible of fleeing away, Morgenstern would abide by the law. Where, they had to face defeat. 

Now what’s the point of exposing the scenario, when the legal authorities do not take it as a lesson. Similar mistakes were repeated by the Italians and similar tactics were exploited by Roman Ziemian Dubai. 

He left the police station, and vanished in the air. Solely his firm’s associates could be tracked. That too after immense plotting. A new update about the present location of Roman Ziemian was shared by Gazeta. However, the legitimacy of the information is yet to be studied.

Roman Ziemian Dubai: Vanished Off The Face Of The Earth

Although no confirmation is made on the information, Gazeta has spilled the beans on the current location of Roman Ziemian Dubai. According to Gazeta, Ziemian has fled back to Dubai, where laundered money into 8 properties resulting in a fraud of $6.4 million. Reportedly this scam succeeded in the fleeing of Roman Ziemian. 

It is also believed that preceding the detention in Italy, Roman Ziemian was in Dubai, for the race in Bologna, where he took first place as a Ferrari driver. This little information, is not enough to confirm the presence of R. Ziemian in Dubai, but definitely adequate to raise the concerns of Dubai authorities. 

Anyways, till Roman Ziemian is not authentically spotted by legal authorities, we have to consider him as a free spirit. A free spirit that must be caged for the money market to flourish, boundlessly. 

Roman Ziemian Dubai: A Free Spirit Choking The Economy?

Roman Ziemian Dubai is an international fugitive, living on the edge. The international government scans every single move of the fraudulent partners. Sooner or later, Roman Ziemian Dubai has to cease his dubious funds and answer the inevitable. However, the catch is that, till his detention, nobody is as free as Roman Ziemian Dubai. 

Moreover, his freedom is a huge concern for the global market as a fraudster like him can choke the economy at large, single handedly. Although the good news is that the international law is stringent against the fraudsters and have made few arrests regarding the ‘FutureNet’ scam.

Polish authorities made detention of an associate of the ‘FutureNet’ possible and lately, Albania claims of arresting the right hand of Roman Ziemian Dubai, Morgenstern. It was August 2022, when fortunately Stephan Morgenstern was arrested by Albania. However, the point of concern again includes his release by the Albanian government for the extradition awaited in South Korea. According to the reports, Stephan again plans to run away from the consequences of his deeds. Now, the victory of thousands of the victims lies in the hands of the Albanian authorities. 

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Roman Ziemian Dubai: The Present Scenario

In the present scenario, Roman Ziemian Dubai is a fugitive awaiting his arrest. Other than the Korean and Polish investigation, an European arrest warrant awaits the deceiver. As ‘FutureNet’ is enrooted as an European firm. Although the firm is non-functional for now, it is responsible for the hardship of several national economies. 

Greece, Italy, Spain and Korea are working together to grip the accused with legal hand-cuffs. However, it has been hard on the global investors that since the Italy arrest, Roman Ziemian Dubai has been ‘nowhere’, reportedly. The authorities assure that the victims will be provided with their lost funds, after recovering the scammed money from the guilty ones. 

As the South Korean police officials asserted, “We plan to cooperate with Greece, Italy, and Poland to take over the suspects and investigate them according to the priority of the case. We plan to make active efforts so that a large part of the 160 billion won in crime proceeds can be returned to domestic victims.”

Nevertheless, despite all the hardship we law abiders believe that this alliance would surely result in what’s stated. Moreover, it’s primarily important that Roman Ziemian Dubai, along with his associates, realize the result of trying out the global legalities. 


The digital world has made all things quite easy for all of us. Whether it’s investing in assets or duping investors with fake assets. Roman Ziemian Dubai, along with Stephan Morgenstern misused the digitalization of the money market.

Nation, after nation, Roman Ziemian scammed investors globally and fled overseas. The deceptor is not new in scam-zone, neither is his tactics. Before Roman Ziemian Dubai, several other scammers have used diplomatic passports in the past to run away from legal actions. Still, since ages the system provides doctored passports to the dubious ones. Now, who is to blame for the adversities?

The government that gets blindfolded at the time of the establishment of dubious firms? or the legalities that ignore the initial complaints of the claim and wait for dooming scenarios? Or shall we blame the investors who are innocent enough to get duped? Or the ones who want to make money in no time? 

Well the answer is none. It’s not the time to blame the concerned entities, but to get aware of the potential risk in the money market. Sooner or later, Roman Ziemian Dubai will be caught by the global authorities, but he is not the first one to dube naives. Neither will he be the last. 

It is the need of the hour that scammers get unmasked at larger platforms. People realize who is behind the recent scams and what tactics have been used by them to defraud the market. Once, each of the money-markets will realize about the potential risk the scammers like Roman Ziemian Dubai and Stephan Morgenstern will get disarmed. The solidity does not lie in blame games but awareness. 

Roman Ziemian Dubai Latest Updates: Scammer on the Run?
Roman Ziemian Dubai Latest Updates: Scammer on the Run?

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