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Versobot: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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Versobot is an MLM scheme which has received serious allegations of being a scam. Find out if they are a scam or not in this review.
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Aldo Toledo renews the Ponzi scheme with the help of a fallacious, fictitious and vague bot. Lately, registered private firm named Versobot is a real-time disclaimer of fraud in trading. The company based on the MLM scheme claims to use a fictional bot to aid people, but truth unfolds with different shades. 

According to reports from Brazil’s UOL, ‘’ was registered in September 2022, and last updated in May, 2023. However, the act of registration was kept private, due to obvious reasons. 

Versobot tries hard to sterilize its image and hence, uses sub-celebrities and social-media profiles to promote the glitchy website. However, the actual claims of any bonafide links are behind the bushes. 

Versobot: Their Website

Have you, too, traded on any website trusting your friend recommendations, without going through in-depth details of its ownership? If yes, then the forthcoming unit is for you, my friend. 

Versobot is a trading website, where usually youngsters are targeted. The website is a mere example of ‘click-bait’ marketing. Versobot’s website tries to sell the naive traders its membership with several false claims. The website claims of an aiding trading bot, but quick to guess, the Versobot has no such AI bot, instead, a tremendous marketing tool to sell the doctored claim. 

‘’ is not a simple trading website, but another discredit to artificial intelligence. The website tries to trap each and every visitor, with mere clicks. The website is filled with links which are open channels to redirect the naive. The sole purpose of the website is to make the traders click, the click-bait traps. Click a button, unlock a fresh trap for yourself. With each and every click, the traps get denser. 

However, the website has everything, other than the owner. The website fails to provide any detail regarding the owner or executives, which is again no coincidence.

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Versobot: Disguised Quanticon?

Aldo Toledo is not a new name in the universe of MLM scams. He has been associated with several financial scams and the most recent one is, Quanticon. People who are not aware of Quanticon should know that it is a firm owned by Aldo Toledo, which vanished from the market this year. Soon after its disappearance, Versobot took over the MLM forgery. Quanticon did not take more than a few months to collapse, where Aldo Toledo was proved to be the face behind the fraud. However, according to UOL reports, the culprit is again ready to loot the capital investments of traders, with its rebooted version of Quanticon, Versobot. 

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a criminal deception investing fraud pledging increased rates of interest with less chance of loss to investors. On the other hand, a Ponzi scam is a deceitful investing fraud that induces retrievals for earlier investors with money carried from later investors.

Compensation, commission & counterfeit bonuses


The MLM scheme of Versobot deceives the traders, and has the audacity to ask for their loyalty in the form of membership. Versobot provides various plans to assure the loyalty of traders towards its fraud scheme. Moreover, the membership of the tricky company is sold at 40 USDT, with several disguised charges added on. 

Versobot has no real product to be sold. They claim to be service providers or financial aid to traders with the help of their AI equipped bot. Hence, the chain of clans runs by recruiting affiliates. Each affiliate has to affiliate the others in a logarithmic pattern. In order to certain the tedious task, affiliates are lured with a number of tactics framed as ‘bonus’. To have a clear picture, let’s understand the various levels of affiliation. 

The member primarily affiliated is at the first level of affiliation, when the primary affiliate, affiliates other members he is shifted to higher levels of affiliation. Not to forget, that the astute firm provides the fuel named commission to keep the structure of organization tied up. This bait of commission is assured till 5th level of affiliation, which gradually decreases from first to fifth level.

Levels of affiliatesPercentage of commission
Level 15
Level 24
Level 33
Level 42
Level 51

The ranks mentioned in the table are the approach Versobot takes for basic members with 40 USDT membership, but birds feather flock together and hence, MLM scheme con-brands find similar cons. To praise these members who have potential to trick multiple members, Versobot has a list of bonuses, which is provided based on exceptional ranks. 

  • Affiliate | Signed up as a member of Versobot
  • Bronze | Claim up to $50 of personal investment  | Affiliate 5 forth members to generate up to $1500 
  • Silver | Claim up to $100 of personal investment | Affiliate 7 (subsuming at least 2 Bronze rank holder affiliates or higher)  forth members to generate up to $3000
  • Gold | Claim up to $500 of personal investment | Affiliate 9 (subsuming at least 3 silver affiliates or higher)  forth members to generate up to $9000
  • Sapphire | Claim up to $1000 of personal investment | Affiliate 11 (subsumed with at least 3 Gold affiliates or higher) to generate up to $15000
  • Ruby | Claim up to $2500 of personal investment | Affiliate 13 (subsumed with at least 3 Sapphire rank holders or  higher), to generate up to $24000
  • Emerald | Claim up to $5000 of personal investment | Affiliate 15 (subsumed with at least 3 Bronze or higher), to generate up to  $30000
  • Diamond | Claim up to $10000 of personal investment | Affiliate 17 (subsumed with at least 4 Emerald or higher) and generate up to $45000
  • Blue diamond | Claim up to $20000 of personal investment | Affiliate 20 (subsumed with at least 4 Diamond or higher) and generate up to $60000
  • Black diamond | Claim up to $30000 of personal investment | Affiliate 25 (subsumed with at least 4 Blue diamond or higher) and generate up to $120000
  • Monarch diamond | Claim up to $50000 of personal investment | Affiliate 30 (subsumed with at least 4 Black diamond or higher) and generate up to $250000
  • Imperial diamond | Claim up to $100,000 of personal investment | Affiliate 40 (subsumed with at least 5 Monarch diamond or higher) and generate up to $600000

Isn’t the deal tempting? This temptation is used by Versobot to loot the traders in the name of membership fee, brokerage, yearly tax, and several other disguised fee structures. However, after looting immensely, the pick-up statement of Versobot has to be, ‘The membership is free of cost, however, to avail services you must pay only and only 40 USDT. 

Versobot: A global name?

Versobot claims it to be a global brand. It wants people all over the world to get framed by the systemic forgery of Versobot. No matter, the firm has history in being a global scammer, it endeavors to multiply the scammed money. In order to do so, Versobot directs its 5% into the global pool. This global participation pool is also responsible for the reliable sources of affiliates. Hence, Versobot provides 1% share to affiliates ranked from Diamond to Imperial Diamond. However, this shared gambling of cons is veiled as a global investment, to fool the traders worldwide.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with VersoBot but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Aldo Toledo: What’s there in the name?

Last but not the least, Aldo Toledo is worth a mention when we account for the financial threats named Versobot and Quanticon. The personal life of Aldo Toledo is little known; however, he claims himself to be a Brazilian, but same as his firm, the claims of Aldo are fallacies. Aldo, is a man who could be known for his work more than his name, work as, GetEasy, iGetMania, Go2Up, ZyouCoin and GladiaCoin. Soon, Versobot adds up the list to embrace the name of Aldo Toledo. Hence, if you ever encounter any trading firm associated with the name, ‘Aldo Toledo’, run. 

Versobot: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Versobot: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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