Top Rank Pros/Bizbox has been in business since 2011.

Their office is a virtual office in Silicon Valley.


955 Benecia Ave, Sunnyvale California 94085

Here are a few of their web addresses:

BizBox clearly communicates that they do not hire people to sell their products, but they are running fake hiring/job offers under different names.

Here is how these job offers have worked in the past.

1. There is a 1 1/2 hour webinar which is entered into by posting on job search websites (e.g. Craigslist)

2. 95% of the webinar aims to get the participants to sign up for programs that cost $199-997 up front and $99-299 a month.

– Source Ripoff Report

Here are the programs they would sell to sales people and “Entrepreneurs”.

Silver Edition
$199.99 to start and 30 days later $99.99/Monthly

Gold Edition For Sales Pros
$299.99 to start and 30 days later $99.99/Monthly

VIP Edition For Entrepreneurs
$399.99 to start and 30 days later $99.99/Monthly

Enterprise For Big Players
$997 to start and 30 days later $299/Monthly

– Source 2013

Recently they changed the pricing and switched to selling the VIP and Enterprise packages only.

3. If they are unable to sell you a distributorship, they will collect your resume and pass it on to one of the people that did purchase the distributorship.  They tell you that they will provide regular sales resumes for your distributorship.  They come from these webinars.

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Here is a link to one of their old presentations on their Bizbox site which clearly links them with Top Rank Pros.  You will love the Tony with a baseball bat example that is given at the end of the presentation.  It gives it that something special.

They use fake mobile examples to promote their work.  Added Mobile Site After My Review

bizmoth Does Not Look The Same As Their Example Does Not Look The Same As Their Example Does Not Look The Same As Their Example  No Mobile Site


– Tested On Android Browser and Android Firefox Browser

Here is my first conversation I had with their chat help.  

They verify that the mobile sites listed on their website are their work.

Bizbox: I will be happy to assist you with any questions that you might have.

James: Check on pricing

Bizbox: Sure James. What’s the best number to reach you? I’ll go over it with you real quick.

James: I just want to check on one quick thing. What is the cost of hosting the website you create.

Bizbox: Are you referring to the website you would receive from us? Or the websites your customers would receive from you?

James: The website I would receive.

Bizbox: Hosting providers are very inexpensive…usually a few dollars per month. We suggest hosting providers in the first few training videos.

You’ll want to sign up and watch those videos asap, then pick your hosting provider.

James: Do I use different providers for the websites I sell?

Bizbox: No. Your clients will have a hosting provider, this something they will handle.

You won’t have to worry about that.

Does that make sense?

James: Yes. Thank you for your assistance.

Bizbox: Of course. It only takes about 5-6 minutes to get signed up…. I assume you’re ready to get going.

James: One last thing. I wanted to check an example of your work. Do you have a URL I can see?

Bizbox: Yes. Hold on one sec

James: Thanks

Bizbox: Take a look at this:

James: Are the sites listed here examples of your work as well

Bizbox: Yes, absolutely.

James: Perfect thank you very much.

Bizbox: No, problem. What’s the best number to give you a call real quick and we’ll get you signed up.

James: I have to do a little more research. Have a great day.

Bizbox wholesale pricing is not competitive with other companies retail pricing.

They claim their primary mobile websites can be sold for $1000.

BizBox charges you wholesale $200 per mobile website with a $15 a month maintenance fee.

Adding mobile capabilities to your website is automatic for over 18.9 percent of the web which is running WordPress.

You are competing against companies that offer custom mobile websites for $9.99 per month like Duba.

Comparable venders cost far less and offer far more than BizBox

Here is the most recent pricing for joining this business opportunity.

VIP $599.99 to start and 30 days later $125.00/Monthly

Enterprise $997.99 to start and 30 days later $299.00/Monthly

Zero Hidden Fees!

If you want a domain and email for your website you will need to pay extra fees for your own hosting.

Q: Do you set us up for our domain name and web host and is that included in the price?

A: You are responsible for the purchase of your own domain name ­ we do not furnish this. We also highly suggest members purchase their own hosting as it gives them the ability to have unlimited emails. We offer setup instructions to help with this ­ these are extremely low costs.

Q: What about hosting? Will you host my site?

A: Yes indeed we will host your website, however we do not provide email with our hosting. You are free to purchase hosting from any outside company and we will cooperate in helping to set it up. However most opt to purchase their own hosting.

– Source

For the price you pay they put you in potential legal danger unless you contact a lawyer and verify that the information they provide you is correct for the area you are located in.  They make this clear in their EARNINGS & INCOME DISCLAIMERS.


Refund Policy

They offer a mixed message about refunds. On their FAQ page (They have password protected this now.) they say “Because we invest time in developing your custom website and you get to keep your website, there are no refunds.”  On their Terms page they say something different.

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If you are dissatisfied at any time during the first 24 hours after purchasing BizBox, delete all digital video, audio, and text files you obtained from us. You will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the set-up fee. Please send an email to su*****@bi*******.com to request your refund. You will receive 50% of the set – up fee. That’s a firm promise and commitment. There will be no refunds after 3 days from the date of purchase. There are no refunds on the monthly subscriptions.


In my opinion Bizbox is a scam organization that is trying to get you to signup and pay $599.99 – $997.99.  They will keep 50% on day 1 and after three days they will keep all the money.  If you do stay longer they will keep any monthly fees you pay. In your very first conversation with them they are going to try and pressure you into signing-up without doing your research. You are paying them for the training and tools to sell their products. You should never pay to be a salesperson for any company.  No matter how much they want to call you an “Entrepreneur”.  Watch the following video from the FTC and see how much you find in common with Bizbox and the examples they present.

2.5 Total Score

TopRankPros is a scam organization that is trying to get you to signup and pay $599.99 – $997.99. AVOID!

  • Scam
  • Totally unrealible
  • Overpriced
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