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Tomiwa Orunnipin: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Tomiwa Orunnipin
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Tomiwa Orunnipin was allegedly involved in the notorious Ponzi scheme called OmegaPro. Find out more about the story on Gripeo.
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A number of the top recruiters in the nation have been recognized and humiliated by an organization of sufferers of OmegaPro by Tomiwa Orunnipin and many more.

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The majority of the alleged $120 million in damages incurred by Nigerian OmegaPro are thought to have come from “widows, retired people, millionaires, large-scale business individuals, as well as young adults who are early in society.”

While authorities take no action, top OmegaPro recruiters in Nigeria are purchasing multi-million dollar estate holdings.

Dr. Ope Banwo, speaking on behalf of the OmegaPro Action Nigeria Class (OANC), asserts that Tomiwa Orunnipin, Samuel Ajibare, Leo Bonaventure, & Daniel Onoja were the founding members of OmegaPro in Nigeria.

Tomiwa Orunnipin: Attains Diamond Rank with OmegaPro

image of Tomiwa Orunnipin.

Tomiwa Orunnipin grew up in Nigeria, where she was born. He is married and the proud father of three lovely kids. He is currently 43 years old & is an expert in network marketing. He has assisted Omegapro in growing in Nigeria and several other nations. Being a Diamond member of the business makes him delighted. 

He spent roughly eight years working in a regular position in the energy industry following receiving his diploma from the university.  After being exposed to network marketing by a friend, he was able to find a workable solution to his predicament. 


Ted Nuyten’s Business ForHome Website therefore celebrated Tomiwa Orunnipin’s OmegaPro scam. To learn more about the scam, you may learn from the link: Tomiwa Orunnipin.

Ajibare Olushola Ebunoluwa, Grace Udenwa Udoye, Wuraola Fadairo Orunupin, Olasebikan Oladapo, Maryann Ilorah, Chinwe Ikpe, Dr. Afoma Nwolisa, & Matthew Ogunmodede are among the lower-ranking Nigerian OmegaPro promotion ringleaders.

Daniel Onoja: Reaches the Crown Diamond Rank with OmegaPro

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Daniel Onoja has achieved the highest rank in the organization as Crown Diamond, marking the end of the 4 quarters of this year. He has accomplished a lot in this industry and as a student of knowledge, he believes that learning is a continuous process. 

He credits OmegaPro’s unique proven opportunity for enabling him to not just survive but also change the lives of more than 250,000 members. 

Since 2019, Daniel Onoja and the Vice President of Sales, Paulo Tuynman, have been leading the African Market, which has expanded beyond borders, not only in Africa but also worldwide.

Ope Banwo asserts that after using OmegaPro to steal millions of dollars,

Leo Bonaventure reportedly shared videos of the welcome of his incredible multi-billion naira mansion in Lagos, while Daniel Onoja just toasted his acquisition of a multi-million dollar home in Canada.

Leo Bonaventure just obtained authorization to operate a microbank.

It’s mysterious why Nigerian authorities are granting licenses to operate banks to MLM Ponzi crooks.

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OmegaPro is “one of the biggest investment disasters in Nigeria’s past,” according to BusinessPost.

Nigerian authorities have not yet publicly prosecuted any of the country’s OmegaPro advocates.

OmegaPro by Tomiwa Orunnioin and more was a Ponzi scam operating out of Dubai. In 2019, Michael Shannon Sims (also known as Mike Sims, US), Andreas Szakacs (Sweden), & Dilawar Singh (Germany) founded the fraud.

Investment in OmegaPro was promised a 200% return on investment spread over 16 months. When the fraudulent Ponzi scheme finally crashed in late 2022, many consumers lost a lot of money.

Although Mike Sims has been targeted by the CFTC for laundering funds related to a different Ponzi scam, no charges have been brought against him particularly for OmegaPro deception as of yet.

About OmegaPro

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It has been reported that OmegaPro is a fraudulent organization, despite their claim to provide a secure and world-class trading experience to all clients, including retail and institutional traders. 

They claim to invest in new technologies and people to offer a diverse range of trading products and exceptional trading outputs. Additionally, they assure their clients that they prioritize account security by using advanced tools and encryption protocols and providing ample market liquidity to ensure the safety of their client’s capital. 

OmegaPro handles a vast market volume and has strict risk policies in place to ensure the security of its client’s accounts while connecting them to the fast-paced global markets. To get more information about the organization that is a fraud, you may follow the link: OmegaPro

What is a Ponzi Scheme? 

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Ponzi schemes are a sort of financial scam in which the money from fresh investors is used to pay the old investors. The fraud bears Charles Ponzi’s name, as well who in the 1920s offered investors who invested in worldwide postal coupons a profit of fifty percent in a short period of time. proactively participating in the vouchers, Ponzi paid fictitious “returns” to previous investors using the funds from new participants. 

Those behind Ponzi schemes typically guarantee large profits without minimal or no danger. Because they’re making no or little real revenue, they utilize the funds they receive via new investors to pay off previous investors as well as might even keep part for themself. 

Ponzi schemes need a steady stream of fresh money to continue operating. However, when it becomes difficult to attract new investors, or when existing investors start to cash out, the schemes tend to collapse.

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Final Thoughts 

The article portrays Tomiwa Orunnipin’s journey from a conventional career in the energy industry to becoming a Diamond member in OmegaPro’s network marketing business as a positive transformation. 

However, it is important to note that OmegaPro has faced allegations and accusations of being involved in an MLM Ponzi scheme. The success story of Tomiwa Orunnipin, as highlighted in the article, may present a biased perspective, as MLM structures often rely on recruitment and downline building rather than genuine product or service value. 

The mention of Tomiwa Orunnipin’s search for a life-changing shift through network marketing raises questions about the sustainability and ethics of such business models. The acknowledgment on Ted Nuyten’s Business ForHome Website adds a layer of scrutiny to the legitimacy of OmegaPro, implying that it might be part of a broader MLM Ponzi scheme. 

For those seeking more information on the alleged scam, the provided link directs to additional details about Tomiwa Orunnipin and the controversy surrounding OmegaPro. Furthermore, several individuals listed at the end of the article are named as lower-ranking Nigerian OmegaPro promotion ringleaders. 

This highlights a potential network of recruiters who may be contributing to the controversial aspects associated with MLM schemes. Individuals considering involvement with OmegaPro or similar ventures are advised to exercise caution and conduct thorough research. To know more about the MLM fraud, you may follow the link: Tomiwa Orunnipin

Tomiwa Orunnipin: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Tomiwa Orunnipin: Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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