Ruchi Rathor: Is she a scammer?

Ruchi Rathor, a British national with Indian ancestry, is a well-known businesswoman in the payments industry. She was a founding member and the brains of the defunct iPayTotal, which vanished along with millions of its businesses.
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Ruchi Rathor, a British national with Indian ancestry, is a well-known businesswoman in the payments industry. She was a founding member and the brains of the defunct iPayTotal, which vanished along with millions of its businesses.

Ruchi Rathor is a woman who runs a company that receives a lot of complaints and bad reviews. But why is it the case? She has a bogus story like that to support it. In order to learn more about it, let’s approach it closer:

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Ruchi Rathor: A Brief Overview

Ruchi Rathor, a British national with Indian ancestry, is a well-known businesswoman in the payments industry. She was a founding member and the brains of the defunct iPayTotal, which vanished along with millions of its businesses.

Whistleblowers have repeatedly revealed to us over the past number of years that Rathor and her staff create fictitious LinkedIn profiles to make it appear as though they are trustworthy. She presents herself as a founder, investor, and strong woman in the payments industry on her LinkedIn profile. She does this by frequently updating her LinkedIn page.
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A screenshot of her February 2022 LinkedIn profile reveals that she identified herself as the creator of iPayTotal, Payomatix, and CryptoMatix. iPayTotal and CryptoMatix were afterwards taken down from her LinkedIn profile.

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A substantial network of successor businesses appears to have been established by those who were once associated with the defunct high-risk payment processor iPayTotal. 

OctaPay was initially a successor but has now disappeared once more. iPayTotal co-founder Ruchi Rathor, an Indian-British, is currently connected to Paypound, Payomatix, and the cryptocurrency payment processors Cryptomatix and Kryptova. 

What is the danger of customer fraud?

The risk of fraudulent activity is the potential for any unforeseen loss, whether it be material, financial, or reputational, as a result of fraud by an inside or outside actor. Financial losses resulting from theft, embezzlement, or other sorts of financial crime are examples of how fraud has an impact.

Through businesses in Portugal and India, iPayTotal operates as a financial software supplier. These high-risk payment projects with strong linkages to Africa are still being driven in large part by Ruchi Rathor.

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Key Data

Trading NameiPayTotal
Related BrandsOctaPayCrypomatixPayomatixKryptovaPaypound,,,,,
Related EntityiPayTotal Ltd (UK) – insolvencyiPaySolutions Ltd (UK) – insolvencyIPT – Solutions PT (Portugal)iPayTotal UÜ (Estonia)iPayTotal Group UAB (Lithuania)iPayTotal LLC (Delaware)iPayTotal Pvt Ltd (India)Payomatix Technologies Pvt Ltd (India)Kryptova Biz Ltd (UK)Self Pay IO Ltd (UK)
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Related IndividualsRuchi Rathor (India), Madhumita Singh (British), Anurag Pratap Singh  (India), Anirudh Pratap Singh Rathor (India), Aditya William (India), Sen Kugan, Chhavi Mishra (India)Ola Daniel (US), Oluwole Ogunlade (Nigeria)Varun Malhotra (India), Harshit Verma (India)Paul Walker (UK), and counting

African financial service providers are closely partnered with Ruchi Rathor and her Indian business partners, Anurag Pratap Singh and Anirudh Pratap Singh Rathor. They carry out their operations through legal entities registered in a wide range of jurisdictions. Since a long time ago, Rebecca Baker has performed as Ruchi Rathor.
2KZwnFIERUivbV9JUIrhE2c0sm6YuQH3mX4i5gXgYrmkxKS5NOI4r239KRf1G3Nvp5XIfLP4diC Ca4Dj5Pr2 zr0b8zlVrfDN5Lef FfhwcNt WkmsQVOpiX0JQedmwHsQ4qRG6pmm1fLd1iWER9Qc

Ruchi Rathor: About Payomatix

3xcIjyciFEPNXxFWAvwVoyA5ng2f3seg9NWHOK39jf3hYDN1BXUQkHHGHnut5nMC31yi0MZLAQiVp1fbIK9Q88xbyaGk0A bYZSGLzXfrxz326 tTDKtSHmTgpzEDsGu5HjchlS zRm34z8pix Gi4

Anurag Pratap Singh, the co-founder of the infamous iPayTotal, is a partner in the company known as Payomatix with Ruchi Rathor and Anirudh Pratap Singh Rathor. Launched in early 2022, the high-risk payment business has no less ambitious goals than to completely transform the Indian payments sector.

Given the financial mess, it made with iPayTotal (profile) and its associated businesses, that nearly sounds like a dangerous threat. To show themselves as a large and trustworthy firm, Ruchi and her Indo-British team used to create bogus people and social media accounts.

She undoubtedly has a great deal of experience with high-risk transactions and is fully aware of how to take advantage of the difficulties faced by merchants in this market.

Key Data

Trading Name Payomatix 
Legal EntityPayomatix Technologies Pvt Ltd
Business Activityhigh-risk payment
Key PeopleRuchi RathorAnirudh Pratap Singh RathorAnurag Pratap Singh


Ruchi Rathor: Part of Another Scandal

Connectum, a payment company subject to FCA regulation, was a well-known scammer and money-launderer for the shady Israeli broker industry. It handled money for Gal Barak, an Israeli who was convicted of cybercrime, and his organization.

Connectum has been closely collaborating with the infamous Indo-British Ruchi Rathor-led high-risk payment system Hawex since at least a few months ago. Hawex is controlled by Russia. Data revealing Hawex merchants charged through Connectum has been given to us by informants.

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Relationship between Ruchi Rathor and the Connectum Scam

Connectum accepts Mastercard and Visa as Principal Member Acquirers. The majority owner of Connectum up to October 2020 was the Latvian Edgars Lasmanis. He was replaced by the politically exposed person (PEP) from Cambodia, Sokha Heng, who is also the spouse of the former secretary of state for the Transport Ministry, Ing Bun Hoaw. Over 75% of the company’s shares, according to UK Companies House, are in her control.

EiIGOSPgeIViijBp6Pz xhpEsOD9zLu3nFhDmG4I7CN0eU9uqlfDvzbtnAMyRRk06T A1mTgyBBOhojDqYb tcHb60XK5NdTqeXtvy5e1BMFj DYbJlUREWGAFU1IlVYGETtvHIaobZkzAVQE2nP Ck

Millions of dollars in unlawful earnings from E&G Bulgaria’s frauds were moved to the savings accounts of the organization’s offshore entities through Connectum between at least 2017 and 2019 through the use of money laundering techniques.

For these transfers, Connectum previously used funds at Latvian JSC Rietumu Banka & Deutsche Handelsbank.

About The Hawex

A member of the FCA-approved e-Money Institution Paystree Limited, Hawex is an electronic money agent (EMD Agent) with the FCA.

Kirill Baldakov, a Russian, held control over the UK-registered Hawex Group Ltd until March 2022. It has been maintained since October 2022 by the Russian and Indian-British Ruchi Rathor-owned Hawex Investment LLC, based in Dubai. 

Jevgenijs Marenics, a Latvian, is listed as the director for the UK-based company. According to Connectum’s Similarweb statistics (right) for the past three months, the FCA-approved payment processor appears to handle a large amount of business with Russia.

Feedback on the iPayTotal of Ruchi Rathor

There are 55 unfavourable reviews of iPayTotal that I can find, some of which call the business a swindle or a scam. 

The company’s exorbitant establishment price, sudden account cancellation after just a few months of analyzing, subpar customer assistance, and a difficult application process are among the most common complaints. 

This remark from a corporate representative on the iPayTotal TrustPilot UK profile serves as an illustration of extremely subpar customer service.

26% of the company’s 213 reviews have just positive or terrible ratings on TrustPilot, out of a possible 100.

iPayTotal of Ruchi Rathor is High-Risk Pricing

iPayTotal’s pricing structure is well-explained in Ruchi Rathor’s pricing sheet, which is very helpful to merchants. The corporation does not, however, make public the conditions of its high-risk merchant account contracts. Based on the nation of origin, type of business, and processing volume of each merchant, it does state that a setup fee of up to £4,500 may be assessed. 

We can assess the credibility of Ruchi Rathor by looking at the following unfavourable comments, which genuinely represent what she is and what she is not.

#1. Ruchi Rathor is a scammer

zxtvon8W9ZR0fj2EjzNd7qHMjNBhSWLOPj2I1mcrHzcHIiYBqOU4YH2BFDHkUEXepSyirmOSBG2BIA buJQgy YQtZyLB udEQ X W2It9uL8o5rkyQbZBGu2dvwPyMbvCnCoiWw5x8AVmrx0 m6vg

In the evaluation above it seems that a scenario has developed where a particular company of Ruchi Rathor, called iPayTotal, is accused of engaging in criminal activities. According to reports, they were involved in the loss of 50,000 pounds. The issue has been brought to the attention of UK authorities.

Due to the complexity of the issue, it appears that some people who claim to be headquartered in the UK may actually have connections to India. Ruchi Rathor, an Indian woman, is allegedly the real owner of the business. Possible victims are advised to exercise caution because it has been claimed that this person has been connected to various corporate fraud schemes.

#2. The Firm of Ruchi Rathor provided unsatisfactory
bY KVgBL7l61jRS9Ay 2w4BNpIBitEZILXUx5cBw1zMDNRKf3790v4lJMDb0C5Egz9 V9myTQS3jVK0sEeLJgrxL

Due to an unfavourable investment experience, the reviewer expresses disappointment with Ruchi Rathor and her company in the comment they have left. The reviewer states they made a $50,000 investment with the company but ran into problems. In particular, the reviewer charges that the business is a fraud and has engaged in dishonest practices.

#3. The company of Ruchi Rathor is Unfaithful

Regarding the statement above, Following the expiration of their (the customer’s) contract, the business declared that an initial payment of $5,000 was necessary for distribution. Payments, however, unexpectedly stopped as they crossed this line. The corporation responded that a waiting period of six months was required since they hadn’t reached the disbursement threshold.

Even though it has been more than six months since the last successful payment, the agreed-upon payment has not yet been issued notwithstanding this justification. Due to this circumstance, the company has rethought its future participation with them and raised questions about their dedication to the stipulated conditions and payment requirements.

#4. The company of Ruchi Rathor is a “Black Hole”

image 134

It seems from the review above that a particular company’s service has caused some discontent. The reviewer expresses significant disapproval for the business and implies that they think the service is anything but ordinary. 

They claim that Ruchi Rathor’s business functions as a “black hole” that absorbs money with no way to get it back. The reviewer alleges that he or she was defrauded by 3000 GBP and highlights that even the website’s design has changed, which may reflect efforts to deflect criticism.

Regardless of whether this service is considered to be high-risk or relatively harmless for merchants, the reviewer warns against utilizing it. They contend that the problem goes beyond the caliber of the provided services and that the company’s activities instead constitute a deliberate drain of resources.

The reviewer claims to have records of talks, emails, refund promises, and taped phone calls connected to their experience. They add that they had a written guarantee of a return, particularly 3000 pounds, but that this guarantee was broken, leaving them feeling disappointed and duped.

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Get Justice Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Ruchi Rathor, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.


Simply put, it appears that Ruchi Rathor is engaging in fraudulent operations with clients while collaborating with her friends. They appeared to be utilizing dishonest means to further their own objectives, all the while putting on a false front and acting unethically as a business.

Ruchi Rathor is charged with planning a strategy where she and her group misled their clients in more detail. This seems to be an intentional move to support their commercial interests. However, it is claimed that these behaviours are destructive and dishonest. 

Additionally, it is alleged that Ruchi Rathor presents a false persona in an effort to win people over while also engaging in unethical business practices. The company comes seen as having shady procedures and false underpinnings, which is the general message being delivered.

Ruchi Rathor: Is she a scammer?
Ruchi Rathor: Is she a scammer?

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