Spencer Schneider: Is He a Cultist?  The Truth Exposed (2023)

A book titled "The Accused Cult" was written by Spencer Schneider. The cult is said to have a history of mental abuse, physical violence, homophobia, racism, and child abuse. The book was published in 2017. Let's talk about all the many aspects of the truth concerning him:
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A book titled "The Accused Cult" was written by Spencer Schneider. The cult is said to have a history of mental abuse, physical violence, homophobia, racism, and child abuse. The book was published in 2017. Let's talk about all the many aspects of the truth concerning him:

The complaint accuses Spencer Schneider of defamation for calling the organization a cult that participates in human trafficking and forced labor while promoting “Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival.” First, we must understand Spencer Schneider.

Who is Spencer Schneider? 

Ex-husband Spencer Schneider, who details the activities of the alleged cult in his book, which is riddled with terrible allegations of mental and physical violence, homophobia, racism, and child abuse, has garnered a great amount of attention for his work. May was a member of the cult at one point. 

Schneider, who joined the group in 1989, explains how, on the instructions of the cult leader Gans, he was immediately married to May. Schneider’s account is given in the context of the cult. His book, “Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival,” offers light on the astonishing and unpleasant incidents that occurred while he was a member of the group.

However, it is important to point out that Schneider’s personal ambitions and actions outside of his engagement with the cult raise issues, and these activities should be taken into consideration. 

He is a swimmer who competes in open water marathons and also swims in ice water, two types of swimming that are considered to be among the most difficult and dangerous. 

In addition to his work as an attorney, Spencer Schneider also works as an ocean lifeguard, a job that puts his life in jeopardy by putting him in hard water conditions and maybe putting him in risky circumstances.

In addition, the fact that Spencer Schneider runs a training facility for lifeguards may be seen as encouraging the participation of other individuals in activities associated with high levels of water-related risk, which may result in negative outcomes. 

It is possible that he is actively pushing people to participate in activities that might put their lives in danger due to the fact that he was involved in the formation of a water rescue organization.

In the end, the discoveries that Spencer Schneider made regarding the alleged cult are troubling; but, his personal participation in dangerous water activities and his responsibilities in teaching and promoting water-related initiatives raise additional issues about his judgment and the possible hazards he commits himself and others to.

Additionally, Spencer Scheider is described below:

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This investigation goes into a troubling story concerning Adam Driver’s mother-in-law, Cynthia May, and her alleged affiliation with an organization known as the Odyssey Study Organization (OSG). The story involves Adam Driver’s daughter-in-law. 

Many allegations have been made against the OSG, which is said to have its headquarters in New York City. These allegations include that the OSG engaged in different sorts of abuse, such as emotional abuse, forced labor against its members, and the indoctrination of its members to do illegal activities such as adultery and the abuse of children.

It has been stated that Cynthia May, who is the mother of Joanne Tucker, the woman who is married to Adam Driver, has sponsored lectures for this organization. 

Ex-husband Spencer Schneider has published a book titled “Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival,” in which he asserts to present an insider’s perspective on the OSG. The book was authored by May’s ex-husband.

The claims that have been leveled about the organization are discussed in detail in Schneider’s book. These include the organization’s history as well as the contentious actions that have been attributed to the organization. 

He admits that there may be questions regarding May’s ongoing participation with the organization, and he agrees that those questions are valid. It has been made abundantly clear that Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker had no ties or affiliations with the OSG in any capacity.

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Actress Sharon Gans, best known for her part in the film “Slaughterhouse-Five,” and her husband, Alex Horn, are rumored to have established the Open Source Group. 

After having its beginnings in San Francisco in the 1970s, the band would subsequently reappear in New York City in the 1980s under a new moniker, having moved there from San Francisco.

Former members of the organization, such as Spencer Schneider, came forward with discoveries about their experiences after the death of Sharon Gans in January 2021 due to difficulties associated with COVID-19. 

Gans passed away as a result of these issues. They stated that in order to participate in the organization, members were expected to pay a monthly fee of $400 for something that was referred to as “lectures,” which reportedly supported the extravagant lifestyles of the organization’s leaders.

Spencer Schneider, who entered the group in 1989, allegedly relayed upsetting experiences of mental abuse, physical violence, homophobia, racism, and child abuse that allegedly occurred within the group. 

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He detailed Gans’s technique of coercing people into disclosing their deepest-seated worries or phobias in order for others to verbally abuse and humiliate them after the revelations. In addition, Spencer Schneider discussed the problematic activities that the organization engages in, such as pushing homosexuals to marry heterosexuals and dissolving heterosexual marriages.

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He stated that it took him at least 10 years of involvement with the community before he was able to properly appreciate the magnitude of the damage caused by the organization. Schneider disclosed that he had the impression that he was stuck as a result of his extensive engagement and his anxiety about escaping.

Gans was the one who arranged Spencer Schneider, who plays marriage to May, and the couple remained married until 2009. After that, Gans helped them get a divorce. Schneider expressed his skepticism about May’s continued engagement with the OSG and said he had his suspicions. 

In addition, he highlighted that Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker were not associated with the band in any way, and said that the two of them had even voiced their great distaste for Sharon Gans.
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Allegedly, in 2021, the OSG spent $925,000 on the acquisition of a retreat in the state of New York’s upstate region. At this location, members were allegedly forced to perform strenuous tasks for no pay. According to some reports, individuals were reportedly transported there without first being notified of their final destiny.
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In the latter half of the same year, two ladies by the names of Stephanie Rosenberg and Marjorie Hochman filed a complaint against the OSG, characterizing it as a cult that presented itself as a study club. 

They stated that since 2005 they had paid Gans and her husband, who lived luxuriously at the Plaza Hotel, $400 per month in membership dues in return for working as unpaid personal assistants, chefs, housekeepers, drivers, and personal shoppers for Gans and her husband. They began this arrangement in 2005.

The complaint listed allegations of physical and emotional abuse, maltreatment of children, sexual abuse, secret adoptions, planned marriages, and money laundering as grounds for the action. 

It said that the OSG employed cult-like techniques to deceive and exploit its followers, which resulted in the enrichment of its leaders, notably Sharon Gans, although it did not provide specific specifics about the most serious claims.

After Gans passed away, the OSG filed a lawsuit against Spencer Schneider, who had written his book and made comparisons between Gans and the notorious cult leader Jim Jones. The organization has charged Schneider with harassment for his claims, which include allegations of human trafficking and unlawful labor within the OSG. Spencer Schneider has denied all of the allegations.S1kjEmsDEw6t8ZSEvnB u5nSLVi12d4MmDIMXLYN7843dWw KsUIJD7Ia1KVuB tD3l8Su3tKygRLBleq3AvbsD9lgLZdIBb6OXJmRpIVrNEtdIoECkbhaHsZJ alQOzSC X3Ou9WgS3p2uTAtW7cVY

This book gives a complicated and distressing description of the OSG, its history, and the accusations surrounding its operations, with members from inside as well as outside the group expressing their viewpoints and experiences.

Spencer Schneider: Key Points of the Case

Involvement of Cynthia May It has been rumored that Cynthia May, the mother of Joanne Tucker, the actress who is married to Adam Driver, sponsored lectures for the OSG, which has been referred to as a cult and is said to have a history of allegedly abusive behaviors.

The actress Sharon Gans and her husband, the writer Alex Horn, are rumored to have established the Original Stage Company (OSG) in San Francisco in the 1970s. The company is then reported to have reopened under a new name in New York City in the 1980s.

Allegations of Violence: Former members, including Cynthia May’s ex-husband Spencer Schneider, have come out with charges of emotional abuse, physical violence, homophobia, racism, and child abuse inside the organization. Other allegations include the group’s treatment of transgender members and children.

Financial Exploitation: Spencer Schneider said that members were coerced into paying $400 per month for lectures, the money from which reportedly supported the extravagant lives of the organization’s executives.

Forced Marriages: Schneider, who joined the organization in 1989, reported that he was ordered to marry Cynthia May under the commands of Sharon Gans. Schneider claimed that Sharon Gans forced him to marry Cynthia May. It has been stated that the group participated in actions such as forcing homosexuals to marry straight people.

Isolation and Fear: Spencer Schneider stated that it was hard for him to leave the group because his whole existence had been intertwined with it, and he was terrified of the repercussions of quitting. He emphasized that it was difficult for him to abandon the group because his whole life had become intertwined with it.

Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver: Spencer Schneider made it quite apparent that actor Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker had no role in the group and that they did not like Sharon Gans. Joanne Tucker is the actress Adam Driver is married to. Spencer Schneider made it clear that they had no ties to the cult in any way.

Sharon Gans’s Passing In January 2021, Sharon Gans, who was thought to be the group’s leader, passed away as a result of difficulties associated with COVID-19.

The suspected cult reportedly acquired a retreat in the year 2021 for the price of $925,000 in the state of upstate New York. Inside the retreat, the members were allegedly compelled to labor nonstop.

Complaint: In the same year, two women, Stephanie Rosenberg and Marjorie Hochman, filed a complaint against the Odyssey Study Group, saying that they were compelled to work as unpaid housekeepers, chefs, and assistants for Gans and her husband. The ladies named the Odyssey Study Group as the defendant in their case. The estate managers for actress Gans were also mentioned in the complaint.

These claims point to a worrisome history of claimed abuse, financial exploitation, and manipulation inside the OSG, with several individuals, including former members, speaking out against the group’s methods. Additionally, these allegations show a history of alleged abuse occurring within the OSG.


In conclusion, the Odyssey Study Group (OSG) has taken legal action against former member Spencer Schneider, who produced a tell-all book in which he made bombshell charges about the group and its founder, Gans Horn. In the book, Spencer Schneider detailed his experiences as a member of the OSG. Schneider also authored the book that the OSG is now suing him over. A comparison was made in Schneider’s book between Gans Horn and the notorious cult leader Jim Jones. The OSG was also suspected of dealing in people abduction and compelled labor. 

The organization says that Schneider’s acts, particularly his book and public remarks, have damaged its reputation and unjustly labeled it as a “sinister cult” that controls, abuses, and exploits its members. Schneider’s actions include writing a book on the group and making public statements.

This judicial case illustrates how contentious and difficult the charges surrounding cults and controversial groups may be to investigate and prove. It is quite possible that it will be left to the legal system to decide whether or not Schneider’s assertions are defamatory and whether or not the OSG has a genuine case against him. 

In situations of this nature, problems of freedom of speech, libel, and the accuracy of the charges are frequently at issue, and the resolution of the case might have substantial repercussions not just for the group but also for the individual who had previously been a part of it.

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Spencer Schneider: Is He a Cultist?  The Truth Exposed (2023)

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